Premier League - Cabaye's run-in with ball boy

Mon, 14 May 11:45:00 2012

Newcastle's Yohan Cabaye had a disastrous day on Sunday, making the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Yohan Cabaye Vs Ballboy

Not only was the Magpies star on the end of a drubbing at Everton which ended his team's Champions League hopes, but he also sparked fury at Goodison Park with his shocking behaviour towards a ball boy.

The midfielder was clearly frustrated as Newcastle had gone behind in the first half, and when the ball went out of play in the 25th minute he rudely snatched it from a ball boy, almost knocking him over in the process, and then appeared to raise his hand towards him in fury.

The crowd howled in disapproval at the Frenchman's actions, and referee Andre Marriner had a stern word with the player even if he somehow failed to hand out a yellow card. Cabaye did at least seek out the ball boy to apologise and give him a perfunctory hug - something which the youngster did not appear to appreciate at first, though he subsequently broke into a grin.

You'd have thought that Cabaye learned his lesson, but he had not: at the final whistle his angry words towards the Toffees' Australian star Tim Cahill sparked a fight which earned Cahill a red card for grabbing Cabaye by the throat.

Cabaye later apologised for his actions, claiming that it was "out of character" and "the result of frustration and disappointment, all in the heat of the moment."

But somehow we don't think he will be made to feel very welcome next time the Toon head back to Merseyside.

Everton 3 Newcastle 1


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  1. This so called football star should give the young lad­ 0.005% of his weekly salary as compensation, how many­ thousands would that be? Well we all know who the child­ is, following that confrontation!!!!

    From graham, on Wed 16 May 6:07
  2. Why are overgrown schoolboys who kick a ball about for­ a living deemed to be above the law .

    From bill, on Wed 16 May 1:48
  3. how can you say it was nothing, a grown man raising his­ hand to a young boy, would you still be saying that if­ it was your boy? i doubt he would of done if it was a­ man standing there instead of the ball boy and he only­ sought to make amends after the ref had a word with­ him.

    From Jason, on Wed 16 May 1:10
  4. also look at the end of the video the lad has a big­ smile on his face.

    From Andy, on Wed 16 May 0:55
  5. its not as if it was like when cantona drop kicked a­ spectator he just grabbed the ball to get on with the­ game. you's all go on about sueing him everyone is­ getting the american beliefs and will sue for any­ little thing. thats what is wrong with people these­ days.

    From Andy, on Wed 16 May 0:27
  6. How can he get away with that, how can anyone get away­ with that, the FA needs to step in and show that this­ is not allowed. The kid looks about 12 if that and he­ has every right to sue and a brilliant case it was­ caught on video. I can't believe also that Cabaye­ can think a hug makes up for it.

    From Christopher, on Tue 15 May 23:23
  7. If I was that kid I would of said FU

    From LUCY, on Tue 15 May 23:22
  8. the kid should sue

    From karen, on Tue 15 May 22:29
  9. What was a 'Touching moment' ....Er....Title­ change? to...., 'run in with ball boy ­ Yer....' After the ref told him to make amends­ once the game had finished......the player seeks the­ lad out.

    From mick, on Tue 15 May 20:45
  10. If he had treated that kid in the street like that he­ would have been banged up, he's a bully ya knobs­ and that kid should have had him done ! shame on anyone­ even millionare footballers for bullying kids !!.

    From HARRY, on Tue 15 May 18:50
  11. I'm a Man United fan and am therefore completely­ impartial. Cabaye makes mistake, Cabaye apologises -­ lets Forgive and move on !

    From Funbags, on Tue 15 May 18:41
  12. cabaye is a nice bloke, and he did apoligise, Y r all u­ hating on him.

    From Cameron, on Tue 15 May 17:55
  13. 'Touching moment with the ball boy'?? Hope he­ is not a paedo.

    From cynic, on Tue 15 May 17:15
  14. Hey muppets the man did that out of frustration and­ later apologised you petty little gays

    From Ringo, on Tue 15 May 16:24
  15. "Star's touching moment with ball boy"­ reads the headline. More like, "Overpaid bully­ has a go at defenceless kid". I'm glad my­ kids aren't into football with role models like­ this. Disgraceful actions from the­ "footballer" and bad reporting from Yahoo.

    From Scotty Diddles, on Tue 15 May 16:14
  16. Joseph, they've got more frogs than Mowbray park !

    From Cuttlefish, on Tue 15 May 16:13
  17. If that was my son who he treated so badly I would hunt­ him down. Different kettle of fish when the other­ persons bigger than you!

    From Aidan, on Tue 15 May 16:09
  18. Didnt I tell ya !! the frog is an average player who­ loses his rag when things arent going his way !!

    From Joseph, on Tue 15 May 15:50
  19. Didnt I tell ya !! the frog is an average player who­ loses his rag when things arent going his way !!

    From Joseph, on Tue 15 May 15:49
  20. What a shame the ball boy didn't do a "­ Tiote" and milked it for all it's worth .­ Cabaye would currently be on remand .

    From Cuttlefish, on Tue 15 May 15:19
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