FA Cup - FA Cup final: Key comparisons

Sat, 05 May 07:31:00 2012

We look at three critical head-to-head confrontations ahead of the FA Cup final between Liverpool and Chelsea at Wembley.

2012 Suarez-Drogba - 0

Liverpool have won the FA Cup seven times, Chelsea have won it six times, but neither club won it for the first 94 years of the competition's existence until Liverpool's 1965 win over Leeds United.

Liverpool are taking part in their 14th FA Cup final having won it in 1965, 1974, 1986, 1989, 1992, 2001 and 2006. Their six defeats were in 1914, 1950, 1971, 1977, 1988 and 1996.

Chelsea's first win was not until 1970 - also against Leeds United - 99 years after the competition started in the 1871-72 season.

Chelsea beat Liverpool 3-2 in the 2005 League Cup final but this will be the first time they have faced each other in the FA Cup final. Their last FA Cup meeting was in April 2006 when Liverpool beat Chelsea 2-1 in the semi-final.

(Statistics refer to all competitive club fixtures, season 2011/12)

We look at three critical head-to-head confrontations ahead of the FA Cup final between Liverpool and Chelsea at Wembley. - 2

We look at three critical head-to-head confrontations ahead of the FA Cup final between Liverpool and Chelsea at Wembley. - 3

We look at three critical head-to-head confrontations ahead of the FA Cup final between Liverpool and Chelsea at Wembley. - 4


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  1. Good luck Liverpool!

    From John, on Sat 5 May 16:11
  2. Liverpool will lose .The pacemen Craig and Dirk are­ pout of the starting line up. Kenny has forgotten both­ are more experienced and hard working forwards than­ Henderson. Caroll is needed because of his size not­ talent.Good luck reds but the team choice is­ disappointing.This is the final you field your best..

    From Dan, on Sat 5 May 16:03
  3. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    If chelsea play at their best, they will win­ comfortably. I do hope they fuckin' SLAUGHTER the­ racists and bin dippers.

    From Adam Pearson, on Sat 5 May 15:36
  4. Chelsea (3) - Liverpool (1)

    From Stanley, on Sat 5 May 14:55
  5. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    i don't care who wins, i just hope the RACIST BIN­ DIPPER T.WA.TS lose!!! ... i hope suarez breaks this­ spine today..

    From CHEF, on Sat 5 May 14:54
  6. come on liverpool YNWA

    From MICHAEL, on Sat 5 May 14:47
  7. has drogba had his ears checked, would not like to see­ him falling over on a regular basis, hope he does not­ spoil this occassion.

    From tony, on Sat 5 May 14:40
  8. KEY COMPARISON Chelsea have played Liverpool twice this­ season and lost them both.

    From Peter, on Sat 5 May 14:31
  9. Andrey that would suit me fine LFC for the FA Cup and­ Chelsea to win the Champions league Trophy. I'm a­ LFC fan so hope Chelsea have a lousy game but then go­ on and win the Champions League.

    From john g, on Sat 5 May 13:12
  10. So disapointed not to get a ticket for the final,­ strange that all the tickets I have been offered­ (albeit over the odds) have been at the Chelsea end-I­ guess we will find out why this afternoon.....

    From Peter, on Sat 5 May 13:06
  11. come on the reds 3 1

    From deathnote, on Sat 5 May 12:53
  12. I will not be watching the FA Cup Final this year as it­ has been completly ruined by the faceless idiots who­ run the game. It always used to be the highlight of the­ season for me but now it clashes with other fixtures­ and is no longer a soecial occasion, changing the kick­ off to 5.15 was the last straw. Its a shame but the­ game has been ruined by greedy money grabbing pricks in­ suits who don't care about this once great­ competition.

    From Paul, on Sat 5 May 12:33
  13. im wering a livpool top

    From Chris, on Sat 5 May 12:05
  14. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Some Liverpool fans think that winning the Cup Final­ will make up for a dismal season. They are totally­ deluded. They are as far now from winning the League­ Title as at any time in the last 22 YEARS. That's­ the trophy Liv fans really want but long may it­ continue. Come on Chelsea! MUFC 19 TIMES!

    From ian, on Sat 5 May 11:54
  15. Go the red men !

    From Nani, on Sat 5 May 11:50
  16. Watch the "prawn sandwich brigade" scuttle­ from seats ten minutes before half-time and return­ boozed and filled up thirty minutes after thr re-start.­ Dont try to tell me they are real football fans !

    From Peter Hughes, on Sat 5 May 11:50
  17. Philip ...Yes Mate I agree with your statement. I hope­ Manchester City win the title. Totally agree with you­ "anything" is better than Man United winning­ the title.

    From Martin, on Sat 5 May 11:50
  18. I think Liverpool will win today, they have beaten­ Chelsea twice this season and Chelsea are missing two­ key players at the back. Liverpool have been playing­ some good attacking football but some of the finishing­ has been poor. With a weaker defence and Suarez in­ form Liverpool could do a Newcastle on Chelsea. I also­ think that not having (hard working but ultimately­ wasteful) Adam will help Liverpool. Either way it will­ make a good neutral game. Great result for Liverpool­ if they get the double after having a poor season,­ rightly or (definitely wrongly) having been punished by­ the 'ruined France's chances' cause a­ revolt Evra getting Suarez a ban and seriously­ depleting the Liverpool team mid season. Personally I­ think next time a player moans about 'name­ calling' they should fight it out in the ring. If­ we were all like Evra the 'Scouser' would be­ richest Council in Britain because of Forums having to­ pay compensation to 'donuts' writing 'bin­ dippers' 'thieving scousers' etc. I've­ got friends from Liverpool they are a great­ laugh...come on, there are idiots everywhere. It would­ be a great result for DiMatteo as Chelsea seem to get a­ bad name and sometimes unfairly because of over­ zealous management. Red v Blues Bring it on... I­ think either way both managers should be kept on­ because they both clearly love their teams like their­ fans.

    From Martin, on Sat 5 May 11:46
  19. Liverpool to win, Home and Away win in the EPL, LFC all­ the way

    From Ramanathan, on Sat 5 May 11:35
  20. It's not that Chelsea have no history, just that­ other clubs have more and the likes of Liverpool,­ Everton, United, Arsenal and Spurs have far fuller­ histories

    From Bill, on Sat 5 May 11:16
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