Euro 2012 - Redknapp gets job for Euros

Thu, 03 May 12:27:00 2012

Harry Redknapp has written off his chances of ever becoming England manager, but he will be at Euro 2012 nonetheless.

2012 Tottenham Hotspur Harry Redknapp - 0

The Tottenham boss, who was overlooked for the England manager's job after the Football Association instead appointed Roy Hodgson, has accepted a role with the BBC.

Redknapp will now offer an insight into the matches in Poland and Ukraine as part of the BBC team, which will be headed by frontman Gary Lineker.

The 65-year-old had been the overwhelming favourite to succeed Fabio Capello after the Italian quit the national post in February, but with Hodgson appointed on a four-year contract Redknapp has accepted that the opportunity for him may not arise again.

Redknapp said: "No I don't think it will happen now - I wouldn't think it would ever happen now. I wish Roy all the best. He has got four years and I hope he sees the four years out."

The Tottenham boss added: "I hope he brings great success in the Euros. I think he will pick a squad capable of giving it a really good go. I think we have got some fantastic players in this country and I think Roy will do a great job."

The FA have made clear Hodgson was their only candidate and Redknapp was not interviewed or even contacted despite his huge public backing.

Redknapp insists the lack of an approach did not upset him.

Speaking after Spurs' Premier League win at Bolton on Wednesday night, Redknapp said: "Not really, honestly. I don't feel that at all, it is done. End of story, move on. Get behind the manager, forget me.

"I am not bothered. I am lucky, I have got a great job. There are blokes about cleverer than me managing lower division clubs. I am lucky I am managing a top-five club, one of the best clubs in the country. I didn't wake up on Monday morning and think, 'What has happened to my life? I'm not the England manager'."

Redknapp thinks that, having decided Hodgson was the man the wanted, the FA handled the matter correctly.

He said: "I don't think Roy would have gone for an interview if he was going to be interviewed with someone else - I certainly wouldn't have done. I don't think that would have worked - going back to your club with your tail between your legs. They made up their mind, they wanted Roy and that is good enough for me."

Bolton 1 Tottenham 4

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  1. once hodgson is manager of england and they loose one­ match the papers would be around his neck i hope he­ knows what he has taken on its not an easy job taking­ on this job its is one of the hardest with the tabaloid­ at your back any roy i wish you the best of luck and­ may the lord guide you to sucess as manager look at the­ chelsea manager god is on his side good luck roy i hope­ to cheer you on

    From , on Fri 4 May 10:05
  2. ALL FOOTBALL should be transfered to sky tv not that i­ have sky cost to much but then it doed not matter as i­ will not be watching i cannot stand looking at the face­ like harrys it would be better covered up with a body­ bag (no disrepect harry) BUTyou make me feel sick every­ time i see you

    From George Attride, on Fri 4 May 9:19
  3. another reason not to pay your tv license fee! we dont­ need highly paid celebs voicing their opinions, give­ the job to someone who deserves the job

    From torchwud, on Fri 4 May 9:03
  4. They won't let it go will they, Harry has to be­ 'involved' to keep the pot stirred! They will­ look for any opportunity during the Euro's to ask­ him what HE would have done every time a Roy hiccup­ occurs as they would with any new man at the helm.

    From Roy Goutte, on Fri 4 May 8:32
  5. While he's on the continent he will be able to­ check up on his dog's bank account.

    From Chip, on Fri 4 May 8:31
  6. Time the BBC was scrapped . they complain that they­ can,t afford to compete for Cricket,Motor Racing, Rugby­ ,Live Soccer etc. and waste our money on all these free­ loaders. They now specialise in being contraversial be­ it Politics [ they are very left wing] or sport , time­ to go BBC!!!!!!!

    From steve, on Fri 4 May 8:17
  7. Redknapp reminds me of Del boy from only fools and­ horses, could not trust him as far as I could throw him­ ! Antonio

    From , on Fri 4 May 8:11
  8. The BBC should be ashamed of themselves, getting Rednap­ to go to the eauro, in direct contrast to Roy Hodgson.­ how many 'pundits' do they need for Gods sake,­ if they thought that preople would be pleased to see­ Harry there, then I think they are sadly­ mistaken............... who gets the money, Harry or­ his Dog ?

    From Peter, on Fri 4 May 7:32
  9. Disgusting behaviour from the FA, it shows that they­ have no feeling, and take no notice of the fans, I­ don't know how it could be done, but the lot of­ them need sacking. The FA have become a law unto­ themselves, and a stop needs to be put on the­ now...................

    From Thinker, on Fri 4 May 0:47
  10. the BBC doesn't reflect the Brits

    From COLIN L, on Fri 4 May 0:44
  11. Disgusting behaviour, the media in this country are­ incredible. They try and pick and push everything on­ anyone with their opinions. The darling media boy Harry­ was pushed on the nation as the next manager, the only­ ones shocked were the media themselves in the decision.­ Roy has far more relevant experience and my choice by­ far. Redknapp just relies on Jordan, Bond etc and the­ FA wouldnt have considered paying them all off as they­ would have come as a team. Stay back at your home in­ the UK saggy chops, I cant bear to see your twiching­ boat winding the hell out of me this summer, whilst­ throwing cheap throw away digs at the current england­ set up

    From Laurence, on Fri 4 May 0:09
  12. Loadsamoneyyyyyyyyyy

    From Brucey, on Thu 3 May 21:12
  13. harry harry harry, were all pretty sad talking about­ this subject arnt we, who realy cares.

    From Chris, on Thu 3 May 20:11
  14. After what Harry said at his fraud trial, I cannot­ believe he has the technical know-how to switch on a­ microphone.

    From gungadin, on Thu 3 May 19:35
  15. We will all need an interpreter to understand what hes­ rabbitting about.

    From soldier boy, on Thu 3 May 19:30
  16. Bbc you should be ashamed of yourself! No chance you­ are sending harry there to shadow roy then?? How­ disgraceful. Even more disgraceful, is harry agreeing­ to go! Roy should be left to get on with his job! Harry­ didn't get the job, end of. His name wasn't­ written on it.

    From browning, on Thu 3 May 19:09
  17. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Up in Scotland we dont care who is the manager,all we­ want is the same entertainment as the last time you­ tried to play with the big boys , if we had a gold­ medal for laughs even the Scots would vote for England,­ it should be on at the London Palladium , we have got­ the crisps and the beer , and the hankies, dont let us­ down.

    From john sloop b, on Thu 3 May 18:38
  18. How much is that going to take from the T.V. Licence­ payers? ­ 111111111111111111111,00000000000000,00000000000

    From goff, on Thu 3 May 18:09
  19. What happened to him not wanting to comute?

    From Sue, on Thu 3 May 17:22
  20. Must have some turn a blind eye banks in the Ukraine

    From Rex, on Thu 3 May 16:39
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