Olympics and Olympic Sports - 60 seconds with Daniel Keatings

Wed, 07 Oct 14:28:00 2009

We spent 60 seconds with London 2012 gymnastics hopeful Daniel Keatings and learned about the fashion limitations of life in the Olympic village.

Daniel Keatings Team GB gymnastics - 0

What is your earliest sporting memory?

Probably watching the gymnastics at the Olympics in 1996 when I was six years old.

What is the best freebie you've ever blagged?

I got free tickets to see Arsenal play Villarreal in the Champions League which was fantastic. I'm actually a Liverpool fan but I just enjoy watching football in general.

If you had your mates over for dinner - what would you cook?

I'm not very good at cooking but I've just learnt how to make steak and chips using all proper ingredients. I make the peppercorn sauce myself!

What sort of music is on your Ipod?

I have a wide range of stuff. I like R & B, a little bit of hip-hop, indie music and some dance.

Who or what really grinds your gears?

Ignorance - it really frustrates me when people are ignorant.

What is the worst place you have ever visited?

I had no problem with the place itself, but I went on a training camp to Israel and the gym wasn't the best - we ended up leaving and going home.

If you hadn't been a gymnast what would you have been?

Probably a kickboxer or a boxer. My dad was a kickboxer. I actually took up gymnastics to loosen myself up for kickboxing but just ended up sticking with it.

What song would you sing at karaoke?

I've never been to karaoke but if I did go I'd probably sing an Oasis song.

Who are your sporting heroes?

Muhammad Ali and in gymnastics a Russian called Alexei Nemov

What was the first album you ever bought?

I'm not quite sure - I really can't remember.

What was the best and worst thing about being in the Olympic village?

The best thing was just being around all the athletes. I got to see some of the big names in tennis and football hanging around. The worst thing was the fact that you could only wear certain types of clothes. You always had to be wearing the Team GB gear.

What would you tell somebody to do if they had to spend a day in your home town (Corby, Northamptonshire)?

Corby is getting built up quite nicely at the moment, we have just had an Olympic size swimming pool built so they could go there, but the town centre has just been done up too so I might just tell them to go there and do some shopping.

Daniel Keatings used Maximuscle Thermobol to ensure that he remained in great shape in the lead up to the Artistic Gymnastic World Championships at the O2 Arena October 13-17.


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