Khan's bout with Peterson cancelled

Thu, 10 May 01:01:00 2012

The heavily anticipated rematch between Britain's Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson, scheduled for May 19, has been cancelled after the American tested positive for a banned substance.

2012 BOXING Welterweight boxers Lamont Peterson of the U.S. (L) and Amir Khan of Britain - 0

Peterson, who beat Khan in controversial circumstances to win the WBA super-lightweight and IBF light-welterweight belts in December, failed a drug test administered by the Las Vegas-based Voluntary Anti-Doping Association in March.

For the fight in Las Vegas to go ahead, Peterson needed to win a licensing appeal to the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

However, the ruling body was unable to hold a formal hearing until May 15, forcing the cancellation of the bout, Khan's promoters, Golden Boy Promotions, said.

"A failed pre-fight drug test administered by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association coupled with the Nevada State Athletic Commission's legal inability to hold a formal hearing ... until Tuesday, May 15, has forced the cancellation of the event," Golden Boy Promotions said.

A disappointed Khan tweeted: "The fight is off! sorry everyone the only person to blame is @kingpete26 I'll be looking for a opponent to fight June 30."

Peterson tested positive for testosterone in an unscheduled doping test conducted by VADA in March.

"My understanding from my brief conversation with his (Peterson's) attorney was that when he was first told in April that he had tested positive for testosterone, he had no clue what it could be but that it had to be a mistake," Nevada Athletic Commission executive Keith Kizer told Reuters.

"Then the 'B' sample came back on May third positive as well and then at that time, I guess a light bulb went off that he had had some testosterone problems before the first Khan fight."

Peterson's team had promised to present its defence to the Nevada Athletic Commission earlier this week for the commissions chairman to then rule on whether or not the May 19 fight would go ahead.

"Unless he has got some really enlightening defence here, he will not be licensed for May 19," Kizer said.

Khan had been eagerly preparing for the rematch after losing his WBA and IBF belts in Lamont's home city of Washington on a split decision having been docked two points by the referee for pushing.

Khan's camp criticised the referee's actions and were shocked by television replays showing a mystery man in a hat talking with a judge ringside, prompting the WBA to order a rematch.

The 'mystery man' was identified as Mustafa Ameen, who is an IBF volunteer helping cash-strapped boxers. He denied interfering with the judges' scorecards.


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  1. Peterson was on drugs, although I have to wonder why he­ came clean about being on them before Khan fight,­ personally I think he didn't want to fight Khan­ again, he knows Khan can KO him. This was his way out.­ His team even wanted the tests done even though they­ knew he would get caught. Funny how his own city drug­ tests didn't pick anything up yet he was taking the­ most commonly used PED in history! Ban him, strip­ his belts which were virtually given to him and give­ boxing a better name.

    From Mark, on Mon 14 May 10:30
  2. Funny that SUFFERIN SUCCOTASH claims to be a REAL­ boxing fan yet had never heard of Prescott before Khan­ fight. Khan is no fake, maybe not the pound for­ pound king, but let's face it, how many boxers ever­ get to that spot? Doesn't make them a fake. A huge­ percentage of boxers try some flashy stuff too, FMJ­ does flashy all the time, is he a fake too? Ali was­ mostly flashy, is he a fake? No. Exactly. Khan­ maybe won the first fight but everything was against­ him, the ref was awful, one judge was ill

    From Mark, on Mon 14 May 10:25
  3. I have read a lot of what has been posted on here and­ am beginning to wonder if there are any real boxing­ fans left!! Make no mistake, Khan was robbed first­ time round and the rematch was the right thing to do,­ to many things were wrong about the first fight for it­ to be allowed to stand and I mean that in the broader­ sense. Boxing suffers when these things happen and­ that is not a good situation. Now it has progressed­ from the sublime to the ridiculous!! If Peterson­ needed testosterone for a medical issue he should have­ declared it and he didn't, that is nothing to do­ with Amir Khan and also raises the issue of whether or­ not he was clean for the first fight. That said he­ didn't test positive before or after that fight but­ were they tested at all?? There appears to be no­ option but to take the belts away from Peterson here,­ he was due to defend them and is unable to do so­ because he has tested positive for performance­ enhancing drugs. What do they do from here though? ­ Match Khan with another fighter for the vacant titles?/­ Give the titles back to Khan? I really don't­ know, just a mess that once again does the sport no­ favours.

    From The hilltop, on Sun 13 May 2:20
  4. No one likes you SUFFERIN SUCCOTASH but you still carry­ on with your garbage.

    From Always Right, on Sat 12 May 11:06
  5. Thats convienient for Khan. I once heard Khan say (and­ i still laugh as i type this ) i reckon id have good­ chance against Manny Pacquiao???? What made me laugh­ was he meant it what made me piss myself was he­ actually believes it. Put your money where your mouth­ is and show us you have a pair Hatton did it sad end­ to his career but that was boxer

    From dar, on Fri 11 May 11:19
  6. Shouldn't he be stripped of the title?

    From Davey H, on Fri 11 May 4:50
  7. Cant stand AMir Kan he's a tool, hope he gets­ stunned for sterioids like he should, he takes them­ like a boss.

    From Paul, on Fri 11 May 2:52
  8. my understanding is that peterson had a SYNTHETIC form­ of testosterone in both his samples.. [which the above­ report doesnt make clear] there is a huge difference..­ these cannot be produced naturally by the body nor are­ they present in food products. if thats the case­ he's banged to rights.. there is no organic way­ this could have gotten into his sytem unless he was­ knowingly doping or he was given a contaminated­ supliment and if thats the case he or his team are­ criminally unprofessional. i'd expect to see him­ stripped of his titles and khan fight a mandatory­ challenger for the vacant titles.

    From Johnny H, on Fri 11 May 0:44
  9. This is why Mayweather wants the sport of boxing to­ come clean.

    From Martin., on Thu 10 May 21:55
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Khan don,t like being beat fair & square

    From ROGER MORRIS, on Thu 10 May 20:14
  11. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    the undisputed 8 division champion of the­ world==========================)

    From , on Thu 10 May 19:47
  12. How can the American public stand for this kind of­ action, if it had have been Khan who had taken the­ drugs then he would have been stripped and not allowed­ to fight again. Cheating yankie bas***ds.

    From Margaret, on Thu 10 May 19:41
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    At least we won't have to listen to Kahn whinging­ when he loses. He must be running out of people to­ blame.

    From EnglishGuy1, on Thu 10 May 19:39
  14. Total U.S. Farce he did not want to Fight

    From S, on Thu 10 May 19:38
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Oh how I long for the good old days of boxing when all­ they did was beat up their wives and girlfriends!

    From Nav, on Thu 10 May 18:02
  16. 3 Times positieve, ban him , Cheater

    From Ra.Planet of The Apes, on Thu 10 May 17:59
  17. Ever since the days of Frank Moody - British­ Middleweight champion and grandfather to a schoolfriend­ of mine - who told me that the only way that a Brit­ could win a fight against an American in the USA was to­ knock him spark out as otherwise they would find ways­ to deny you a victory...the whole fight was skewed in­ Peterson's favour...whilst on the subject of Khan -­ if he IS British, why is he allowed to drag the­ Pakistani flag behind him on his walk to the ring as­ well as the Union Flag?

    From The Old Warhorse, on Thu 10 May 17:50
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    hey Amir there,s a couple of no hopes could do with a­ warm up if your free just call david or chris

    From DAVID, on Thu 10 May 17:49
  19. Shame they couldn't stop Haye and the other fellow.

    From Senior Moment, on Thu 10 May 16:45
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    i want to stick my Wanga across khans face,and say­ " take that you mussie " this is for all the­ underage white girls....

    From andy, on Thu 10 May 16:25
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