Mystery man at Khan fight breaks silence

Tue, 10 Jan 09:23:00 2012

The mystery man accused by Amir Khan of "interfering" with the scorecards of the judges in Khan's defeat by American Lamont Peterson has broken his silence.

Peterson and Khan trade blows - 0

Khan's comments on Twitter about the mysterious "man in a hat" sparked global speculation before he was revealed last week as Mustafa Ameen, a man who reportedly works with the IBF and has links to top amateur Michael Hunter.

And the man himself insists that he has done nothing wrong, even if he has failed to answer questions about why he was pointing over the fight supervisor's shoulder while ringside.

"I've got nothing to hide," Ameen told the Las Vegas Examiner, confirming that he will appear at the hearing in New York to listen to the Khan camp's claims that the bout should be declared a 'no contest'.

"I am not running, ducking, or anything. I can discuss – without talking about the merits of what happened – I will just say that there is a lot of misinformation.

"I've been called a lot of names over the past few days, which attacks my credibility, and attacks my reputation≠ that I worked very hard on in all my years in boxing.

"Amir Khan and Golden Boy have requested a hearing to appeal the decision≠ and I am going to participate in the hearing. I think it's important to let the facts be known and I don't want anybody crafting a defence based on something≠ that someone wrote on the internet.

"I'm telling you that there was a bunch of crap about this unidentified man, who was me, and nobody seemed to know who 'he' was.

"Just 24 hours later, everybody in boxing, including the trainer of Amir Khan and everybody else, said, 'I know him'. But they didn't know me 24 hours prior to that. I'm known in boxing circles, I'm not a secret.

"It's unfair for them to slander me and undo all the things that I've worked hard for in terms of my reputation. People know me through Michael Hunter and the IBF. I'm not a mystery man at all. That was a bunch of BS from the very beginning."

Ameen went on to claim that he was a friend of legendary heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali.

"I had a good relationship with Muhammad Ali's manager and I was actually befriended by Ali," he added.

"It was Ali directly who assisted me with getting in the business. And I even went on a book signing tour with him in England. I have a rich history, with people like Eddie Mustafa Muhammad and Matthew Saad Muhammad.

"On and on and on, people have known me throughout the years. They know my character, my involvement, and I stand on that.

"It puzzles me that I'm this mysterious guy that dropped out of a sewer and they say that I tried to fix a fight."


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