Euro 2012 - Russia may face points deduction

Wed, 13 Jun 16:15:00 2012

Russia will be docked six points in qualifying for the next European Championship if their fans step out of line again after disturbances at their opening Euro 2012 game against the Czech Republic last Friday, UEFA said.

FOOTBALL A steward removes a flare from the pitch which was thrown by a supporter from the stands during the Group A Euro 2012 soccer match between Russia and Czech Republic at the city stadium in Wroclaw June 8, 2012 - 0

The charges against Russia's fans included setting off and throwing fireworks and the display of illicit banners at the match in Wroclaw which Dick Advocaat's team won 4-1.

Russian and Polish fans were also involved in the worst violence of the tournament around the second group game in Warsaw on Tuesday.

Police, who feared trouble at the Euro 2012 game due to uneasy relations between the two countries, detained 184 people, 156 of them Poles, 25 Russians, and three other foreign fans.

Russia, who drew 1-1 with Poland, top Group A on four points with the Czech Republic second on three.

UEFA opened another disciplinary case against the Russian FA on Wednesday following incidents inside the stadium in Tuesday's game with the Poles, but said it would not have any impact on the suspended sanction related to the Wroclaw match.

Russia again face a hearing for setting off and throwing fireworks, displaying illicit banners and the invasion of the pitch by a supporter, while the Polish Football Association will answer a charge of setting off fireworks.

"Last night's incidents do not have any impact on the probation period for the sanction imposed on the RFS following the incidents at their first match against the Czech Republic in Wroclaw. This means the six-point deduction is still currently suspended," UEFA said.

UEFA's Control and Disciplinary Body will deal with both cases on Sunday.


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  1. # 94­ Перес­ тань­ здесь­ врать­ ! Кому­ ты­ хочеш­ ь­ навеш­ ать­ лапшу­ на­ уши?­ Русск­ ие­ атако­ вали­ украи­ нцев?­ Мы­ все­ знаем­ и все­ видел­ и на­ телеэ­ крана­ х кто­ кого­ атако­ вал.­ Прекр­ ати­ вводи­ ть в­ заблу­ ждени­ е­ иност­ ранце­ в!­ Поиме­ йте­ совес­ ть­ нак&

    From Oleg, on Fri 15 Jun 14:42
  2. God people need to grow up and stop being a bunch of­ toddlers! Just take it on the chin and move along!

    From , on Thu 14 Jun 20:24
  3. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    All the teams are fearing England, they all know they­ dont have a chance so they play up like a baby having a­ tantrum, England will riegn Champions of Europe

    From Simon, on Thu 14 Jun 16:31
  4. I did post something about how fab the Poles that­ I've had the honour to share a brew with, as well. ­ But, it didn;t come out, WHY???!!!

    From borgduck, on Thu 14 Jun 16:22
  5. "Sarah-Jane" you shame the name of the Doctor­ Who character, & the late actress who played her! ­ Just like hooligans disgrace their teams! You've­ REALLY hit a nerve with me!!!!!

    From borgduck, on Thu 14 Jun 16:16
  6. Anna, I've shared vodka (& I HATE vodka!) with­ Russian tourists in my age group, whilst I was on a day­ out in Londons Camden Town. They were fab, & one­ of them told me I was her friend even though I'd­ just met them. So, don't spout garbage like that­ out!!!

    From borgduck, on Thu 14 Jun 16:02
  7. @88. Thank you very much for your post Simon. I am­ "international" (as some of my friends joke)­ myself having English, Scottish, Italians, French,­ Jews, Russians, Ukranians, Poles and Lithuanians in my­ family (God, what does it make my daughter?). My­ mother-in-law being half-scottish and half Italian was­ born and grew up in Iran where her father worked for a­ British company. Then they moved to Africa. My­ father-in-law is English but he was born in South­ America and lived all his childhood in Switzeland. My­ Ukranian grandmother was forced by the Soviet­ government to leave her home and work against her will­ in Kazachstan. She met her Russian husband there, who­ just like her became a victim of the Soviet regime.­ Well, I can go on for hours... What I want to say is­ that there are time when I feel ashamed of my Russian,­ Ukranian or Plish heritage, and there are times when I­ am ashamed to say that I am British. My mother-in-law­ said that after visiting Italy once she decided to keep­ quite about her Italian anscestors... I constantly find­ myself defending one of the countries that are am close­ to. I feel hurt when I am in position of choosing one­ or the other. All countries and all cultures have bad­ and good things about them. We just ahve to learn to­ respect each other.

    From Ellie, on Thu 14 Jun 15:40
  8. Why not deduct 3 points now?

    From Mike Wheeler, on Thu 14 Jun 15:34
  9. 96 If they kick out evrry team whose fans caused­ trouble there won't be anyone to play in the­ tournament

    From Ellie, on Thu 14 Jun 15:24
  10. i want russia to win so far, because they are the only­ team where all the players sang their national anthem.

    From Clive, on Thu 14 Jun 14:54
  11. Hope you're happy mr blatter ...your greed- induced­ decision to give russia the world cup could lead to­ blood on your hands!i

    From KIERAN, on Thu 14 Jun 14:50
  12. Media around Europe talk about it as if it only­ happened in Poland. 2006 World Cup in Germany: over 100­ German thugs attacked 10 Polish football fans. Things­ like that happen all the time but they are looked at­ differently depending on whcih country they happen in.­ The question is: why do they happen at all? This is the­ main reason why I hate sport, it divides people instead­ of bringing them together.

    From Marcin, on Thu 14 Jun 13:20
  13. UEFA should be careful....docking points will not ease­ any tensions - and Lord Putin will most certainly take­ a very dim view....

    From wiktoria, on Thu 14 Jun 12:51
  14. 'savage by nature' Anna? I've lived and­ worked in Russia and can assure you that Russians are­ naything but. Some Russians are deeply unpleasant­ nationalist racists but the same can be said of any­ country including the UK. Putin may not be to­ everyone's taste and I understand why but the UK­ country is run by a dishonest posho whose policies are­ designed to make himself and his friends richer. You­ can't judge the people of a country by the actions­ of its leader or by the fact that some of its people­ are unpleasant. That's called racism Anna and­ there's enough of that on these message boards­ already.

    From steve c, on Thu 14 Jun 12:50
  15. @98 Anna: be careful what u try to sell by making your­ comment full of hatred and poison - worse than a snake.­ No wonder that some of our polish compatriots -­ nationalists exposed their disgraceful behaviour with­ regards to innocent people visiting your country as­ guests for sport event which has nothing to do with­ politics. Bring your brains in order and think twice­ before you open your mouth, woman.

    From Colm, on Thu 14 Jun 12:17
  16. how strange, was talking about this the other day, if­ the Russians cant respect Poland and other supporters­ they should be thrown out of the euro s, that would­ make them think, plus a group of Russians started­ attacking Ukrainians in lviv when they won there first­ match,i don't understand this, its a shame i think­ this team is really good, (i think a outsider is going­ to win this, As for the polish president letting the­ Russian fans march on their soil was wrong, i can­ understand what he was tying to do, it was never going­ to work,this plane crash was very strange ,im sorry I­ don't trust putin, also there are Russian people­ that want him out of power,i was sad the Dutch lost,­ but pleased Portugal won,they are lovely people my­ cousin in lviv saw them yesterday dancing and playing­ music at the train station, bless them , come on­ England you can do this.

    From ukraine, on Thu 14 Jun 12:06
  17. Poland vs Russia and there was trouble, I'm­ shocked, suprised nay stunned. How could this happen. ­ I feel sorry for the poor chap's at UEFA, they must­ be the most shocked of all.

    From , on Thu 14 Jun 12:03
  18. Send the wannabe thugs over here, where our boys in­ blue will no doubt give them a stiff talking to.­ Oopps, they already live over here! That's why they­ rioted, they forgot they weren't in the UK where­ the police just look-on! At least the polish police­ dealt with them accordingly. I can only imagine the­ human rights that would have been violated had the­ little darlings been dealt with in such an efficient­ manner whilst here!

    From Levent Nimet, on Thu 14 Jun 11:58
  19. Be swift + severe kickout poland & russia now, not­ wait till the world cup qualifying rounds. fifa­ stand up now so all football nations see exactly what­ will happen. it doesnt matter that poland are­ co-hosts make a stance............rex

    From rex, on Thu 14 Jun 11:19
  20. Quickest way to show punishment is to kick them out­ ........ Now ........ would send a message to all­ other nations playing in euro 2012 that the punishment­ is swift + severe not to wait till the world cup­ qualifying rounds, thats like an ostrich burying his­ head in the sand. ............... Kick them out now­ ...........................rex

    From rex, on Thu 14 Jun 10:44
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