Schumacher: Pirellis 'like driving on raw eggs'

Tue, 08 May 10:51:00 2012

Michael Schumacher has renewed his attack on Pirelli's tyres, claiming that racing with them is like driving on "raw eggs".

2011 Formula1 Pirelli P Zero - 0

The seven-time world champion criticised the rubber after the Bahrain Grand Prix when he suggested that drivers were not being able to push their cars to the limit because they needed to conserve their tyres too much.

Although Schumacher has been a lone voice in hitting out at the tyres - with other drivers happy to accept the challenge thrown at them – the German stands firm that the situation is not good.

"I just think that they're playing a much too big effect because they are so peaky and so special that they don't put our cars or ourselves to the limit," Schumacher told CNN in an interview broadcast ahead of this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix.

"We drive like on raw eggs and I don't want to stress the tyres at all. Otherwise you just overdo it and you go nowhere."

Pirelli has said numerous times that it is producing the kind of tyres that teams have asked it to – with high degradation proving to be a key factor in helping spice up the spectacle.

Despite his criticism of the tyres, Schumacher is still positive about the progress being made by Mercedes and thinks that more wins this year – following Nico Rosberg's maiden triumph in China – could be on the cards.

"We have luckily got one win under our belt," he said reflecting on the campaign. "I was a bit unlucky in that race as we could have got a 1-2 without doubt, but it proves that we have made a huge step because you have to consider where we came from last year - it was not what we were really looking for.

"Starting the Silver Arrows new generation, for two years we had medium success and finally we managed a victory. I am pretty sure we can have other good races this year – being on the podium and maybe being on top of the podium."


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  1. Williams you are like a old women whinging at others­ give it a rest, your lack of a women is showing through­ in abundance.

    From , on Wed 9 May 14:34
  2. schumy is right. the tire situation sucks. it is a pity­ that some teams that get to Q3 will elect to not run in­ Q3 in order to save tires. i do not call that proper­ qualifying. give them the freaking tires they need to­ make for exciting qualifying and give them the tires­ they need to RACE!!!

    From Summerland, on Wed 9 May 14:08
  3. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    franksalot if you hate f1 so much, why do spend so­ much time on here desperately ranting at F1 fans? Stop­ trying to convince everyone you know something about­ the sport and stick to trolling. Okay? Nice one :D :D­ :D

    From Williams FW14B, on Wed 9 May 13:30
  4. I like them trying to fool old Abdul.

    From , on Wed 9 May 9:54
  5. Pirelli tyres have always been the same, i have raced­ on them and had them on road cars. Never been any good.­ But once again its the fia rule that they want to slow­ the cars down. Hence the tyre changes . To try to race­ on pirelli tyres i liken them to the old remoulds of­ days gone by!!

    From Derek Madge, on Wed 9 May 9:01
  6. internationalfan - what schumi is saying it that­ it's not a race car any more, its a car to maximise­ tyre life....

    From David, on Wed 9 May 7:01
  7. Its called driving a race car .. you have to handle­ whatever issues the car and all its components­ including tyres gives you.

    From internationalfan, on Wed 9 May 4:42
  8. #15 M. Yes. Agreed. Too much fiddling, too many rule­ changes. Ridiculous.

    From Ed P., on Wed 9 May 0:23
  9. If we were to go back to the Bridgestone-era tire wear­ rate, then the racing will be a boring procession. And­ those people commenting about how much the tires suck­ will then be on this forum complaining about a boring­ race. You cannot please them!

    From , on Tue 8 May 22:36
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    As for driving on raw eggs, how does Schumacher know­ what driving on raw eggs is like? As Schmacher becomes­ more elderly, he seems to be thinking more about food­ than racing. Meals become more and more important as a­ person ages. I've heard that Michael wants his­ driving seat designed after a rocking chair. That­ could be just a rumor though.

    From Wilbur, on Tue 8 May 22:11
  11. Schumacher is just making a lame excuse. The other­ teams are driving on the same tires. Personally, I­ like the degradable tires. Since they don't have­ re-fueling anymore, the tires give the teams different­ strategies similar to the different fuel strategies­ that used to exist. The tires bring pit strategy into­ play. You can start with soft tires, try to gain the­ pole position or early lead in the race at the expense­ of an early pit stop or start with hard tires and try­ to make them last longer.

    From Wilbur, on Tue 8 May 22:05
  12. He might be past his best piers but hes right about the­ tyres....they suck.

    From MR T, on Tue 8 May 21:53
  13. i agree with ms - sort the tyres out....

    From jason c, on Tue 8 May 21:51
  14. Dear god man do the decent thing and realize that you­ are past your best, even as a development driver and­ stop blaming your poor form on the tyres

    From piers, on Tue 8 May 20:51
  15. Return the v-10's, performance tires that last a­ half race. The race should be won on the track, not the­ pits. I think the fia loves screwing with something­ that works. "GREEN" cars??? How much can 20+­ F1 cars pollution effect anything.

    From Dusty, on Tue 8 May 19:54
  16. bridgestone was far far way good compare to­ can we see a real race if all the drivers are thinking­ how to conserve their tires and they cannot push their­ car up to the limit.we want to see a real race and not­ a prosession type of F1.F1 means race and not a­ parade!!

    From yannie, on Tue 8 May 19:46
  17. I don't care what MS thinks, but this much is­ obvious - the bloody tyres are exerting a­ disproportionate influence. Let's have tyres which­ last and we can concentrate on the performance of the­ cars and drivers!!

    From Steve, on Tue 8 May 19:41
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Is there nothing this cheating has been will blame­ other than himself why doesn't he admit he is over­ the hill and all he is doing is blocking a seat one of­ the up and coming drivers should have.

    From yahoo user, on Tue 8 May 19:11
  19. The degradation may spice up the entertainment, but­ thats not the point is it? All drivers in any­ motorsport expect a higher level of endurance from­ their tyres, not something that falls apart after 5 ­ laps..

    From Williams FW14B, on Tue 8 May 18:23
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Had he been given exclusive tyres like in his­ Bridgestone period he would not complain. Rosberg seems­ to be doing well on the Pirelli's.

    From Ice, on Tue 8 May 17:42
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