English Premier League top scorers


Sat, 05 May 14:45:00 2012

Top scorers of the English Premier League on Saturday. 30 Robin van Persie (Arsenal) 26 Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) 22 Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) 16 Yakubu Aiyegbeni (Blackburn Rovers)

Clint Dempsey (Fulham)

Demba Ba (Newcastle United) 15 Emmanuel Adebayor (Tottenham Hotspur) 14 Grant Holt (Norwich City) 13 Mario Balotelli (Manchester City)

Edin Dzeko (Manchester City)

Papiss Cisse (Newcastle United) 11 Frank Lampard (Chelsea)

Daniel Sturridge (Chelsea)

Luis Suarez (Liverpool)

Danny Graham (Swansea City)

Rafael van der Vaart (Tottenham Hotspur)

Steven Fletcher (Wolverhampton Wanderers) 10 Javier Hernandez (Manchester United)

Jermain Defoe (Tottenham Hotspur)

Peter Crouch (Stoke City)

Peter Odemwingie (West Bromwich Albion) 9 Darren Bent (Aston Villa)

Danny Welbeck (Manchester United)

Steve Morison (Norwich City)

Gareth Bale (Tottenham Hotspur)


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  1. Idiots, how the heck do you think RVP scored all those­ goals, he himself said thank you to his teamates for­ providing him all those assisits. You dumb idiots who­ think Arsenal is a 1 man team are just pathetic. ­ Congrats RVP on winning the Golden Boot!!

    From Seth Lewis, on Sun 13 May 20:21
  2. Well done Arsenal. You deserved third spot and I think­ we will do even better next season and more inportant­ it will not be a bought and paid for. I love you all­ and will be a fan for ever.XXX

    From CAROL, on Sun 13 May 17:41
  3. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    RVP's bags and boots are packed..why would a great­ player like RVP stay with Arsenal.. again didn't­ even come close to winning anything

    From wild woodpecker®, on Wed 9 May 19:04
  4. RVP for golden boot award, me happy. once a gunner­ always one.

    From Tony, on Wed 9 May 6:32
  5. balotelli was more present in tabloids rather than the­ pitch and still managed to score 13 goals?????

    From Kassem, on Tue 8 May 22:26
  6. RVP Great Season Mate..

    From dee, on Mon 7 May 23:50
  7. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Van Persie is the highest goal scorer as he is the only­ player who can score goals in the entire squad as you­ will see by the number of goals other clubs have scored­ ie far more than Arsenal. Makes the Arsenal team seem­ pretty pathetic doesn't it. This is by no way­ taking the praise away from Van Persie but just­ emphasising how poor the rest of the team are?

    From lanesar, on Tue 1 May 23:16
  8. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    move on r.v.p!!i always support u from behind~

    From Amirul Hafiz, on Sun 29 Apr 8:02
  9. special-force not yung wun wone pen surely­ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From RED KEN, on Wed 25 Apr 10:01
  10. robin will win the match with his team

    From Azero, on Wed 25 Apr 6:27
  11. wheres mandy carroll and sorearse

    From skoal.bandit,,, on Tue 17 Apr 18:11
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show


    From haroon, on Tue 17 Apr 15:50
  13. I think r.v.p wil win it what ever case it may be. He­ has all it takes 2 be a golden boy. Talk about the­ dribling skills,mervolous. let it be scoring­ potentials,fantastic even the handsomeness,wawoo!i bet­ hes the man

    From Bako, on Mon 16 Apr 10:07
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