Haye's iPhone app takes rivalry to new level

Wed, 15 Jun 14:56:00 2011

David Haye has ramped up the hype for his forthcoming heavyweight title fight with Wladimir Klitschko in Hamburg on July 3 by releasing an iPhone app that allows users to knock the head off his Ukrainian opponent.

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The two have rarely seen eye-to-eye since Haye wore a T-Shirt depicting the decapitation of Klitschko and his brother Vitali ahead of a planned bout in 2009.

"He was daring me (to wear the T-shirt) – but this has gone one better," Haye told The Guardian.

"That T-shirt was two years old, the new thing is these iPhone apps and this is selling really good, it's in the top 30 apps of about half a million. So people want to see a big guy get his head punched off.

"Everyone is seeing how quickly they can knock out this big guy. It takes skill and dedication to take the head off – it took me a little while.

"I know I'm the little guy in the fight, I'm used to being the little guy in the fight, but this is me showing the world you can beat these giants. I've proved it before. I fought a guy that Wladimir and Vitali didn't fight – Nikolai Valuev. It took me going over to Germany to beat this guy and get this WBA title."

Haye helped promote the iPhone app by posing with a poster which shows him taking Klitschko's head off with one punch.

However, the British WBA champion also said that he’s seen a different side to the Ukrainian, who holds the IBF and WBO belts in the promotion of the contest.

"One thing I’ve noticed about Wladimir is that he’s doing a lot more than he usually does,” the 30-year-old told Reuters.

“Normally, he is the most uninteresting person you could think of. But this time he’s actually been quite funny. He must have had some personality lessons or whatever to change the image. He’s very concerned what people think about him and he wants everybody to like him."

Haye insisted, however, that Klitschko’s personality would count for nothing when the pair step inside the ring.

“I don‘t care less about all that. I don’t need to promote the fight because it sells itself and everybody knows who I am, the WBA champion. I just want to make sure I am ready to knock his head off.”

Haye’s trainer Adam Booth insists the fight represents the biggest test of either boxer to date.

"David's never boxed or sparred with anyone as dangerous as Wladimir Klitschko, it will have to be the performance of David's life," Booth told the BBC.

"But it's the same the other way round as well - Wladimir Klitschko has not boxed anyone as dangerous as David will be.”

Eurosport / Reuters

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