Premier League - Your view: Is Hodgson right for Liverpool?

Eurosport - Thu, 01 Jul 12:43:00 2010

In the wake of Liverpool appointing Roy Hodgson as their new manager we ask whether taking on the 62-year-old is a good move for the Reds.

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Eurosport's Reda Maher believes Hodgson has the proven experience and wisdom to lift the club and change their fortunes.

"Hodgson is the perfect man to take over from Rafael Benitez. Liverpool are not in a position to attract Jose Mourinho or Pep Guardiola, either in terms of continental status or buying power - Roy is ready for the big challenge and has worked wonders on a limited budget at Fulham.

"Liverpool ended up playing turgid, negative football last season - Roy’s teams play organised, pass-and-move football, which is the Liverpool way.

"Benitez’s man-management skills left something to be desired and left players feeling isolated and troubled. But Roy works wonders at motivating players lacking confidence and speaks pretty much every language knocking about.

"And, crucially, Hodgson is an Englishman who understands what is required to get results in England, as well as having the tactical acumen to win European matches – Benitez had the latter locked down but could never crack domestic football.

"Hodgson has managed big clubs, small clubs, domestic clubs, foreign clubs, national teams. Fulham will miss him and Liverpool will benefit from his experience."

Former Liverpool defender Jason McAteer, however, believes that Hodgson does not have the pulling power of a big name manager and thinks Liverpool will suffer as a result of the Englishman's low profile.

"If Roy wants to change the whole squad around, he's going to have to bring some money into the club and that means selling players," McAteer told Sky Sports. "If he sold Steven Gerrard it would possibly get him £20 million or £30m to go back into the market and restructure the playing staff with that.

"But I just worry if he's the kind of manager that can attract big-name players to Anfield. To me it's like the Mark Hughes situation at Man City. Mark didn't have that charisma to bring the big players in.

"People look now at the likes of Mourinho and Mancini as glamour managers and for me Rafa Benitez was in that kind of image.

"I know if I'd have got a phone call off Rafa Benitez I would have been made up to come to Liverpool and play under Rafa. I don't know whether Roy Hodgson's that kind of manager."

What do you think of Hodgson's appointment? Leave your comments below, and the best will be published throughout the day.


Jack: "This is brilliant news! A down to earth manager, and an English one at that. Hopefully he will sell some of the dead wood and bring on players from the youth academy to build for the club's future, and England's too. This is a good, clean, new beginning."

Jim: I fear for Roy because of the corrosive influence of Kenny Dalglish - I hope he does not interfere too much in Hodgson's business."

David W: "Hodgson is too old for Liverpool. Gerrard and Torres will want to leave because the club will slide down the table again.

Astari69: "Roy 'If we don't lose we might just end up winning' Hodgson: I'm not happy with the appointment, but things cannot get any worse."

Wmccarthy80: "Hodgson will do well so we must give him a chance. He has done very well with Fulham and we needed a British manager to restore some pride."

Suzan: "I think we needed someone with a bit more spirit and motivational talent to lift the club and the players. I hope Roy proves me wrong!"

Chicolew: "I did not like Benitez from the start, but Hodgson is an absolute pro and will make wise and prudent decisions in the transfer market. It may take a few years after Rafa's dismantlement of the club."

Chris: "I am delighted by this appointment. Hodgson will bring consistent top seven finishes to the club for many years to come."

Paul K: "Of course he is the right man for the job. He's English, has passion for the game in this country, and is interested in the well-being of the club, not in building a big bank balance like Rafa."

Ali.Hinton: "Roy is too good for Liverpool if anything. He has been incredible at Fulham. Liverpool will come to know his wonderful style as a true gentleman and motivator of men."


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