Premier League - Liverpool wield the axe again

Fri, 11 May 09:23:00 2012

Fenway Sports Group are continuing their restructuring at Liverpool after announcing director of communications Ian Cotton is to leave the club.

FOOTBALL Liverpool FC's emblem in front of the stadium at Anfield. - 0

Last month the departures of director of football Damien Comolli and head of sports medicine and sports science Peter Brukner were announced.

Owners FSG and the club issued a joint statement confirming the long-serving Cotton will leave on Sunday, the final game of the league season, by mutual consent.

"We would like to thank Ian for the important contribution he has made to the club during his long career here," managing director Ian Ayre told

"He has played a key role as a member of the executive team in managing our relationships with key external stakeholders in the media and in the community. We wish Ian every success in his future career."

Cotton added: "It has been a privilege to be at Liverpool FC for the last 16 years.

"I would like to thank everyone I have worked with for all their support during that time and wish this great club all the best for the future."

The club say further information regarding the communications and community departments, which Cotton oversaw, will be announced in due course.

Liverpool have had a difficult time public relations-wise after their handling of the Luis Suarez-Patrice Evra racism row came in for widespread criticism earlier this season.

Players and manager Kenny Dalglish wearing T-shirts in support of the Uruguay international, who was subsequently banned for eight matches, was generally viewed as a particularly poor PR decision.

Liverpool 4 Chelsea 1

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  1. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show


    From magick, on Fri 18 May 10:10
  2. Yahoo sports, stop hiding people posts! Its censorship,­ for no good reason!

    From DARIN, on Thu 17 May 21:34
  3. I will stand alone if necessary. I don’t agree about­ Saurez. Dalgish & team was undermined by yanks.­ Press brown nosed Fergie’s hysterical outrage ...­ again! Evre Pathetic! Lost all respect for FA (like I­ ever had any, an organisation of white middle aged,­ middle class has beens, who seem to take up a third of­ Wembley on big games) Disillusioned by whole shbang.­ Where’s the roots of my club gone?

    From DARIN, on Thu 17 May 21:29
  4. Liverpool­ quality..........................Lovely!!!!............­ .........£300m kit deal wow!!!

    From Tony, on Fri 11 May 14:47
  5. downing will be a bit part player next season raheem­ sterling will start to shine ,carrol had an epiphany­ and has just seen the light ,aquilani will be back in­ the summer hopefully to stay ,that just leaves­ henderson ? oh wait lucas will be back .get a couple of­ training staff in from ajax and bilbao ,that would be­ of more benefit than buying or selling players

    From nearly free, on Fri 11 May 12:47
  6. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    liverpool are slowly going the way of leeds.debts and­ fans wanting success everton are overtaking liverpool­ as the team to beat on mersey side.gerrard cannot carry­ liverpool much longer.

    From RICHARD R, on Fri 11 May 12:14
  7. KD from the offset under estimated the quality of­ premiership sides and paid the penalty. the fans hailed­ him as the saviour from beyond hadrians wall KD mistake­ was he got carried away with the euphoria and believed­ he was king kenny and we all know the result of­ invasions by scottish royalty when invading england.­ having stated my opinion on their failure i do think he­ will get control and mount a serious threat for next­ season .andy carroll is much improved and suarez was­ the best buy last season a thrill to watch.downing and­ henderson are coming good and any side with bellamy is­ a team to be reckoned with

    From William, on Fri 11 May 12:12
  8. A Club in disarray on and off the field, mounting­ debts, season after season of non-achievement, and a­ diminished reputation throughout the world and a loss­ of foreign fan base over outright support of racism. ­ Kenny Dalglish is not the answer,

    From Richard, on Fri 11 May 12:07
  9. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show


    From K, on Fri 11 May 11:40
  10. Not a fan of KD, but seriously, for all the people who­ want KD out, can you name a manager out there who is­ qualify and willing to run the show? this is a­ rebuilding team and there won't be 100m cash­ spending summer anymore. big name managers currently in­ the big clubs wont' take that risk and mid size­ team managers won't fit either. before there is a­ backup plan, don't do anything stupid. KD may­ not be the best manager for LFC, but he is probably the­ best you can ask for right now. give him another year­ at least to do something. i would suggest put­ henderson on a boot camp and work on his fitness and­ toughness. his talent is limited but he can turn out to­ be another kyut. all you need is superb fitness and­ toughness. it doesn't take skill to chase after the­ ball and put constant press on the other team. he is­ young and hope he is willing to improve. downing is­ too old to make any drastic change in one summer. he­ does have some skills but really no focus on the pitch.­ if LFC can't get a proper winger this summer, have­ him concentrate on doing crosses for carroll. adam­ is really bad this season. way too slow on the pitch­ and spot kicks were terrible whole season. can't­ even do corners. he needs a complete make over. i­ would like to see enrique moving up to play wings he­ kind of slipped towards the end of the season but­ overall, he was one of the bright spot of the squad.­ promote kelly to to right back and move johnson to­ left. hope they do well this summer in buying new­ people.

    From , on Fri 11 May 11:28
  11. carrol to come really good, wait and see

    From parasite person watcher, on Fri 11 May 11:21
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    The Fenway Group also added that other underperfomers­ at the Club will also be leaving: Reina, Agger, Gerard,­ Downing, Adam, Spearing, Johnson, Kuyt, Bellamy,­ Caroll...and that they will take the option to enlist­ from the second draft once the European World Series­ has finished.

    From Andy, on Fri 11 May 11:18
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Carroll is a donkey, better get him on EBay as thats­ your only chance of selling him. 120min he played well­ this past season, for 35million thats ludicrous. Get­ Rid Downing Young? what you talking about, he was a­ Dud at BORO, Bigger DUD at Villa, my goodness, he could­ not run downhill.

    From , on Fri 11 May 11:12
  14. @Nathan Downling is young? He is going to be 28 in a­ couple of months.

    From ian, on Fri 11 May 11:10
  15. Tony: Not sure what the Director of Communications has­ got to do with delivering results. if people are going­ to be sacjed, start with the players who have not­ performed, there again there will be no players left­ for pre season training (apart from Gerrard, not his­ best season, but still a class act).

    From , on Fri 11 May 11:04
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show


    From B, on Fri 11 May 10:50
  17. J W Henry is the­ man!!!!.............................Deliver results or­ you are gone?????, nothing wrong with that!!!

    From Tony, on Fri 11 May 10:29
  18. Trust in KD lol

    From Wayne Kerr, on Fri 11 May 10:14
  19. Dude Carrol at least has earned a bit more respect the­ past couple of months in my eyes hes proved he deserves­ a chance and the fans backing. The rest of the list­ well all i can say is hendo and downing are still young­ but adam and spearing are failing

    From Nathan, on Fri 11 May 10:07
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Hey James (comment 2 )you been sniffin glue or­ what.Trust in KD Andy Carrol will come good and­ Henderson maybe.Agree about the others,sell and­ replace.Budget not good for next season so KD hands­ tied.He will probably get sacked in January transfer­ window if league form suffers again..UP THE BORO..

    From the patriot, on Fri 11 May 10:03
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