Stoner says MotoGP is going backwards

Thu, 17 May 18:30:10 2012

Casey Stoner believes MotoGP is 'going backwards' in moving away from being a prototype-only championship, after saying the series no longer holds his interest.

After announcing his plans for retirement at the end of this season, Stoner explained that there were a number of factors that had dimmed his passion for the category - one of which included the future direction of the sport.

"It is not starting again from the beginning, it is going backwards," said Stoner, referring to the arrival of the production-based CRTs and consideration given to a more production-based future.

"For me it is not the championship I fell in love in. It is not the championship I always wanted to race in and, except for my competitors around me, they are the only ones who give respect for each other.

"Nobody else has enough respect for the people that do their jobs, working at the teams, working in the trucks, and putting this show on every week. It is not easy.

"There are many, many different reasons but it is basically me losing my patience with the racing and my enjoyment of this sport. For sure I am going to enjoy this year but if I continue [beyond that] it will be a mistake on my half. It would not be correct to Honda and everyone at the team if I did not give 110 per cent."

Stoner also hit out of the way the media had been so critical of the racing recently and reckons that such a stance will only serve to hurt its chances of recovering.

"My passion has slowly ebbed away from this championship," said the Australian, who also expressed frustration at the cynicism that greeted his lactose intolerance problems that kept him away from some races in 2009.

"You yourselves, the media, have not exactly been friendly to this championship and criticised me many times, especially recently.

"[But] people don't realise that everybody is bringing it down themselves, they are saying the racing is boring, that is boring but if you go back some years you will find the same number of races that were close or not.

"I think people just need to appreciate what they have in front of them, and I think everybody in this room needs to realise what sort of championship they have, before it is gone.

"I think it will be really nice to see some fantastic racing again at the front. But, with only a few factory bikes out there, it is not going to happen soon.

"There needs to be more high quality bikes out there so people like Randy [de Puniet] can run where he deserves to be and not so far behind 12th position. There is no way for them to get anywhere near the factory bikes."

Speaking about his lactose intolerance situation, Stoner said: "Everyone still to this day says it was a mystery illness the fact that no one understands that I have a lactose intolerance, that is really critical to me."


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  1. You still can't beat the days of Gilera, MV,­ Hailwood, Read, Max Doebel etc for the sounds and­ excitement.

    From T, on Mon 21 May 10:45
  2. im a rossiite but we want stoner and more like him­ into this sport

    From Dan, on Sat 19 May 13:17
  3. He is absolutely right... respect to his decisions, but­ sad to see him go so early. But he is right, every rule­ change for the last 6-7 years has brought the sport to­ the worse! There has been a hell of a championship in­ 2006, a real dramatic year with 8 different winners,­ and then a real downslide for the sport. I hope this­ changes soon. He is also right that many more fantastic­ riders were lost because they didn't have their­ chances on a factory or equally competitive bike. I­ think that on the past 7 years there has been only one­ race (last year) where we watched more than 2 riders­ fight for the 1st position until the end. SAD... SAD...­ I miss the late '90s WSB races.

    From John, on Sat 19 May 10:32
  4. Bear... have a little sit down and a nice cup of tea...­ really helps one to calm down... Much love

    From specialsparky, on Fri 18 May 17:23
  5. Alex, your are just a gobshite, shut the feck up

    From the bear, on Fri 18 May 16:35
  6. Hi all, I don't pretend to be an expert but we all­ want to see a fair and close competition without­ seasons with one or two riders given a massive­ advantage due to a new design and we all accept the­ need to cut costs... So isn't it plainly the­ solution to put riders on a standard bike? Obviously­ suspension/gears/tyre choice etc would still be­ something for individuals. Imagine a season with circa­ 10 different riders getting on a podium instead of the­ same 3 every week unless there is a crash...

    From Stephen, on Fri 18 May 15:36
  7. Not as exciting as it used to be by a long way, Moto GP­ is getting Dull. Stoner has made his money and­ with a family he is doing what he does in his races...­ Shots off in front.. he cannot race, yes he can put in­ fast laps, but he hates to race and battle close..But­ with the Honda and the Honda Traction control he can­ get away as we see......... Pity he is­ ''winging out - he is a benchmark no disputing­ that... but hard to adhere to the guy.

    From TORY 123, on Fri 18 May 12:45
  8. What is it with bring back the strokers,i personally­ found the 2Ts boring all sounding the same does no one­ remember the days before I suppose I am lucky enough­ to remember the 50s 60s 70s and so on, the days when a­ rider thanked his lucky stars he was still alive at the­ end of the season they would race in probably 2 classes­ in a day we had 50s 250s 350s 500s the prototypes such­ as the Guzzi V8 and the Honda 250 6 cyl with the bendy­ frame sounded orgasmic with Hailwood wrestling it­ around Mallory getting it sideways Stoner isnt the­ first and only guy to have done it getting a bike­ sideways Garry McCoy was awesome until he screwed­ himself up those days have gone not because the skills­ arenít there but the money has gone, if we all went out­ bought a new car and a couple of bikes then the­ manufactures may have the money to inject into the­ teams thatís not going to happen we are all feeling the­ pinch so why not the Motogp teams As for the riders­ they made contact with the fans you could talk to them­ relate to them they were like us Sheene the wild boy of­ the paddock was a lad we could all relate to he brought­ life into the race scene little Bill Ivy, Hailwood,­ Read then came the lads from the USA they were all­ approachable unfortunately certain riders today cant­ do that thatís why the fans give them grief never have­ I heard any rider being booed at Donnington or any­ other track in the world but the uk fans did to one­ Aussi that was unforgivable not matter how much you­ dislike a guy give him respect for what he did or can­ do

    From JOHN A, on Fri 18 May 10:55
  9. Shame such a huge name is leaving the sport in this­ way. I would rather he stay and contribute to changes­ in MotoGP that he wants to see. Unfortunately, the­ series is a show, and not necessarily a championship­ where all the riders present are the very best riders­ in the world. Ant West's interview in a recent­ edition of Racer summed it up pretty well. Don't­ discount a comeback in a year or two when he realises­ he misses the racing and wants another world title.­ Respect for his talent will be enduring, but he leaves­ a legacy where he is not widely liked, rightly or­ wrongly.

    From Matt O, on Fri 18 May 10:47
  10. I'm sorry to see Casey go,ok me whinges &­ complaines about everything but he's an outstanding­ talent & his views on the CRT bikes are correct.I­ knew the class would die once the strokers went,the­ deisels are way too expensive to produce & the­ electronics packages are the only way teams can get an­ advantage over each other now as engine tuning is­ immposible by the mechanics,sorry,technicians.I can see­ a totaly production based series with no limit on­ engine tuning or chasis & the outlawing of all­ rider aids being the only way forward.This class has­ been dying for years now with more & more factories­ dropping out,if it was a horse it'd have been shot­ long ago.The complete control of the series by Dorna­ & the Spanish federation also has alot to answer­ for,with each class slowly morphing into a gloryfied­ Spanish championship,they have 3 rounds fer­ christsake,this has got to be addressed too or the­ other classes will follow the same route as Moto 1.

    From Red Ged., on Fri 18 May 9:58
  11. bye bye Stoner! You will not be missed! For those who­ claim he is better than Rossi, come back when he has­ won 9 championships ...

    From Kristof, on Fri 18 May 8:08
  12. Interesting, will it change anything, i mean does he­ capable to change or just moan and leave? I dont see­ proposals.

    From Tom, on Fri 18 May 6:26
  13. Casey Stoner you are a legend in your own right, you­ are the Best of the best and I agree that the media and­ many non supporters are the reason for the sports loss,­ they have done nothing but critisise from day one,­ especially when you were ill, the problem is they all­ knew and know that you are the real deal, you are­ unbelievable to watch, you win races, and you have­ always acknowleged that, with the help of your team, I­ have never enjoyed the sport so much untill you came on­ board, and boy oh boy did you do turn heads, you made­ them all sit up and take notice, just remeber Casey,­ there are a lot of us out there that 110% support you,­ and always will, in what ever you choose to do, you are­ an inspiration! But it will be a great loss for sure. ­ You Will Be Missed, Greatly!

    From Sally, on Fri 18 May 4:15
  14. Michael F I don't quite agree in my memory 500cc­ were the real deal before Rossi arrived. No matter how­ great Rossi has been (I still remember his first season­ in 125cc what a rider !!) Rainey, Schwantz, Gardner and­ Doohan were ultra popular and Superbike never ever ever­ got any close. Fogarty was never a star outside of­ Great Britain. As Doohan put it once: Wayne Rainey­ (before his accident) could have won the Superbike­ series with an arm tied in his back...

    From Olivier, on Fri 18 May 0:41
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    What a legend!

    From Callum, on Fri 18 May 0:27
  16. bring back the 500's,bring em back now

    From K8Jim, on Thu 17 May 22:01
  17. The problem with the CRT bikes is that there are no­ alternatives. Honda scaled down their operation, Yamaha­ only have four bikes out there now, Suzuki is gone­ along with Kawasaki and Kenny Roberts and the only­ other factory bike out there is the Ducati and we all­ know the story about those. Without the CRT bikes we­ would have 14 bikes on the grid. The real problem is,­ the organisers just couldn't leave the flaming­ thing alone. First 990, then reducing to 800, now back­ up to 1000 and allowing CRT teams in. Every rule change­ incurs great expense for the factories and teams­ involved, which helps no one. Whether you love Rossi­ or hate him, he single handedly dragged the sport to­ the hights it enjoys today. Before he came alone,­ spectator numbers were down, television audiences were­ low, people just were not interested in Grand Prix,­ World superbikes were riding a wave of popularity.­ Rossi came along at the right time and coupled to­ Foggy's demise made MotoGp the number one series­ again. With Stoner going and Rossi coming to the end of­ his glorious career, it is CRT or bust.

    From Michael, on Thu 17 May 21:25
  18. Moan Moan Moan again, MotoGP was great till he arrived,­ brilliant news

    From A, on Thu 17 May 20:36
  19. I am old enough to recognize fascism. We live in an era­ of GREEN fascism, creating an obsession that led to the­ demise of the two-stroke engine, and then the sharks­ turned a moderately extravagant sport into another­ thing touched (therefore spoiled) by the Bernies of the­ world. Then when everything got totally unsustainable,­ the "DEMOCRATIC" move of lowering (what a­ joke!) costs with the CRT.. Watch them and read­ history, one can see and hear hitlers and gobbelses..­ They are not true believers, they do not oppose waste­ (as we all should), they want power, they want to run­ things, us meekly included.. Sad!

    From Andrei Badescu, on Thu 17 May 20:07
  20. Completely agree with CS - and have to admire him for­ sticking to his principles. Unless there are more­ factory prototypes out thee then even the best rider­ will languish if not on one of those bikes (witness­ melandri, de puniet, to name just a couple). If marquez­ and iannone come through then maybe if they are on­ factory equipment there might be some excitement but­ frankly motogp as a spectacle is just about dead and­ buried. They have to combine the series with sbk (which­ I believe has always been the endgame) as that is now­ where the racing comparable to what we used to see in­ the 500cc heydays resides. Motogp RIP.......

    From W R A, on Thu 17 May 19:48
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