Wiggins wins second Criterium du Dauphine

Sun, 10 Jun 15:30:00 2012

Bradley Wiggins said he was in the best shape of his life heading in to the Tour de France after winning the Criterium du Dauphine for the second year in a row.

2012 dauphine bradley wiggins sky TT - 0

Englishman Wiggins and his Sky team dominated the eight-day warm-up event with Mick Rogers of Australia and Chris Froome from Britain finishing second and fourth overall.

The British team also took victory in the teams' prize plus two stage wins.

Only last year's Tour de France winner Cadel Evans of Australia, who added a third overall place to his four previous second places, presented any real challenge to the Sky team.

Wiggins has already won the Paris-Nice race and the Tour of Romandie this season.

"This is probably the best shape I've ever been in to win the Tour," he told reporters.

"My time trialling's improved, my climbing's improved, my team's really strong and they've improved and I'm ready to go, But it's probably going to be the hardest thing I've done."

Although apparently more at ease on the race's 29 classified climbs than he was when climbing in last year's Criterium du Dauphine, Wiggins said: "I think it's always harder to do it the second year."

"To come in this year as a favourite from the prologue on makes it a better and harder way to win."

Dauphiné final stage

After taking the lead on Monday, Wiggins' superb time trial victory on Thursday, where he almost overtook Evans, enabled the Briton to take a more defensive attitude in the mountains.

"We've had a few goes at it (defending leads) now. I think we're getting better at it if anything." Wiggins said.

"This one has been a lot smoother than the other races we've won this season. We've had a full lineup which we haven't had at the other races. Eddy (Sky team mate Edvald Boasson Hagen of Norway) has come in now and he's made a huge difference."

Spaniard Dani Moreno added a second stage to his Dauphine tally when he won Sunday's mountainous 124.5 kms trek between Morzine and the town of Chatel.

Moreno darted out of a crumbling front pack on the race's final summit finish, a short but arduous ascent through the streets of Chatel. Second behind the Katusha rider was Luis Leon Sanchez, also of Spain, with Evans third and Wiggins, who raised his arms in triumph, in 19th spot.

"Not having (Katusha leader) Joaquim Rodriguez here has given me some more freedom of movement, and getting two stages in the Dauphine is quite an achievement, but now it's time to rest up and wait for the Tour of Spain," Moreno said.


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  1. ma koji vignis kada se ode u alpe na turu braca shlek­ odlaze..

    From Dimitrije, on Tue 12 Jun 8:48
  2. looking good for brad and for sky,competition for­ TDFplaces after a good dauphine and giro. the ­ columbians did well in the mountains in giro so could­ provide good cover for brad if selected,will cav the­ fastest man alive,world number one roadman sprinter be­ prepared to go all the way to paris for the green­ jersey or curtail his campaign aftet 9-10 stages to­ prerare for the olympic road race?.

    From Freddybee, on Mon 11 Jun 17:13
  3. Re Terry's point about Sky getting control of­ cycling coverage. You have a consider this a real­ threat, especially if Sky have a good tour. If they do­ then every fan needs to take a stand and say no. I­ would rather watch highlights or illegal streaming than­ give Sky another penny. If the same mentality was­ applied to Football and F1 we would be in a better­ place (except the organisers who won't be quite as­ rich). Power to the pedal people.

    From Simon, on Mon 11 Jun 13:38
  4. Paris Nice, Romandy and now the Dauphine ..all in 1­ year. Fantastic and made even more impressive by the­ way Sky ride, what a team. I think in TDF we are going­ to see something special.

    From Simon, on Mon 11 Jun 13:29
  5. I can remember some clown last year on the message­ board asked why they don't have a staggerd start to­ avoid pile ups. Can you believe it?

    From Tuggo, on Mon 11 Jun 8:25
  6. comment 33 now, strange thing, 33 became 32, now­ 33...and sometimes all the comments disappear ...

    From JON, on Mon 11 Jun 1:34
  7. sorry mean comment 32, steve..

    From JON, on Mon 11 Jun 1:30
  8. Comment 33, you are right, it will be difficult. Having­ said that, Telekom had Ulrichfor the yellow and Eric­ Zabel for the green, so it has been done before, not­ impossible. FROOME looks good, I hope he gets a free­ role, they should use him as a backup incase things­ dont go according to plan( not as a domestique).. Am I­ the only one who thinks FROOME can be "the­ Rodrigize" or "Hejsedal" of this years­ TDF??? We all saw what he is capable of in last yrs­ Vuelta and he looks extremely good this year.

    From JON, on Mon 11 Jun 1:29
  9. What a great win and what a strong team, but at TdF can­ they manage a feat that almost noone has done before, a­ team with the green and yellow jerseys, can they manage­ Cav's and Wiggins ego within one team, How many­ will be picked to help wiggins and how many will be­ there for Cav. Evans success last year was just as much­ the result of him finally having one team all with one­ goal as it was Evans prodigous talent. So much ITT may­ be the key that gets them trhough.

    From Steve Lewis, on Sun 10 Jun 23:54
  10. Let's hope Sky don't get exclusive TV rights­ for the TdF due for renewal in 2013 based on their­ successes this year! TdF on pay for view- YUK !!­ (that's the polite version)

    From Terry, on Sun 10 Jun 23:34
  11. Lets just hope we don't get the carnage in the­ first week we had last year. It ruined the race a bit­ with so many favourites being taken out. Sky need to­ keep Wiggins safe like BMC did for Cadel. Its not an­ easy job. You need some old heads guiding things. Not­ sure Sky have got that. Still fingers crossed.

    From Simon, on Sun 10 Jun 22:03
  12. go bradley go! cannot wait for the tour!

    From Christopher, on Sun 10 Jun 21:28
  13. Other teams won't just let Sky control everything­ and keep 4 riders in the lead group during the TdF. If­ they do they deserve to lose. We'll see how Team­ Sky cope with Schleck and Nibali attacks in the big­ one.

    From Adam, on Sun 10 Jun 21:12
  14. Looking at the odds, Wiggo is the favourite and frankly­ it looks a poor field (Evans seems the main threat).­ Certainly the best chance for a Brit to win in my life­ time. Not sure i will dare watch it though. Anyone who­ knows anything about cycle races knows the part played­ by luck in a three week race, but Wiggo seems to have a­ very strong hand. I don't want to jinx it, but­ i'm keeping a certain weekend in July free for­ short notice trip to the continent. Fingers crossed­ and let's hope the cycling gods are kind. Sky's­ the limit and while we are at it lets be greedy and­ have the green jersey for Cav and the mountains jersey­ as well. I don't even think i'm insane to think­ it could all happen.

    From Steve in Stoke, on Sun 10 Jun 21:04
  15. Well done Bradley, can't wait for the Tour, if only­ a Brit could..........

    From Harry, on Sun 10 Jun 20:17
  16. Well done Bradley - now I'm sure you'll win the­ big one in France. What a great British team,­ unfortunate name though. However, all the best.

    From DAVID, on Sun 10 Jun 20:16
  17. Wiggins in best form ever. He is confident in talk AND­ action. A real contender for the Tour de France.­ Wouldn't that be an amazing achievement. Something­ to talk about for years to come.

    From Paul, on Sun 10 Jun 19:30
  18. great news for sky and british cycling well done­ bradley wiggins and team

    From Keith Rendell, on Sun 10 Jun 19:25
  19. Did you feel that??? That was a shiver going down the­ spine of every team with a tour contender!! 4 Sky­ riders in the top ten.???..Be very afraid...Sky train­ calling at all stations to Paris...i'm certainly­ gonna get me a ticket to ride...

    From Elisabeth, on Sun 10 Jun 19:14
  20. WOW! Fantastic, unique historic win along with Paris­ -Nice and Romandie in one year. Get back to Cath and­ the kids and best wishes for July !!

    From Terry, on Sun 10 Jun 18:05
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