The Dugout - 60 seconds with Gordon Strachan

Wed, 07 Mar 11:41:00 2012

Exclusive: We chat with former Celtic boss Gordon Strachan, who spends more time watching Sherlock than he does in the kitchen.

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If you hadn't been a footballer, what career would you have had instead?

Something with maths. Arithmetic and figures, accounts, that sort of thing. I was doing quite well at school until I found out I was going to be a footballer. What you used to have at school at that time was something called economic history, which you don't get now, but I thought that was fascinating, I really did. I liked school and was one of the few people who really liked going to school.

What was your first car?

It was a real classic, that one. It was a Fiat 127 Special. I had to get the special in because I thought it was different. I was the first Strachan ever to get a car, and I only got it because my wife Lesley was pregnant so she couldn't get on the bus. The first day I had it we went to a place just outside Aberdeen but the clutch slipped. It wasn't a new car, obviously. So the clutch slipped on the first day and it was a horrible mustardy colour. It was horrible, honestly.

What is the greatest song ever recorded?

It has to be by one person or I will get in trouble with him. There are so many great ones, favourites from my life and myself. But the one that kind of stuck in my mind and blew me away was Rod Stewart's 'Maggie May'. That's a song that over the years has stayed with me, that's for sure.

What's your TV guilty pleasure?

I sit myself in front of the telly quite a lot, that and cinema. At the moment I find my favourite is Whitechapel and Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes is probably the best thing on TV for a while.

If somebody made a film of your life, which actor would you like to play you?

I don't know, somebody small, with a big nose (laughs). It is not a fantasy film so it can't be anyone good looking. Probably Dustin Hoffman: he is about my size, with a big nose.

What's the nicest place you've ever visited?

There have been a few to be honest. We have gone to a few places but I tell you where I liked best: San Francisco. I liked that. I cycled over the bridge and the whole thing.

If you could throw a dinner party for some guests from any period in time, dead or alive, who would they be?

The actor Peter O'Toole, Dean Martin and Tommy Burns.

What would you cook for them?

I have never cooked anything in my life, and I am not proud of that before anyone starts jumping up and down. I am really embarrassed but I have never cooked a meal in my life. My wife was a away for two days when I was at Celtic once and she said, 'I've left you all this stuff, just stick it in the microwave'. I said, 'fine, no problem'. I came back from training and for an hour I didn't know where the microwave was but I was determined not to phone my wife. I was looking for one of these white box things, but it was actually built into the oven. I was lost and had to eat crisps and chocolate for two days. I was embarrassed, I didn't want to ask her where the microwave was.

What is your favourite sport apart from football?

Golf. Both playing and watching. When I am out of football I try to do things I have never done before and I am going to the Masters in a couple of weeks time at Augusta so I can watch golf there. I am going to Las Vegas first as well because Rod Stewart has a couple of concerts on. Singing 'Maggie May' again obviously, and joining in for the 800th time. I watched Rory McIlroy this week and thought he was terrific. I just think golfers are terrific.

Crystal ball time – what do you think you will be doing in 2030?

Hopefully I will still have the same sense of humour and will be able to bounce about with my grandchildren and that will be fine. I will keep myself fit enough to do that.

Gordon Strachan was speaking to Yahoo!'s 'The Dugout' through its partnership with the League Managers Association