Massa believes penalty undeserved

Sun, 13 May 18:35:25 2012

Felipe Massa is confident that he would have finished in the top 10 at Barcelona had it not been for what he believes was an unnecessary drive-through penalty.

The Ferrari driver was forced to take an unscheduled tour through the pitlane on lap 28, a penalty for ignoring yellow flags.

The delay meant that 15th place was the best he could manage, with Massa later admitting that he was unsure why he was penalised.

"Honestly, I don't think I did anything wrong and I believe it is better to look into the detail of what happened, because I was in the middle of a group of cars and I definitely did not try to overtake anyone," said the Brazilian.

"It's a real shame, because up until then, the race was going well for me and a place in the top 10 was comfortably within my reach. I was in the group with the Red Bulls and the McLarens and I could match their pace."

With his team-mate Fernando Alonso finishing second, Massa is confident that Ferrari is now getting to grips with its 2012 challenger.

"I am happy that Fernando was able to fight for the win all the way to the end, as it shows our car's potential has definitely improved. We still don't have the quickest car, but it seems we are going down the right road."


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  1. Massas starting to sound like his "pal"­ Hamilton last season... "it wasnt me"­ mentality (Note "last season" part of­ comment, before I have the Hamilton brigade down my­ neck, as Hamilton seems to have grown up in his­ attitude a tad since then which is nice to see). Come­ on Massa please sort your mind frame out and get back­ to what you used to be so good at.... Driving the car­ not your mouth because the way its going you wont have­ a car to drive.

    From HELEN, on Tue 15 May 12:37
  2. Felipe is a good driver. He has been hurt and has­ recovered. Since that time things have not been going­ well for him. I think he is still affected by that­ accident. Also this happened when he was told to give­ way for Alonso to pass, that would affect anybody. I­ like him a lot, so I hope things start to improve for­ him. I wish him all good luck in the World. God Bless.

    From Karla, on Tue 15 May 12:00
  3. I dont think its all Massa's fault, after all­ Ferrari have always tended to let the No1 driver have­ all the time in the simulator any new upgrades will go­ on Alonso's car & the car will be built for­ Alonso (they did the same when Shumi was there).

    From Ludonial, on Mon 14 May 17:00
  4. What excuse is he going to use next time

    From denis, on Mon 14 May 10:46
  5. ''I'm afraid Massa's days of being one­ of­ the­ best are long over. From Zubeneschemali, on­ Sun­ 13 May 20:56' ' Massa's not even­ one of the best drivers in his own house

    From PAUL, on Mon 14 May 6:55
  6. Massa is a nice guy, he and Barrachello can sit­ together watching F1 on a Sunday afternoon in their­ mansions, telling each other how good they would have­ been if others had not been better.

    From Alan M, on Mon 14 May 0:48
  7. Show some respect, lounge chair warriors! These guys­ are the best in the world and Massa is one of them -­ clearly a number 2 driver who is nearing the end of his­ career, YES, but he has been an important part of a­ successful team for many years, and it is easy to­ forget that Formula 1 is actually a team sport. The­ penalties to Vettel and Massa where unprecedented, with­ the fine line of 'not lifting off' being­ suddenly enforced. The two offenders sailed into turn 1­ with their DRS wide open, so they clearly didn't­ brake, and telemetry must have shown race control that­ they didn't lift-off either, where other drivers­ were showing more regard for safety.

    From Craig, on Sun 13 May 23:20
  8. Massa is still here??? I thought he would be gone by­ now. Alonso has 61 points. Massa has 2 points. How many­ excuses can he give???

    From phil, on Sun 13 May 22:25
  9. 'I'm afraid Massa's days of being one of­ the­ best are long over. From Zubeneschemali, on Sun­ 13 May 20:56' When was he ever one of the best?­ he was always a has been without ever being a been!

    From PAUL, on Sun 13 May 22:13
  10. I'm pretty sure Charlie Whiting has all the­ telemetry data available to him which would have­ clearly showed that Vettel and Massa did not lift off­ and slowed down. Massa's raceday performance is­ not bad (he always jumps a number of places at the­ start), his real problem is what he does on Saturday­ during qualifying.

    From Anon, on Sun 13 May 21:54
  11. For ignoring yellows he should have been excluded

    From Big Nose Kate, on Sun 13 May 20:30
  12. Massa has become a MOBILE CHICANE and appears to think­ good driving is holding faster drivers up like once­ again he did to Hamilton,the quicker he gets the boot­ from FI will be a good day for his team and other­ drivers.

    From I, on Sun 13 May 18:51
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