Moto2: Iannone takes first win of 2012

Sun, 03 Jun 20:23:00 2012

Andrea Iannone claimed his first Moto2 victory of the year with an excellent ride under heavy pressure at Catalunya, while Marc Marquez captured the championship lead following a controversial clash with chief rival Pol Espargaro three laps from the end.

Speed Up Moto2 rider Andrea Iannone of Italy takes a curve on his motorbike during the first free practice of the Catalunya MotoGP Grand Prix in Montmelo, near Barcelona - 0

Marquez and Espargaro had been two of the primary reasons Iannone could not be assured of victory despite leading for the majority of the race. Along with Thomas Luthi, the lead quartet was rarely separated by more than six tenths of a second.

While the lead occasionally changed hands at the first turn, the crucial moment of the race came three laps from the finish when Luthi (Paddock Suter) dived down the inside of Marquez at Turn 10.

Marquez (Monlau Suter) lost the front of his bike but was able to rescue the situation almost instantly, although he lost second and surrendered ground.

That invited his title rival Espargaro (Pons Kalex) to dive down the inside, but as Marquez pulled back onto line the pair touched. Espargaro crashed out, suffering a heavy high-side into the gravel, while Marquez was able to continue.

In contrast to his controversial move on Luthi at Qatar, Marquez seemed to know little about where Espargaro was: race control later gave him a minute penalty, but that was cancelled on appeal.

The battle for the lead was still on, but Iannone managed to resist a final lap dive from Luthi to seal a first win of the year for his Speed Master Speed Up squad.

It was similarly frantic behind the lead four, with a multitude of riders involved in the fight for fifth - which became fourth following Espargaro's crash.

Esteve Rabat (Pons Kalex) eventually claimed the position ahead of Simone Corsi (Ioda FTR) and Takaaki Nakagami (Italtrans Kalex), although Toni Elias (Aspar Suter) was also involved until he crashed out seven laps from the end.


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  1. @Pieter. Cannot deny Marquez is one of the best talents­ I have seen for a long, long time with unbelievable­ potential. Unfortunately he also one of the most­ dangerous riders I have seen for a long, long time. He­ has to calm down and get that sorted because he will­ not get very far in the top class behaving as he­ currently is.

    From Steve, on Tue 5 Jun 1:14
  2. Rob, simply spot on.... Laurie and others... simply­ pitiful and small minded angry comments.... cant­ understand all this anti Marquez from British Eurosport­ commentators. Also the silly conspiracy theories about­ being Spanish and therefore getting special treatment..­ Get into Yahoo french, German, Italian, Spanish (of­ course) and Italian, and they have nothing but praise­ for Marquez... simply most talented rider outside­ MotoGP and I believe he will be great in Moto GP

    From Pieter, on Mon 4 Jun 22:30
  3. Marquez becoming a real little creep in my opinion.­ "Im the only one on the racetrack" - The­ Hamilton of bike racing. He needs bringing down a peg­ or two. Some of his moves are acceptable as part of­ bike racing which is a tough, hard sport but others are­ cynical and dangerous. Nip it in the bud now.

    From tom, on Mon 4 Jun 8:21
  4. Official FIM press release Gran Premi Aperol de­ Catalunya: decision of the Race Direction and FIM­ Stewards On Sunday 03 June during the Moto2 Race,­ rider Marc MARQUEZ (SPA) rode in an irresponsible­ manner causing danger to rider Pol ESPARGARO (SPA)­ which is an infringement of the article 1.21.2 of the­ 2012 FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix­ Regulations. The Race Direction decided to impose on­ the rider a time penalty of 1 minute to be added on his­ race time. An appeal has been lodged with the FIM­ Stewards. The FIM Stewards did not confirm the­ decision of the Race Direction and cancelled the­ penalty. An appeal may now be lodged with the FIM­ CDI. Official press release from Honda Racing­ (official Moto2 engine provider) states: Marquez­ reinstated after Catalan GP appeal Marc Márquez ­ "The race was so hard and difficult, especially­ because Andrea was so strong. I followed him I thought­ maybe I could pass in the last laps. But he was too­ strong. During the final laps I felt comfortable behind­ Andrea, but then I made a small mistake and nearly­ crashed. Then I had a collision with Pol. I want to say­ sorry to him but I didn't know he was right behind­ me. These 16 points are important for the championship­ because you cannot win every race and especially­ because this was a hard weekend after we had a little­ confusion with bike settings on Friday." From­ that it appears the FIM decision can now be appealed,­ which presumably Espagaro's team will do so the­ over turned decision may yet get over turned! I cant­ agree with Marquez that he didnt know Pol was behind­ him, he had been close to the 3 leaders for much of the­ race and must have been on his pit board. If it was­ anyone else people would say racing incident, but this­ kinda thing is happening a bit too frequently to­ Marquez

    From D R, on Sun 3 Jun 20:36
  5. Penalty has been overturned by the way 2 potential­ penalties dropped in a row for Marquez. Disgusting,­ dangerous riding looks to be OK after all. Wait for him­ to kills someone then you can punish him, limp wristed­ FIM.

    From Photometric Redshift, on Sun 3 Jun 19:06
  6. Rob, if this was Marquezs first offense I would agree­ but this isn't the first time he's wiped­ someone out and hopefully no hospitals this time. Id­ suggest you watch the incident again from the­ helicopter view. Its a clear an blatant move to push or­ crash the other guy off the track. No way can he claim­ he didn't see him as he was along side and starting­ to move ahead of Marquez. If this happened to either­ Rossi or Casey they would be calling for blood. The­ fact simoncelli had his result stripped at Le mans­ last year for what was a racing incident Marquez should­ be looking at a 1 or 2 race ban.

    From Photometric Redshift, on Sun 3 Jun 18:37
  7. I missed the incident in question, but if 2 world­ champions with 11 world titles between them (Rossi­ & Stoner) say that it was wrong to give Marquez the­ penalty, I would be more inclined to go with their­ opinions than the opinions of the people on here. Well­ done to Ianonne, a quality rider.

    From Rob, on Sun 3 Jun 17:52
  8. i have been told by a few places that Marquez has­ picked up a minute penalty,I think cue appeal

    From Alan, on Sun 3 Jun 16:51
  9. Just watched the Moto GP race, Pedrosa ran wide in the­ same corner as Marquez had, Lorenzo came up the inside­ the same as Espagaro but the difference here was­ Pedrosa had the experience and awareness to realise­ that the rider he was racing with had probably come­ inside him. I dont think Marquez was intentional, he­ just didnt seemed to have considered that as he had­ gone off line another rider would be inside him

    From George, on Sun 3 Jun 15:28
  10. Marquez need to be punished for that dangerous move on­ Espargaro but no doubt as he's the darling of Moto2­ he'll just get away with his dangerous riding­ again!!! It's amazing what the right passport­ affords you.

    From GEORGE, on Sun 3 Jun 14:15
  11. Iannone is brilliant - what a ride. The sooner he Luthi­ and a few other get the move up to motogp the better it­ will be for that class. Unfortunately if they don't­ have a competitive ride their respective talents will­ be wasted. Thought Marquez was at fault for that crash­ with espagaro despite pinky and perky on eurosport­ claiming racing incident. Once again great racing from­ moto2 !!!!

    From W R A, on Sun 3 Jun 14:05
  12. Marquez that was disgusting. Thats one of the most­ blatantly dangerous moves I have ever seen in all the­ time I have been watching the sport. All of these­ reckless moves he makes are adding up and I sincerely­ believe he needs to be banned for one round for the­ safety of the other riders and his own safety.

    From Steve, on Sun 3 Jun 12:50
  13. Let be the first to say and get the stick from the­ Spanish but Marquez should be banned. He is a dangerous­ dirty cheating little chav and has no right racing on a­ circuit with other people. Disgusting

    From Photometric Redshift, on Sun 3 Jun 12:43
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