Hendon: Like father, like son

Eurosport - Tue, 16 Feb 10:26:00 2010

Eurosport snooker analyst Dave Hendon assesses the difficulties of following in the footsteps of a famous snooker dad.

Stephen Hendry - 0

It's very hard to follow in the footsteps of a famous parent.

Yes, it can bring advantages but the offspring will forever be compared to the father or mother and their own achievements will rarely be taken in isolation.

This week at Prestatyn, the sons of both Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry - the two most successful players of the modern era - are taking part in the Pontin's junior festival.

Greg Davis has entered the 15-20 age group event while Blaine Hendry (pictured with his parents as a young boy) competes in the 14 and unders.

It was inevitable given their upbringing that these two boys would become interested in snooker.

It would, of course, ask a lot for them - or anyone else for that matter - to emulate the careers of their fathers.

But their fledgling careers will doubtless provide moments of excitement for Steve and Stephen, who both had fathers committed to helping them on their way.

Bill Davis was for many years a permanent fixture at tournaments with his large cigar and amiable manner.

Gordon Hendry similarly shared the twists and turns of his own son's amazing career.

They were there before TV and fame and money, driving their sons to tournaments and equipping them with the tools to become top players.

The focus on young Davis and Hendry will be greater because of their lineage and this could lead to unfavourable comparisons through no fault of their own.

But they are at an age where they should just enjoy playing snooker - and leave the worrying to their dads.


Stephen Lee has spoken about his arrest yesterday as part of a police probe into match fixing.

Talking to his local paper, the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald, Lee said: "I got home really late last night. I will say that I was treated really badly yesterday, so I'm still in a bit of shock.''

Paul Mount of On Q Promotions, Lee's management group, said in a statement: "Stephen co-operated fully with the police inquiry and was released without charge. He does not expect any charge to be made and denies any involvement with cheating or betting irregularities.

"Stephen is now concentrating on practising hard to achieve qualification for the World Championship and to fulfil all of his exhibition commitments."

Lee is due to play in the Pro Challenge Series event at Liverpool next Tuesday and in the final qualifying round of the World Championship next month.

Dave Hendon / Eurosport

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