Euro 2012 - Dutch squad report racial abuse

Fri, 08 Jun 07:26:00 2012

Holland's black players were allegedly subjected to monkey chants during an open training session in Krakow on Thursday, with captain Mark van Bommel branding the abuse "a real disgrace" on the eve of Euro 2012.

Netherlands' coach Bert Van Marwijk walks as his players warm-up during a training session during the Euro 2012 at Wisla stadium in Krakow June 05, 2012 - 0

The Oranje players were allegedly targeted by Polish fans as they began their practice session at the Stadion Miejski.

Van Bommel, who along with his team-mates visited Nazi German concentration camp Auschwitz, responded by leading the Dutch squad to the far side of the pitch, before hitting out at the perpetrators and vowing to take the issue to UEFA.

Quoted in several newspapers, the PSV Eindhoven midfielder said: "It is a real disgrace, especially after getting back from Auschwitz, that you are confronted with this.

"We will take it up with UEFA and if it happens at a match we will talk to the referee and ask him to take us off the field."

He added: "You need to open your ears. If you did hear it, and don't want to hear it, that is even worse."

Euro 2012 : Group B

Bert van Marwijk's side begin their Euro 2012 Group B campaign against Denmark on Saturday.

The issue of racism has been a hot topic in the build-up to the tournament, with a much-publicised BBC documentary raising concerns over the conduct of some fans in the host nations.

UEFA president Michel Platini has confirmed referees have been instructed to call a halt to matches at this summer's tournament if a player is racially taunted.

Yet the Frenchman also warned any player who left the field unilaterally in protest over abuse from the stands would be yellow carded.

Italy and Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli had earlier said he intended to do exactly that if he found himself being racially abused.

Former England centre-back Sol Campbell, meanwhile, was compelled to advise fans to avoid the tournament after seeing the Panorama images of supporters in Ukraine giving Nazi salutes and taunting black players with monkey noises.

Meanwhile, the families of black England players Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have declined to travel to watch the matches because of fears over racism.

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  1. Funny how white folks like to call us monkeys; if you­ pay attention in school you would have known that we­ all came from monkeys. As for Immigration, it should­ not be stopped, it should just be controlled. if­ stopped the world economy would crash, Companies like­ british airways would no longer exist; which means­ millions of jobs world wide gone, no more Donna Kebabs.­ there is a lot of things that would be affected, not­ even BNP would want to stop it. People will always move­ to satisfy their needs.

    From Nostradamus, on Tue 19 Jun 15:53
  2. Advances in medicine mean that we will be living much­ longer and in the body of a 30 or 40 year old. Such is­ the advance of stem cell research for example. We must­ therefore have a Kyoto accord to force countries such­ as India and Pakistan to control their population­ growth as China has done with the one child per couple­ policy. There is no room for so many of us and we want­ to keep the culture that gave us all of the scientific­ advances going. We do not wish to succumb to the­ entropy rise caused by mass immigration.

    From WillyS, on Fri 15 Jun 0:43
  3. Jason there is great truth in what you say! Nations­ where there is strong religion preventing contraception­ and where women are kept completely ignorant have 10­ children per couple. Countries like this have huge­ problems: pestilence, terrorism, revolution, mass­ poverty. Those countries invade us through immigration­ to our countries of their desperate citizens and weaken­ us. What civilized nations must do is impose­ themselves on the third world in the following way: (a)­ we will not give you aid or trade with you unless you­ educate your women and accept contraception. It is­ ironic that we champion environmental sustainability­ but our stupidity (Oslo uncontrolled immigration style)­ and political correctness prevents us promoting and­ pursuing population sustainability. There should be a­ Kyoto accord for that but our stupid liberal­ multiculturalism leaders wont even consider it. At the­ end of the day we will need to rely on mother Russia­ and countries such as the Ukraine and Poland to help us­ when the time of change and enforcement is dictated­ upon us. We do not wish to be Muslim nations.

    From WillyS, on Fri 15 Jun 0:38
  4. I am ashamed of these idiots. apologize on behalf of­ the Polish

    From Wojciech Cieslukowski, on Sat 9 Jun 14:11
  5. What to add up. When I was in Holland I heard the same­ but from the Dutch black people. There was just one way­ put these people one question.Why do you think so. The­ people were able change their minds but only in the­ case,that the man can discuss about such stupid note.­ May be what goes around it comes around. I'm not­ the man from Poland. Some one from Poland told me.In­ the time of our life there are just two words love or­ skitter.

    From vladimir, on Sat 9 Jun 10:48
  6. Answer to that.....boycott the venue in future. ­ Simples. (Unless its all about money..again...) Note­ para 4 " Yet the Frenchman also warned any­ player who left the field unilaterally in protest over­ abuse from the stands would be yellow carded." ­ Bloody French again!........

    From CYNIC, on Sat 9 Jun 10:08
  7. up the republic u and ur mother and entire family are­ white dirt,if ferdnand is a monkey then you all white­ dirty pigs.u need to wash the sticking dirt off you by­ having bath every day not ones a month.hope u rot in­ the undeveloped ukraine.that is so poor most african­ countries are more develop than it.what do u produce­ and export from ukraine only racism,poverty and hitler­ wars.who looked like monkeys on the tv? white racist­

    From Tina Gaga, on Sat 9 Jun 9:56
  8. With some of the comments on here from thick uneducated­ dole scrounging Brits is another reason i left the UK­ for Poland

    From Bart, on Sat 9 Jun 9:03
  9. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Please stop rattling on about racism. These are­ supposed to be tough sportsmen, not wimps. Get on with­ the football and ignore the shouts. Taunting is not new­ in football crowds and over reacting to this will make­ them laugh at the players and do it all the more. I­ recall some of the taunts Peter Shilton had to suffer­ were far worse than any racial comments or gestures but­ he just got on with the game. Please people do not­ pander to the tabloids on this issue. They don't­ care about racism, they just want to sell newspapers.­ We are seriously in danger of losing our freedom of­ speech if we feel we have to prove we are NOT racists.­ Losing freedom would be an EPIC disaster - far worse­ than a few taunts that are no worse than any in a­ school playground. Grow up footballers. The Rugby­ players make you look like women.

    From Emerald, on Sat 9 Jun 8:48
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Generally speaking Polish people are un-enducated,­ arrogant vermin

    From Justin, on Sat 9 Jun 8:38
  11. @ Sandy, the first thing you mentioned was the players’­ salary as if it holds any relevance, all it suggests is­ you’re jealous. If you’re a female you’re even dumber­ than you sound, as females didn’t exactly have an easy­ ride in life until recently. Had this happened forty­ years ago, I doubt you’d be allowed to even have an­ opinion on the matter. It’s the 21st century Sandy, the­ purported behaviour of these “fans” is unacceptable in­ this day and age, and your opinion of the matter is­ extremely antiquated. Oh, and just throwing the tem­ “PC” into sentence doesn’t add any gravitas to your­ comment, it just further demonstrates your complete­ ignorance in this area.

    From kevin, on Sat 9 Jun 8:16
  12. To the Pole who wrote the comment saying if the Dutch­ dont like Poland then leave they are over there to play­ football they dont want to live there, i have worked­ with some polish people and some of the Racist remarks­ they come out with are unreal,and i would like to know­ why he left Poland to come over here in the first place­ and if you dont like what people say about you why dont­ YOU LEAVE ENGLAND!!!!!

    From Chris, on Sat 9 Jun 8:11
  13. its a great irony that racism should be tolerated at­ all in Poland after what happened there in the 2nd­ world War obviously the Nazis treated Jews as sub­ human but Poles and Slavs generally were regarded as­ racially inferior maybe the education system is so bad­ in Poland these morons who make monkey noises dont­ know or care about there own recent history this is all­ stuff that happened in their grandparents time

    From Chris, on Sat 9 Jun 7:51
  14. People who are racist are really stupid. The­ predecessor of mankind came from Asia and migrated to­ Africa where they evolved into mankind after which they­ spread around the globe. So actually racists are­ bullying against their own kind. Too bad those loosers­ fail to see that.

    From , on Sat 9 Jun 7:33
  15. Poor little overpaid didumses! Has their skin become so­ thin that they have to complain to teacher? Do all the­ pain-killers they swallow to keep on going not­ alleviate the hurt of a comment made by a bystander? ­ Grow up, jongens, and stop playing to the PC media.­ Plat football, that's what you get (over)paid for.

    From Sandy, on Sat 9 Jun 7:16
  16. The abuse must must be terrible; it just destroyed my­ sound card.

    From matthew, on Sat 9 Jun 7:12
  17. If there aren't any problems in Poland or the­ Ukraine then why have a 'vast' amount of their­ citizens come to the UK...............Hmmmm I wonder??­ They can come to the UK for a better life if they wish­ but they shouldn't come here and act like they own­ it!

    From SEAN, on Sat 9 Jun 7:04
  18. But why racism..? The peoples of the world ought to­ behave in a civilized manner, we aren't living in­ ancient slavery times.

    From mbabazi, on Sat 9 Jun 6:12
  19. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    well i read williams article 71 n i was disappointed­ that he still thinks as immigrants getting priority­ over da indignous people i wonder what those immigrants­ who were enslaved in their own countries, forced to­ surrender their families for years and livelihoods,­ exploited of their natural n as well as bodily­ resources just bcoz they looked different should say­ well they cant bcoz most of them died during abysimal­ torture n transporting them to what he calls his home­ country. i dont think anyone should answer its simply­ everyones world with equal benefits u said it yoselves­ wat goes around comes around. however it cant b said­ its da same for these immigrants as they are still­ being taunted, abused denied better services and access­ to growth bcoz of their race. there countries have been­ exploited so much its poverty squared n ther is nothing­ left for them to go back to. again like u say people in­ glass houses dont throw stones

    From Higenyi, on Sat 9 Jun 5:47
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    If Dutch don't like Poland then let them leave.­ Just don't lie about racist reasons. It's­ ridiculous. There are racist peoples everywhere,­ especially in UK and Holland. Dutch trainer and ­ journalists at this training didn't hear any racist­ noises, only one white player and BBC. Interesting. I­ wonder when BBC makes more money? If You stay in UK and­ watch London Olympics or when You go to Poland?

    From Przemyslaw, on Sat 9 Jun 5:15
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