Premier League - Redknapp: Ferdinand call was tough

Tue, 05 Jun 19:36:00 2012

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp was sympathetic towards Roy Hodgson over the "difficult decision" the England boss faced regarding Rio Ferdinand's exclusion from his Euro 2012 squad.

Harry Redknapp (right) thinks Roy Hodgson (left) faced a tough choice on Rio Ferdinand - 0

Hodgson overlooked the 33-year-old Manchester United centre-back for his initial 23-man group for this summer's tournament, dismissing his absence as being for "footballing reasons", and then did so again on Sunday when he called up inexperienced Liverpool defender Martin Kelly in place of the injured Gary Cahill.

Many felt there were concerns about Ferdinand's ability to play with John Terry in light of Terry's impending court case for alleged racist remarks to Ferdinand's brother Anton. Terry denies the charge. Redknapp, who was widely tipped to succeed Fabio Capello before Hodgson took the role, told Sky Sports News: "I think it's a difficult decision for him."

He continued: "There's obviously more to it. If it's just football, it's difficult to leave Rio out, obviously, because he's a fantastic player still.

"But that's the decision that's been made and we've just got to get behind Roy and the England team now, with the Euros coming up. We're all looking forward to it. It'll be a great tournament, I'm sure, and there's no reason why we can't have a great tournament.

"We've lost some key players. Gary Cahill is much improved. He's going to be an excellent centre-half, with a great future. But Joleon Lescott is also a great player in my opinion, and Phil Jagielka. With John Terry as well, there's plenty of cover there and I'm sure we've got enough central defenders to do the job."

He added: "I'm sure the players will come together. I think the spirit looks good. [England have produced] a couple of decent performances - in Norway and at home at the weekend against Belgium, who are difficult opponents.

"Without being spectacular, we were solid, strong, difficult to beat. I'm sure that's how Roy will set the team up and nobody will get an easy game against England."

And Redknapp was not ruling England out of causing an upset, using Chelsea's surprise Champions League victory as proof anything is possible.

"Spain and Germany, from what I've seen, would probably be the favourites, but you just never know," he said. "It's cup football - as you've seen this year in the Champions League, anything can happen."

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  1. no bottle terry wanted court case put back what has he­ got to hide he could have gone to court and proved his­ instance reo should have gone southen clubs again

    From Alan, on Fri 8 Jun 16:18
  2. For goodness sake shut up about Ferdinand. He was not­ picked because he is too injury-prone, his own manager­ said he would not last three games and his form this­ season has been patchy at best. A lot of Man U's­ worst results came as a result of his errors. Frankly­ he is not going because he is not good enough and he­ should man up and shut up as should his greedy little­ maggot of an agent. Jagielka, Cahill, Jones and Terry­ were all better. Kelly is one for the future which is­ pretty much all this tournament has become for England­ who will do well to get out of the group stage.

    From Stig, on Thu 7 Jun 20:15
  3. The media has been 'picking' the English squad­ for years and we have won nothing. Ferdinand is not­ good enough to play at international level any more,­ full stop, end of. The French forwards would have been­ laughng all the way into the goal mouth had we picked­ him. He's slow and not agile enough to play for­ England. The media has nothing to write about and, the­ fans have little faith in the teams ability so there is­ no expectations at all, so the press make issues where­ there are none to justify their own pay packet.

    From DILYS, on Thu 7 Jun 12:32
  4. Hodgson is totally at liberty to pick who he wants,­ Ferdinhand is well past his sell by date. Just another­ has been who should carry on with his club career and­ pick up his un-earnt wages.

    From Nuttyworker, on Wed 6 Jun 21:02
  5. hodgson is absolutely right not to pick ferdinand.he,s­ not match fit,he,s too slow & the"jobs 4 the­ boys" era has gone.redknapp should keep his nose­ out of it,he wasn,t picked 4 the england job &now­ he,s all moan ,moan,moan....grow up harry----learn 2­ read &write &then you,ll find out what people­ really think of you. just who is leading the forare­ about slowcoach rio not being picked? fergie wants him­ to play so he can sell him 4 more after euro 2012...

    From peter, on Wed 6 Jun 17:12
  6. The point being missed here is that both Terry and­ Ferdinand are getting on and the manager thought I need­ one experienced centre back. Roy has this problem­ because of Michael Dawson's injury.

    From Man of Kent, on Wed 6 Jun 16:36
  7. Harry should keep his opinions to himself he is not the­ England manager and I am sure he would not let Roy­ Hodgson pick the Spurs squad.This is just the media­ trying to set people against each other.

    From Man of Kent, on Wed 6 Jun 16:32
  8. Good job Harry didn't get the job if he thinks Rio­ Ferdinand is still the best choice. Glad it went to­ Roy. Most people seem to agree that Rio is not at his­ best at the moment - even Alex Ferguson, so Harry - you­ stick to Tottenham.

    From , on Wed 6 Jun 15:45
  9. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    ferdinand like most coloured people do not want england­ to go forward niether does the press.lets just play­ club football,forget the rest.sick and tired hearing­ these prima donors winge and wine,england has to take­ on the world every time they go out,we are hated the­ world over,and i wont be surprised if reo isnt after­ componsation, bet money comes in to it soon

    From P, on Wed 6 Jun 15:22
  10. sorry that my meaage has been posted elsewhere but this­ issue is getting way out of hand now...way out of­ hand..

    From JOHN, on Wed 6 Jun 12:58
  11. Keith I, Richards would have gone if he hadn't­ thrown his toys out the pram and refused to go on the­ standby list. Sadly yet another case of a prima donna­ putting their own egos ahead of the national team.

    From garry, on Wed 6 Jun 9:10
  12. I think the mistake Roy Hodgson made was not leaving­ both Terry and Ferdinand at home. The majority of­ comments seem to want a new young team, most people­ think england won't win it anyway, so why not have­ Richards/Cahill (pre injury)/Lescott/Jagielka/Kelly etc­ and give them a taste of tournament football before the­ next qualifying campaign gets underway.... same with­ the midfield, why bother with the failures of the last­ 10 years who've all had poor club seasons­ anyway.... and why not try Walcott as a striker rather­ than a winger? ho hum

    From Daniel G, on Wed 6 Jun 9:04
  13. If he was picked, would he turn up, or does he not­ bother only on drug tests.

    From Joe, on Wed 6 Jun 9:02
  14. I see from todays press that the Kick Out Racism people­ are getting themselves involved on Rios behalf.­ Claiming that there's more to his omission than­ meets the eye. Basically playing the race card. Are any­ of the other omissions from the squad moaning that they­ didn't make it?. NO. Rio needs to understand that­ no-one is an automatic choice for the squad & given­ his well publicised injury problems, Hodgson obviously­ didn't want to take a lame duck to the tournament.­ Does Rio accept this?. NO. He starts bleating on about­ it's a conspiracy against him. Fekkin knobhead. He­ goes shouting his fat mouth off all over the place­ about the 'injustice' he's been served­ & still expects to be in the squad. Personally­ I'd tell the fekkin ingrate that he's just­ signed the end of his international career, Nothing to­ do with being black & everything to do with being a­ whining, Whinging tit.

    From zippy, on Wed 6 Jun 8:56
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    quality the justic system kowtows to the fa and­ chelski. HOW PATHETIC corruption at the highest­ levels. fraud squad of Barclays being investigated­ for FRAUD justice system full of paedos,racists and­ crime syndicates this country has been flipped for­ centuries but its getting worse and nothing will be­ done about it. THE RACIST KEEPS HIS PLACE, the guy who­ has nothing to do with it -- loses his place. WHAT A­ JOKE

    From paul g, on Wed 6 Jun 8:43
  16. Richard Bold .. spot on

    From Joe, on Wed 6 Jun 8:39
  17. The argument by some comments on here are that Rio is­ past his best but surely he must still be better than­ very inexperienced player like Martin Kelly who was not­ even a good enough player and was unable to get a­ regular place in a mid table team.

    From FREDRICK, on Wed 6 Jun 8:37
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Harry get your attention back on Spurs (New contract­ ... don't think so) Stay away from the job you­ really wanted, and keep your sad old bloodhound face­ out of Roy's business.

    From Joe, on Wed 6 Jun 8:36
  19. The irony here is that if Rio had kept his own counsel­ about Suarez and Evra and left it to the lawyers about­ Anton. Then it might well have been Terry dropped for­ one public indiscretion too many instead of Rio. Bottom­ line; they are both past their sell by date and this is­ going to be Terry's last big tournament as well.­ Hodgson just couldn't afford to cut both out in one­ fatal cull because both have been a big part of the­ England set for the last ten seasons. Also this is a­ classic case of damned if you do and damned if you­ don't for the new England manager. The reason why­ it was wiser to get a foreigner in for the poisoned­ chalice and thankless job. England fans and the­ English press alike have all been calling for the cull­ of the 'golden generation' Cole, Lambert,­ Gerrard, Rio, Terry and even Rooney for at least 3­ seasons now. And bottom-line is that Hodgson's­ prerogative is to assemble the team that plays best­ together, and not to appease every big name player from­ every big premier league club.

    From Richard Bold, on Wed 6 Jun 7:44
  20. Micah Richards should have been ahead of both of them.

    From keith l, on Wed 6 Jun 7:22
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