Greipel wins sprint in Luxembourg

Thu, 31 May 20:47:00 2012

German Andre Greipel won the first stage of the Tour of Luxembourg in a mass sprint in Hesperange.

Andre Greipel wins at Tour of Luxembourg - 0

The Lotto-Belisol rider, who claimed three stages on the Tour of Belgium last week, held the front after a breakaway by Jens Voigt (RadioShack Nissan) was caught 11km from the finish.

Davide Appollonio (Sky) was second ahead of Samuel Dumoulin (Cofidis) and Romain Feillu (Vacansoleil).

Jesus Rosendo Prado made the first break from the start, but Albert Timmer (Argos-Shimano) caught him to win all three mountain sprints.

 "I waited but nothing happened,” he said of the lack of a counter-attack. “Then I went after him because I wanted to go for the mountain jersey.

"The only way to defend it is to be in the breakaway again, so we'll see tomorrow." 

The duo was caught in Hesperange ahead of the circuits there. Voigt then attacked, building a lead of three minutes on the peloton and 1:15 on Martin Mortensen before the latter pulled back as a result of the wind.

"I really believed I had a chance," Voigt said. "If they started too late with the chase I could have won the stage and yellow. Now I will work for the team and maybe I'll get another chance to attack."

Greipel said: “We were quite afraid of Jens because he is such a strong rider. The team's goal was to win a stage and I did that. We'll see what tomorrow brings.”

Jimmy Engoulvent, who won the prologue, kept the yellow jersey.

The second stage is a 183.9km run from Schifflange to Leudelange.


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  1. RiChArD I don't think we will ever agree about the­ true merit of sprinters.I understand what you are­ saying about Greipel, but for me the guy cited 1 reason­ for leaving HTC was because Cavendish was keeping him­ from racing in the big tours & races.So when he­ get's the chance he went elsewhere can only be­ either team orders or his racing schedule.Me i go with­ team orders.Just thought of a third possibility he­ might be thick.

    From free2disagree2323, on Sun 3 Jun 22:01
  2. Did I say Cavendish would win Paris Roubaix? Did I say­ Cav & Cippo were the best riders in history? We­ know they're never going to win a tour! The point­ made is that a rider as good (probably the 2nd best­ sprinter out there at present) as Andre should be­ contesting the biggest stages rather than mucking­ about in Luxembourg,

    From RiChArD, on Sun 3 Jun 9:03
  3. RiChArD If you think cav can win a Paris Roubaix your­ dreaming. My point is Cavendish is 2nd rate to Schleck­ & co. Schleck's a grand tour winner now way­ above the likes of Cavendish.As for freewheeling­ down­ mountains those guys are going faster than cav in a­ finish with alot more at stake than some road rash.I­ can understand why you shout about a fellow brit ,but­ have some sense the guy's only a sprinter and you­ consider him better than a grand tour winner.What next­ Cavendish & Cipollini best riders in history?­ better than Ocaña ,Roche and co.I think maybe you­ should take the blinkers off .On the subject of name­ changing you should go with the diminutive form of­ yours.

    From free2disagree2323, on Sun 3 Jun 1:05
  4. Change your name to free2pickanargument, it will be­ more apt! Personally I think Schleck & co are­ totally inferior riders, we're never going to see­ them pick up a Paris Roubaix crown! Hell you all shout­ about climbing those mountains but then they freewheel­ for half the stage on the other side ....... maybe­ Desgrange had it right all them years ago! So, your­ point was?? Oh yeah, Cavendish will win a lot of tour­ stages but be 2nd rate ......... Yeah right!

    From RiChArD, on Sat 2 Jun 9:20
  5. Thats all fine and Dandy, but if you're going to­ spend the money on a front line rider like Greipel­ you'd think he'd be looking for Giro stages­ rather than Tour Belgium & Luxembourg. There's­ nothing wrong with winning but if you're as good as­ AG you should be targeting the big prizes

    From RiChArD, on Sat 2 Jun 9:12
  6. RiChArD #3 and David#4 You can only beat those that are­ in the race, even if cav was racing they still be only­ sprinters mediocre riders at best so any win counts.For­ me the TDF this year is going to be so funny i really­ hope cav wins the 9 flat stages it will be­ hilarious.Watching someone win so many stages and be­ so inferior a rider to those riding for the­ G.C.Hopefully this might give us classer tours in the­ future.

    From free2disagree2323, on Fri 1 Jun 20:54
  7. No David: it's more like you saying you beat your­ 18 year son in a fight. On his day Greipel can beat­ anybody.

    From Adam, on Fri 1 Jun 20:01
  8. A win is a win.

    From Adam, on Fri 1 Jun 19:41
  9. to answer DAVID,you can only beat who's there! a­ wins a win.

    From John, on Fri 1 Jun 16:33
  10. Not much of a victory when you look at the field. ­ It's like me saying I beat my 8 year-old son in a­ fight.

    From David, on Fri 1 Jun 12:50
  11. Still targetting the big stages & races­ ........................

    From RiChArD, on Fri 1 Jun 12:29
  12. Congratulations Greipe l ! What a pity that ES do not­ broadcast this beautiful race.

    From MeyLiMon, on Fri 1 Jun 8:29
  13. "...after a breakaway by Jens Voigt..." .­ What beautiful words!

    From William Scott, on Fri 1 Jun 6:10
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