Nadal unconcerned by rankings slip

Mon, 14 May 17:30:00 2012

Rafael Nadal's chances of winning an open era record seventh French Open title next month will not be affected by his fall to number three in the world rankings, the Spaniard said on Monday.

2012 ATP Madrid Rafael Nadal - 0

His third-round defeat last week in Madrid meant he was overtaken by tournament winner Roger Federer, with Novak Djokovic still top of the pile.

"Being number two or number three isn't going to change my goal," Nadal said at the Foro Italico, the long-time home of the Rome Masters, which began on Sunday.

"My goal will be the same, number two, three or number 10.

To win you have to beat the best players in the world. The only change is in the semi-finals but it doesn't make any difference."

Nadal could regain second spot from Federer this week but said he was more concerned with the way he is playing.

"I will try my best to play my best and if I am able to do that I will have my chances to have a good result," he said.

"I will just try to play the same way I did in Monte Carlo and Barcelona (where he won the title). The feeling is there and I am happy with how I am playing."

Nadal and Djokovic were the most vocal critics of the slippery nature of the blue clay which was used in Madrid for the first time last week.

"I don't think about Madrid," Nadal said. "I lost (to Fernando Verdasco). I accept that I played bad and I lost because I didn't play the level that I needed to win.

"But Rome is a tournament I love, one of my favourite tournaments of the year. I am just excited and motivated to come back here."

Beaten in the final by Djokovic last year, Nadal is due to begin his title bid on Wednesday against Florian Mayer, a German with an awkward game who beat him when they played in Shanghai last October.

Federer will also be in action on Wednesday against Carlos Berlocq of Argentina on Wednesday while Djokovic and fourth seed Andy Murray play on Tuesday.

Top seed Djokovic takes on talented Australian Bernard Tomic, a 4-6 6-2 6-4 winner over Spaniard Santiago Giraldo, and Murray plays Argentine David Nalbandian.

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  1. Rafa wish u all the best at the French! The king­ already has arrived at Rome and it seems like he will­ be playing this week but u don't worry just go play­ ur game it's very imp u win Rome or else u will be­ seeded 3 at the French and u may have to go through fed­ and Novak to win French and somehow that is not very­ likely to happen!

    From Sam parikh, on Tue 15 May 16:23
  2. Rafa wish u all the best at the French! The king­ already has arrived at Rome and it seems like he will­ be playing this week but u don't worry just go play­ ur game it's very imp u win Rome or else u will be­ seeded 3 at the French and u may have to go through fed­ and Novak to win French and somehow that is not very­ likely to happen!

    From Sam parikh, on Tue 15 May 16:20
  3. The king has arrived in Rome get ready cause mr federer­ is ready for some practice in Rome federer does not­ have to win Rome to stay at number 2! But rafa has to­ win Rome and hope fed goes out early! That is not­ happening if fed played! So finally finally rafa will­ have to play both fed and Novak at the French and who­ knows maybe Delpo or berdych! Even the biggest rafa­ fans know that is a tough task! So let's see what­ happens! Although if fed is able to managa to win the­ french he will clean house he will go on to win­ wimbeldon and the us open! nd take the number one spot­ back where he belongs after the French or for sure­ wimbeldon!

    From Sam parikh, on Tue 15 May 15:56
  4. @Dosh: I believe that Djokovic will beat Nadal in this­ year Rome final, hence denying Nadal no.2. It would be­ better for Fed to lose to Djokovic than to Nadal­ because of the ranking points.

    From , on Tue 15 May 14:44
  5. @Paul.. It is also a short-lived ascendancy to no.2. By­ the look of things he'll be back to no.3 on Monday.­ Why say congratulations, only to have to say, sorry,­ afterwards..Rafa's done that one too many times...

    From Dosh, on Tue 15 May 11:11
  6. @Paul "Rafa didn't congratulate Federer for­ moving one spot to no.2"? lol I'm beginning to­ think that there're no Federer fans here, just­ fanatics. Since when did that become an achievement­ worth praise from another player? Becoming no. 1 is an­ achievement, hence your point about Federer­ congratulating Rafa in '08- although he did­ initially throw tantrums being referred to as no.2,­ until he got used to it...

    From Dosh, on Tue 15 May 10:51
  7. Thanks Avanti, I stand corrected. Certainly looked like­ he was going to lose.

    From John, on Tue 15 May 10:21
  8. @ John I must correct you and say that J Isner pulled­ through last night. P.Kohlschreiber simply fell apart­ when when serving at 4-2 for 5-2 lead in the second­ set. Incredible how some players can ''lose a­ match won''. So after unremarkable play that­ left much to be desired John Isner is through to second­ round. (plays in form A. Seppi I believe)

    From Avanti, on Tue 15 May 9:50
  9. I suggest to all organisers of tournaments now to­ change surfaces from grass to water,from hard to ice­ from clay to glass so the things to be interesting.I­ hate strange ideas just because some people don't­ have what to do home.Go get an interesting holiday guys­ and leave tennis as it is now.

    From Ramona Elena, on Tue 15 May 9:41
  10. It's logical that even Roger's harmonious­ physique will be feeling the effects of 6 weeks rest­ from competition, followed by a return directly onto­ the slippery blue stuff which brings muscle groups and­ tendons into play that training on conventional clay­ cannot condition. He and Berdych will be feeling a bit­ stiff and sore and have very little recovery time.­ Novak and Rafa, on the other hand, will have benefitted­ from their full week of R&R. No matter what you­ think of their outbursts (and I for one condemn them),­ the timely withdrawal from Madrid may in the end tip­ the scale in their favour over the coming week, if not­ longer. It would be interesting to measure the­ after-effects on the players who went as far as semis­ or had long tough matches in Madrid. For the moment,­ both Isner and Cilic are out of Rome already, Cilic to­ Almagro who was eliminated early by Verdasco last week.­ Verdasco himself was lucky yesterday to get a walkover­ and I expect he will be grateful for the extra rest.­ Madrid may condition a lot of what we see at the Foro­ this week.

    From John, on Tue 15 May 9:36
  11. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Relax people, I was joking a little bit. Nole will make­ 20 slams, don't be upset.

    From Sasa, on Tue 15 May 8:59
  12. By the way, where was the Djoker in 2007, 2008, 2009­ and most of 2010?

    From CircemEt, on Tue 15 May 8:37
  13. Great Eddie @64. True, but I'd add Roger is the­ Mr. All-Round. He's shown it many times over.

    From CircemEt, on Tue 15 May 8:33
  14. For the Djoker to win 22 Grand Slams he'd have to­ win all 4GS every year for the next 4 one­ more the year after. Pipe dream, Sasa. Or the Djoker­ will be be 40+ to realise this dream. Best of luck.

    From CircemEt, on Tue 15 May 8:31
  15. Clay is for Rafa, Grass for Fed and Hard Court for­ Djoko.

    From EDDIE, on Tue 15 May 1:32
  16. Nadal didn't SLIP to No. 3, like Wozniacki. Federer­ ROSE to number two. And isn't nice to hear Rafa­ congragulate his Swiss rival? ''For sure, no?­ He has played very well last 6 months, no? He is the­ best of the history no? He has good chance to win a­ grand slam.'' Of course not, it's all about­ him, his terrible form, injuries, blame etc. I remember­ when Nadal first got to No. 1, federer was full of­ praise, despite having suffered for most of the year­ with back and mono problems.

    From , on Tue 15 May 1:24
  17. Roger played Nole just with one finger and still beat­ him in RG?! I missed that but it doesn't surprise­ me, Roger's that good:) Nole 22GSs? It's good­ to dream...but there's more chance that Elvis is­ alive. And I didn't know that you were so hot for­ Nole....hmm, Marshall is right to report you rofl...­ Goodnight everybody!

    From YiannisP, on Tue 15 May 0:50
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    I'll be the first to say after Nole win his 22­ slam, OK man it's time to retire......:-)

    From Sasa, on Tue 15 May 0:38
  19. Mirka likes shopping in Rome.....

    From Sasa, on Tue 15 May 0:36
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Lilbee@ we were discusing Roger tonight, not Nole.­ It' true that Nolemhad a lack of confidence because­ of hs helth problem, which made him suffer, and not­ moving from No.3 I spent a lot of words critisisng him­ at that time, but knew it will change, when he mature. ­ Do you remember Roger with 22. 23, braking rackets,­ arguing with the refree, losing from Nabaldian­ constantly? It's all about the age, and it's­ normal. Like it's normal that Roger can not folow­ the ryithm of Rafa and Nole. But the question is is it­ a fair to play every second tournament, what ever rison­ is behind? I think I said here at least 20 times that­ Roger is GOAT, that's the fact and worth respect­ 100%, but that doesn't mean that he can play with­ the finger after winning in Paris, or making statements­ after the press at USO, and not being critisised.

    From Sasa, on Tue 15 May 0:33
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