Premier League - Mourinho backs Rodgers to shine

Thu, 31 May 20:02:00 2012

Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho has backed his friend Brendan Rodgers to succeed as manager of Liverpool.

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Rodgers, who will be officially presented at a press conference on Friday morning after a compensation package was agreed with Swansea, worked as part of Mourinho's staff when he was in charge at Chelsea.

Mourinho told The Sun: "I am very happy with his appointment at Liverpool, especially because he did it as a consequence of all his amazing work at Swansea.

"Brendan is a good man, a family guy and a friend.

"When he joined us at Chelsea he was a young coach with lots of desire to learn.

"But he was also a coach with ideas, who was ready not just to listen but also to communicate and share."

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  1. I wish the media would stop publishing articles like­ this where someone "backs someone to­ succeed". It's a waste of time and space. ­ I've yet to see a person say "nah, I think­ he'll be rubbish. He'll fail miserably"­ whenever they ask someone this question. Pointless­ article.

    From Face Palm, on Fri 15 Jun 14:09
  2. Victor/klanfield/many other idiots! #What i would­ like to say and what yahoo allow are two different­ things but lets see if i can get this message­ approved!# Everytime your mother looks at a­ coat hannger there is a painful air of regert that­ instead of using it to abort you she hung her shirt on­ it! after you were born she had a caffiter fitted and­ stitched up her lady parts so she could never inflict­ another you on the world!!! you are the lowest common­ denominator anyone has ever had to deal with!!!! your­ wit is so poor that there should be another button­ after thumbs down that people can push so you'll­ fall through a trap door never to return! your­ constant need to try and fit two words together to try­ and make something "funny" is not only less­ original than a fat american, it's just not funny! ­ so i have an idea! try and type something sensable, on­ point and none derogatory!!!!! or you could just carry­ on doing what your doing???

    From gareth, on Wed 6 Jun 15:38
  3. Pay him enough, and Jose would promote your darling­ nanna as the next football messiah!! PMSL!!

    From Master Baiter Of Delusional Dippershytes PMSL!, on Sat 2 Jun 3:23
  4. Brendan Rodgers has been in post just 10 hours and he­ has already won as much as David Moyes has during the­ last 10 years!! Good luck Brendan YNWA

    From Mark, on Sat 2 Jun 0:31
  5. I complain a lot that United, Chelsea, some Arsenal,­ some Everton and a few others come on to Liverpool­ pages to comment but when you think about it, that just­ shows how big a club Liverpool is. Other clubs, some­ who win major trophies, some who won nothing, are still­ jealous of Liverpool's history and stature in world­ football. I could spend some time typing out some­ proof of this but there is no point because one or more­ of the above fans will undoubtedly respond to this­ comment and prove it for me. Also, no Liverpool fan­ would dislike this post so every dislike is further­ proof of how big Liverpool FC is.

    From Zool, on Fri 1 Jun 19:20
  6. I'm a Man Utd fan and have a bad feeling Rogers­ will do well there. But well as in a top 5 (3rd to­ 5th) spot - which is a huge improvement on the last 2­ years.

    From Neil, on Fri 1 Jun 15:45
  7. Jose's always ready with the supporting stuff or­ give somebody he knows a leg up. I wonder if he can­ rely on others to do the same for him or does he come­ across as just too self-sufficient?

    From Aye,, on Fri 1 Jun 14:36
  8. @ Brendan Rodgers worked under Mourinho­ at­ chelsea. Cool!!! I always wondered what made him­ so­ good. Now i needn't ask anymore!!! ­ ############ I think what he must have learned from­ his time at Chelsea with Maurinho is HOW NOT TO PLAY­ THE GAME. Because Mr Rodgers is nothing like Jose. It­ looks like he is more Guardiola proteger than Maurinho.

    From b, on Fri 1 Jun 14:35
  9. Aye shinning windows within 12 months.

    From Mr Magoo, on Fri 1 Jun 14:27
  10. Carrol is a a turd who looks like he's out of lord­ of the rings.

    From paul h, on Fri 1 Jun 14:19
  11. Good luck Brendan !!! you are getting a decent side but­ you need to play to Carrols strengths as he is­ unstoppable on his day !!!!

    From john, on Fri 1 Jun 14:03
  12. There you go, you can't get a better endorsement­ than that! I think he'll do well there if given­ time and of course, the backing of the players and the­ fans!

    From Martin, on Fri 1 Jun 14:02
  13. If Mourinho says he can do the job,that's enough­ booster to our hopes! Only he shouldn't turn out to­ be more of a liability than an asset!

    From The Hunter, on Fri 1 Jun 13:54
  14. 38.I'm an Everton fan and i would like to say that­­ Brendan Rodgers is an incredible young manager and­ will­ do well at Liverpool. He will turn them into a­ club­ that wins again. His record demonstrates that­ he's­ already won the Championship play off final­ once - and­ he'll be able to do it again at the end­ of the­ 2013-2014 season for your promotion back to the­ Premier­ league!

    From Shawn, on Fri 1 Jun 12:27
  15. Brendan Rodgers worked under Mourinho at­ chelsea. Cool!!! I always wondered what made him so­ good. Now i needn't ask anymore!!!

    From Dammy, on Fri 1 Jun 11:50
  16. @ Anfieldstar: That'll be the same Liverpool &­ England players that everyone in the country has been­ laughing at, who totally screwed up your season and­ helped you to mid table mediocrity, getting your god­ Dalglish the sack in the process - and who no doubt­ will be a total embarrassment at the EC's as well.­ My team, Spurs, are frankly a complete embarrassment to­ me at the moment, but Liverpool are way, way beyond­ that now. England are a total joke worldwide too now,­ so trying to use them as some kind of yardstick for­ supposed progress at Anfield is equally farcical.

    From t w, on Fri 1 Jun 11:37
  17. Good luck Brendon! Sick and tired of all the negativity­ around your appoinment. Lawrenson deserves to be buried­ in concrete. But I doubt even that would silence him!­ Don't think the squad is too bad. A couple of good­ crossers are needed to help get the best out of­ Carroll.

    From Simon, on Fri 1 Jun 11:27
  18. Good luck to brendon and allthe liverpools players.give­ it a good go, 2 b back wear u blong good luck­ ynwa.......

    From Peter, on Fri 1 Jun 10:43
  19. Good luck Brendon

    From pete, on Fri 1 Jun 10:22
  20. If he's good enough for Mourinho, he's good­ enough for me. These young coaches are the future.

    From whocaresanyway, on Fri 1 Jun 10:07
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