Winter Olympics - Quotes of the Games

Reuters - Mon, 01 Mar 09:48:00 2010

A look at the best quotes from the past two weeks at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Norway's skip Thomas Ulsrud watches his shot during their men's gold medal curling game against Canada at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics - 0

"We are all in deep shock, we don't know what to do. We don't know whether to take part in the opening ceremony or even the Olympic Games themselves. I don't know how he died but I can tell you one thing, the track was really very bad" - Georgian Olympics delegation head Irakly Japaridze after luger Nodar Kumaritashvili died hours before the February 12 opening ceremony in a horrific training crash at the Whistler Sliding Centre.

"May you carry his Olympic dream on your shoulders and compete with his spirit in your hearts" - chief executive of the Vancouver Organising Committee John Furlong told Georgian athletes during the opening ceremony.

"The International Federation said what happened yesterday was human error. With all due respect... one thing I know for sure is that no sports mistake is supposed to lead to death" - Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili.


"We call them the Camel Bumps but suddenly they're three and camels don't have three bumps so I really don't know where that third one came from but I certainly hit it" - Briton Chemmy Alcott on a tricky section of the women's downhill course.

"You watch him ski, you don't think he's anything special, but then you look at the times" - American Ted Ligety on Switzerland's Olympic giant slalom gold medallist Carlo Janka.

"It's like living in an airport. Controls here, controls there. They even look under the bus to see if there isn't anybody hiding there" - France's slalom specialist Sandrine Aubert about the Olympic village at Whistler.

"Yep, no medal again, maybe I will pop down to the shops and see if I can buy one" - downhill skier Marco Buechel of Liechtenstein after ending his fifth Olympic without a medal.


"I have been around for too long to be intimidated by a quad, a flying mane of blond hair or a tanned face" - flamboyant American Johnny Weir sizes up rivals Yevgeny Plushenko and Evan Lysacek before the men's competition.

"If the Olympic champion doesn't know how to jump a quad, I don't know... it's not men's figure skating, it's dancing" - an irritated Plushenko hits out at Lysacek after the American won the men's title without attempting a quad.

"She's going to receive a wind of love when she steps on the ice. She's in a situation now where she can't lose. If she doesn't skate, we'll love her. If she does skate, and do well, we'll love her, and if she does skate and doesn't do well, we'll love her. And that's the most important thing" - Canadian Olympic Committee team leader Nathalie Lambert after Joannie Rochette confirmed she would compete at the Games despite the sudden death of her mother. Rochette won bronze.


"I had a blast, fans were unbelievable and I am just happy that I was able to win this for Canada, Vancouver and myself" - Canada goaltender Roberto Luongo after his team's 3-2 overtime win over the United States in the men's final.

"All the guys, they did a great job and obviously to win it in overtime and to win it in Canada is a dream come true" - Canada coach Mike Babcock after the final victory.


"Luge looked like you are trying to stuff your Christmas tree through the door tip first and have your limbs peeled backwards. So skeleton made sense to me - going down head first, if you fall off, you go the way gravity wants to send you" - Canadian skeleton gold medallist Jon Montgomery after being asked why he chose skeleton instead of luge.


"Today I won not only a bronze medal for myself, this is a gold with little diamonds on it. I won a medal just getting to the start line" - Slovenia's Petra Majdic after finishing third in the women's 1.4km sprint despite breaking five ribs in a training accident earlier in the day.


"I would never have dreamed of just hanging out with the king and wearing the same pants, and, you know, say, 'Hey, you look cool, king'" - Norwegian curling captain Thomas Ulsrud (pictured) on the prospect of meeting the King of Norway at the curling venue and offering him a pair of the squad's garish, diamond-print pants that have been the talk of the Olympics.

"He's legitimately the Michael Jordan of curling, and has been for 20 years" - US curling captain John Shuster after losing to Canadian rival Kevin Martin.


"It's a total farce. It wasn't worth getting up this morning. We'd have done better to stay in bed and buy a lottery ticket" - French team head Nicolas Michaud on the decision by judges to let the Nordic Combined individual hill ski jumping competition go ahead despite high winds.


"I wish it had not happened but it is a reality. Games are about triumph and defeat. I prefer it never to happen but it adds to the mystique of the Games" - IOC chief Jacques Rogge about how 10,000 metres favourite Sven Kramer was sent into the wrong lane by his coach and was disqualified while leading.

"A few laps from the end I knew it was all wrong. I saw my girlfriend in the stands, her hands over her face and I thought 'shit, this is big shit'" - Kramer after he was disqualified for a lane infringement in the 10,000 metres.


"Of course she's happy. She just made it across the finish line with all body parts attached" - a voice over the PA system after one skier smiled to the camera at the bottom of the course.


"Being Shaun White is not easy sometimes but it's definitely fun a lot of the times. It's cool. Being me is a strange thing sometimes and I'm trying to get a grasp on it even now" - Shaun White after winning back-to-back halfpipe titles.


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