Champions League - Wenger: UEFA must change penalty laws

Tue, 05 Oct 11:00:00 2010

Resident Eurosport blogger Arsene Wenger has called on UEFA to review the laws concerning penalty kicks given for handball.

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Having returned from a post-World Cup break from blogging, the Arsenal manager will again be posting for us every Friday on all the latest and most pertinent issues in the European game.

And he kicks things off by taking umbrage with UEFA's standpoint on the "unfair" awarding of spot kicks for non-deliberate handball - something Wenger says must be changed by European football's governing body.

Law of the Game: 'A penalty kick is awarded if a player (except for the goalkeeper) handles the ball deliberately inside his own penalty area.'

"In today's game, too many penalty kicks are awarded for the wrong reasons, especially those given when the ball hits the arm of a player inside the penalty area.

"Indeed, if a player unintentionally deflects the trajectory of the ball when he is trying to protect his goal, it's a penalty.

"I almost wonder if this rule is not an opportunity for us to train our players to target the arm of their opponents when they kick the ball.

"It's difficult to score a goal. You have to build up forward move, make at least 10 good passes but even then there are no guarantees.

"But if you are lucky enough to hit the arm of your opponent in the area, it's a penalty. And we can assume that it's easier to score a goal from the spot than from open play.

"That's not fair if you have deflected the ball unintentionally.

"UEFA should change this for the next round of Champions League matches."

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Arsene Wenger / Eurosport

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