The Dugout - 60 seconds with Harry Redknapp

Wed, 16 Feb 09:01:00 2011

The Tottenham boss takes a bit more than a minute to talk about the Busby Babes, Canvey Island and his love of rap music.

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Every week we will exclusively interview a different League Managers' Association member and share with you their philosophies and approach to the game, while also looking ahead to their big upcoming fixture.

This week we spoke to Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp. On Monday he successfully predicted Tottenham's success against AC Milan, while on Tuesday he answered your questions - including revealing his best-ever transfer bargains and why he thinks Lionel Messi is worth £500 million.

In this final video interview, Harry answers our regular collection of '60 seconds' questions.

Harry Redknapp was speaking to Yahoo!’s ‘In the Dugout' through its partnership with the League Managers Association

Redknapp 60 seconds