The Dugout - Bruce: Sir Alex called me David Bellamy

Wed, 14 Mar 12:17:00 2012

We spend 60 seconds with Premier League manager Steve Bruce, and find out a strange nickname given to him by Sir Alex Ferguson.

David Bellamy - 0

If you hadn't been a footballer, what career would you have had instead?

I was going to be a plumber in the shipyards in Newcastle. The shipyards have shut now, so I don't know what I would have done. But I was going to be a plumber.

What was your first car?

It was a Ford Cortina bought for me by my Granny. It was her policy, when I got to 18. She saved a pound a week and bought me a car for £200.

What is the greatest song ever recorded?

It would have to be a Frank Sinatra song, probably My Way.

What's your TV guilty pleasure?

We were into the soaps, but we haven't watched them for about three years. I'm on the sports channels often enough... I'd say any documentary.

If somebody made a film of your life, which actor would you like to play you?

Well, unfortunately I got called David Bellamy by Sir Alex at one stage! So it would have to be him...

What's the nicest place you've ever visited?

Probably Sardinia.

If you could throw a dinner party for some guests from any period in time, dead or alive, who would they be?

I would have Muhammad Ali, Frank Sinatra and Prince Harry. He'd be good for a laugh.

What would you cook for them?

I wouldn't be cooking anything, I'm hopeless. We'd have to have some sandwiches.

What is your favourite sport apart from football?


Are you looking forward to the Olympics, and have you got tickets?

I haven't got tickets but I'm looking forward to it like everyone else. I should be a marvellous occasion, with the world looking in at us. I'm sure I'll be riveted to the TV.

Steve Bruce was speaking to Yahoo!'s 'The Dugout' through its partnership with the League Managers Association