Timing firm keen to resolve WRC row

Fri, 01 Jun 11:37:00 2012

World Rally Championship timing and tracking chief Simon de Banke is ready to help broker a deal between the events and the FIA in an attempt to avoid a developing crisis between the two parties.

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There is disquiet among rally organisers after the FIA presented a single-year contract for 2013, and requested an extra €100,000 per event for the timing, tracking and television production. In previous years, the timing and tracking was provided for free by the promoter in return for the individual events handing over their television rights. Former promoter North One Sport also paid each event €25,000.

The timing and tracking in the WRC is provided by Stage One Technology and the firm's managing director De Banke is concerned at the rift between the rallies and the sport's governing body.

"The FIA's predicament is entirely understandable," said De Banke. "The money has to come from somewhere. The way forward now is to find a solution together which lessens the burden on the events. For our part, we're happy to consider stepping in to work something out."

He added: "We've been timing and safety-tracking the WRC for over 10 years, and we're all currently facing some challenging times. The FIA needs support this year, as do the events. Everyone, including us, has to compromise and stick together."

Despite these troubled times for the WRC, De Banke remains optimistic about the future.

"The World Rally Championship is at the foot of one of its most exciting periods in its history," he said. "We all need to remain pragmatic and work through these issues as a group.

"We'll be speaking with the events and FIA to establish the best way for us to help. If that means some investment from us in the short-term, then I certainly wouldn't rule that out."


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  1. When are we going to see WRC on the tv?

    From JAMES, on Wed 13 Jun 13:28
  2. FIA should have seen the writing on the wall a long­ time ago! They killed great events that gave the series­ character like the Žxpensive"Safari Rally and for­ a few years run a Championship that was more like the­ European Championship! Something has to be done fast­ or else this this great form of Motorsport may­ die......... and who knows next might be F1 (Now you­ know why i was rooting for Ari Vatanen to become the­ FIA Boss!)

    From SamwiriK, on Tue 5 Jun 21:15
  3. Maybe they should run just S2000 spec cars, Peugeot and­ Skoda would return as they both contest the IRC, MINI­ also has an S2000 car, and I'm sure Ford, Citroen­ and VW would be happy to lose 35BHP and save costs.­ Thats 6 manufacturers, and it would no doubt encourage­ more to join in, especially if terrestrial tv like ITV4­ would cover it like they do the BTCC - including all­ the boring one make races inbetween! There's so­ much pointless sport covered on TV like bowls and darts­ etc, that rallying really should be given at least a­ one hour per event show like it used to have.

    From KLUBSKODA, on Mon 4 Jun 0:15
  4. so do you own an RS1800 or is the name wishful thinking

    From JOHN, on Sun 3 Jun 16:27
  5. Once again I agree with you RS1800. I fear for the­ future of the WRC. In my view if the same effort was­ put into a proper world championship as goes into F1­ then the future would look better. I wonder just how­ much revenue the FIA get out of rallying, maybe it is a­ small part of their income??????????????

    From JOHN, on Sat 2 Jun 20:56
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