Dovizioso fastest, Crutchlow crashes in Catalan test

Mon, 04 Jun 17:39:00 2012

Cal Crutchlow walked away from a high-speed crash during MotoGP's group test at the Catalunya circuit.

Cal Crutchlow - 0

The Briton had only completed one fast lap when he hit a wet patch at around 200km/h on the approach to Turn 4.

While Crutchlow was relatively unhurt in the accident his bike was destroyed, with some parts apparently clearing the perimeter fencing.

"Massive, massive crash 2nd lap on wet patch under bridge no one could see. 200kph ..." Crutchlow, who finished fifth in yesterday's Catalunya Grand Prix, tweeted.

"Took a lot of skin off my arse back and shoulders but am ok! Went back out as we have a job to do. So sorry to boys as bike was totalled."

Fresh from his maiden Yamaha podium in the Catalunya Grand Prix, Andrea Dovizioso went fastest in MotoGP's group test on the Spanish circuit.

As was the case for the entire field, the Tech 3 rider's focus was on development work rather than chasing outright laptime.

The Italian therefore spent much of his time working with Tech 3 on a new spec engine and its corresponding electronics. Dovizioso ended the day with the fastest time, a 1:41.997, while team-mate Crutchlow bounced back from a high-speed crash in the morning to go seventh fastest.

"Today was very positive," said Dovizioso. "Finishing fastest means we have shown once again our potential and I am now starting to feel really confident and comfortable with the YZR-M1.

"We made another step forward with the set-up of the bike compared to the race and now I am looking forward to the Aragon test. This track has not been the best for me so I am curious to check my level on the Yamaha there."

Crutchlow was also offbeat despite his crash.

"Luckily though I am fine and I was able to go back out and build up my confidence again," he said. "I was able to work a lot on used tyres and my pace at the end of the day was pleasing. I wasn't going to push too hard and risk another crash so I'm sure I could be higher than seventh. Now I'm looking forward to Aragon where hopefully I can get a better understanding for the new parts Yamaha delivered here."

Yamaha's Ben Spies, whose schedule included evaluating different engine specifications and frame variations, ended the day second fastest. The American had been running well in Sunday's race, only to fall while trying to pass Honda's Dani Pedrosa for the lead.

His Yamaha stable-mate Jorge Lorenzo, winner of the grand prix, finished the day in eighth.

Honda spent much of the day evaluating Bridgestone's new front tyre, which will be made available as part of each team's pre-weekend allocation after Silverstone.

Casey Stoner and Dani Pedrosa had been first and second when the test halted for lunch, but dropped in the afternoon - Pedrosa ending one place above Stoner in fifth.

Hector Barbera, on the satellite Pramac Ducati, was third fastest ahead of Gresini Honda's Alvaro Bautista, who worked on new suspension settings.

The works Ducati squad meanwhile used the test to further trial its aluminium swingarm. Valentino Rossi had started his weekend in Catalunya using the aluminium version following a recent test at Mugello, but switched back to the carbon fibre version halfway through the weekend.

The Italian ended the day 11th fastest, just behind team-mate Nicky Hayden.

MotoGP test highlights


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  1. M, are you forgetting about Haydens GP crown? He was a­ superbike rider... As for who's going where, I­ think thats just as exciting as the racing!!! Come on­ Cal, podium @ Silverstone!!!

    From Mark, on Thu 7 Jun 9:12
  2. How many races big Crutchlow win in World Superbike,­ before Valentino borrowed his bike? Not wanting to­ upset Crutchlow fans. How many did he win with­ Valentino's changes.

    From 4wheels46, on Wed 6 Jun 21:58
  3. @James Dude , I did not say mid season, in fact I­ didn't mention anything about contract. I believe i­ said something else didn't i?

    From M, on Tue 5 Jun 23:34
  4. I mean Year

    From James, on Tue 5 Jun 22:36
  5. 17 M what are you talking about Ben spies is a 4 time­ superbike champ 3 usa and won the World suerbike in his­ first year having not been on all most any of the­ tracks. Then goes to Moto gp and was outstanding at­ tech 3 and wins rookie of year then takes rossi place­ and was unlucky not to win more than the one race in­ his first full season. This yaer he has made mistakes­ and been unlucky but if you think that in 5 races it­ wipes out all the above then you no nothing about this­ sport. They will not replace a rider mid season and­ contracts for next yaer are up at the end so if Carl­ does keep up the good work he may well get the ride but­ at the moment Ben is still the better rider and will­ finish above Carl in this years champ when he gets­ going.

    From James, on Tue 5 Jun 22:32
  6. @M Much as I would like to disagree with both your­ points, it does appear to be that way and it comes down­ to money. I don't what makes the MGP bikes so much­ harder to ride fast but when the top riders in other­ series come over they do seem to have a bit of a curve­ before they start winning, if they ever do. I could­ understand it when they were running the 500 two­ strokes but the new MGP bikes are pretty close overall­ to the ones in AMA and SBK (as far as weight and­ performance) and I would bet that power delivery is­ comparable. Hayden had his one year with Honda but­ then promptly fell off the map, surprisingly­ complaining about almost the same thing as Stoner is­ now, before going to Ducati.

    From CBR, on Tue 5 Jun 20:25
  7. as someone mentioned American riders like Spies and to­ a lesser degree Hayden are getting factory ride only­ and only because of commercial purposes. One cannot­ deny the fact that Spies does not deserve factory ride­ where riders like Dovi and Cal are getting satellite­ ride and beating him almost in every race.

    From M, on Tue 5 Jun 19:38
  8. @CBR The fact is the superbike riders cannot do much­ in GP series.

    From M, on Tue 5 Jun 19:24
  9. Don't sell Spies short... He's not at all short­ on talent. He won the AMA Superbike championship 3­ years straight and WSBK his first year out. He finished­ 6th in his rookie year in Moto GP, 5th last year, and­ looked good in this last race. He got a bit over­ excited with that pass (when he crashed), but still­ managed 10th after going all the way to the back of the­ pack. He may not have too much of a chance at the title­ this year, but like jomo pointed out, there are still­ 13 races left so he could make things interesting for­ the leaders if he can steal a couple podium spots. ­ Cal is definitely tough! Tough to say if he'll get­ Spies ride or if Stoner will actually retire and he­ takes the spot on the Honda or if things get shaken up­ with Ducati. In any case the racing is getting better,­ though Moto 2 has been about the most exciting to watch­ so far this year.

    From CBR, on Tue 5 Jun 18:24
  10. guys it's not always about riding ability that­ keeps you in a factory team ,and bad results don't­ always get you kicked out it's all the amount of­ money you can bring to the team and manufacturer and­ americans because of the size of the marketplace bring­ alot so don't be to suprised to see mr spies keep­ his seat look at a certain spanish rider that has done­ naff all on the biggest factory team of all

    From GLYN, on Tue 5 Jun 17:50
  11. @Jeff Downes Do you really think that Yamaha would­ put Valentino on Tech an Cal on Factory???

    From M, on Tue 5 Jun 16:44
  12. Spies to Repsol...lolololololol biggest joke of all­ times!! It's like a suicide for Honda. I think­ Honda is smarter than that to let some mediocre jump on­ their superior machine!!

    From M, on Tue 5 Jun 16:41
  13. spies back to ama champs,cal goes to yamaha with­ lorenzo, dovi goes back to honda replacing casey and­ valentino goes to tech 3 with bradley smith. nicky­ haydon to stay at ducati alongside karel abraham

    From Jeff Downes, on Tue 5 Jun 10:13
  14. I think it will likely be Dovi moving to the factory­ Yamaha, Cal staying where he is and either Spies or­ Lorenzo going to Repsol.

    From Michael, on Tue 5 Jun 9:51
  15. I way it again, Spies is so overrated. He's nothing­ on that M1 factory.

    From M, on Tue 5 Jun 5:00
  16. anyone know if iannone is coming into moto gp next­ year,any rumours????

    From LAUREN, on Tue 5 Jun 4:51
  17. Spies could still turn things around, there are still­ 13 more rounds to go. He was really agressive and­ impatient in Catalunya, we'll have to see how he­ gets on in GB... he has to at least finish top 5.

    From jomo, on Tue 5 Jun 2:07
  18. It would be interesting to see Cal on a Ducati, his­ riding style is similar to Caseys', the way they­ back them into the corners etc. Not dis-respecting­ Rossi in any way, shape or form either, I just­ don't think the bike suits his style

    From Martin, on Mon 4 Jun 19:56
  19. dovi to honda with stoner retiring cal to yamaha as i­ dont think spies be there after this season and bradley­ smith to tech 3 as he allready sighned contract with­ tech3 to move up

    From sci, on Mon 4 Jun 18:49
  20. could be getting Yamaha works taking over from Ben­ Spies good luck

    From THE BEAST, on Mon 4 Jun 17:50
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