60 seconds: Gough says Dickie's tight

Wed, 13 Jul 07:57:00 2011

Former England quick Darren Gough is yet to see umpiring legend Dickie Bird buy his own drink in a pub - and prefers Sandra Bullock to girls from Yorkshire.

- 60 seconds: Darren Gough

Who was your sporting hero as a child?

Ian Botham, Glenn Hoddle and Seve Ballesteros. Beefy because I was 11 years old when he destroyed Australia single-handedly in 1981, Hoddle because Spurs won the Cup that year and he was their best player and Seve because he was the best golfer in the world.

You're a Barnsley fan - did you want to play for the Reds at any point?

I did. At school I played for them from U11 to U16 and had a trial; I then went to Rotherham on a YTS. I would have loved to play for the Barnsley first team - once you're a Barnsley boy, you're a Barnsley boy for life.

Are you mates with Dickie Bird? Is it true he never buys his own pint?

I've known Dickie for a long time; every time I go home I see the statue of him so you can't get away from him! He never buys his own pint and never buys his own food - he's the richest man in Barnsley!

If you weren’t a cricketer, what do you think you’d have been?

Joined the Army. I passed the physical exam at school but never needed to go in when I became a cricketer.

What is your most extravagant purchase?

The odd nice diamond. I got one cut diamond in South Africa which cost me 10,000 - and that didn't include the ring! I also spent 6,000 on a Breitling watch.

Who would be your ideal three dinner party guests?

Nelson Mandela, Charlie Sheen and some beautiful woman...

A nice Yorkshire lass?

No, Sandra Bullock.

What would you cook them?

A chicken dish. I love chicken.

What was your first car?

A Volkswagen Golf convertible: it was a gold colour with a black roof. It cost me 13,000 in 1989. It was beautiful.

What would you sing at Karaoke?

Mac The Knife, or Robbie Williams; I'd try for Angels, but might not hit the notes!

And how have you found racing around Silverstone in the VW Caddy racing van today?

Driving it is unbelievable, totally different to what I'm used to - I drive an automatic, for starters! I was gobsmacked how late you have to brake in the corners at a circuit like Silverstone and with a vehicle like this one. It's got a diesel engine and it's 260bhp - the road version is 105hp.

Think you can take on Lewis Hamilton?

I've been talking to someone here who races in the Volkswagen Cup... I was thinking about entering a race of some sort next season. I've always enjoyed danger and speed - can you imagine the adrenaline before the start of a race, with the engines revving?

Les Ferdinand and Darren Gough are ambassadors for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles; they recently launched the new Volkswagen Caddy van. For more information please visit http://brilliantmadebetter.co.uk/

Jonathan Symcox / Eurosport

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