Champions League - Team of the Week: Chelsea's case for the defence

Thu, 19 Apr 07:48:00 2012

With Chelsea staging a staunch rearguard performance to frustrate Barcelona, it comes as no surprise to see the Blues providing most of the backbone for our Champions League Team of the Week, as selected via our expert and user matchcast ratings.

2011-12 Champions League Chelsea John Terry - 0

Formation (4-1-3-2)

GK: Petr Cech (Chelsea) - Expert 8, Users 7.8 - Made two vital saves, countless interceptions and marshalled the defence superbly as Chelsea mounted a rearguard action.

RB: Philipp Lahm (Bayern Munich) - Expert 8, Users 7 - The Bayern skipper was superb, silencing Ronaldo and co. and putting in some mighty crosses, including the assist for Bayern's winner.

CB: Gary Cahill (Chelsea) - Expert 7, Users 6.8 - The former Bolton man deserves some of the credit for keeping Lionel Messi quiet - no mean feat by anyone's standards.

CB: John Terry (Chelsea) - Expert 7, Users 6.9 - The driver, if you like, of the 'parked bus'. Terry loves these battles and he led by example with several timely tackles.

LB: Ashley Cole (Chelsea) - Expert 7, Users 7 - Denied Cesc Fabregas on the line - one of Barca's 24 failed attempts at goal - in a heroic defensive performance by Chelsea.

CM: Frank Lampard (Chelsea) - Expert 7, Users 7.1 - Had a hand in Drogba's goal by releasing Ramires and put in an consummate all-round display.

AMR: Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) - Expert 7, Users 7 - Okay, so the Frenchman played up top in Munich, but we had to shoehorn him in somewhere after a quality display, despite ultimate defeat for his team.

AMC: Ramires (Chelsea) - Expert 7, Users 6.9 - One of five centrally-minded Chelsea midfield players, the Brazilian got forward well to set up Drogba's goal.

AML: Franck Ribery (Bayern Munich) - Expert 7, Users 7.3 - Forgetting about a touch of playacting, the Frenchman got Bayern on their way against Madrid and put in an excellent display throughout.

FW: Didier Drogba (Chelsea) - Expert 7, Users 7.8 - Put himself about brilliantly, a blast from the past in every way as he looked to bully Barca's defence in the air, while delaying play with his usual grass-based theatrics.

FW: Mario Gomez (Bayern Munich) - Expert 7, Users 7 - Missed a host of chances before he finally made his mark on the game with a late winner that was a triumph for persistence.

Champions League : Chelsea


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  1. what a load of rubbish bets 2 teams in the world and­ just coz they lost barely any players on it my team­ cech lahm terry puyol cole lampard xavi ribery messi­ droba gomez corinithans fan

    From Devon Smith, on Fri 20 Apr 14:43
  2. It would be awesome if Barca was winning 2-0 at Camp­ Nou and on the 90th minute Torres scores a late goal to­ knock Barca out of the Champions League. Good Luck­ Chelsea, Arsenal Fan!!

    From Seth Lewis, on Fri 20 Apr 13:25
  3. I will like to see the hungry lion Torres in CAMP NOU.i­ hope he can also make barca suck again.

    From Honda, on Fri 20 Apr 10:39
  4. yes Chelsea did very well am so happy with my club and­ God is with us

    From , on Thu 19 Apr 22:14
  5. Barcelona is a disgrace and hopefully will drop off­ the­ face of the earth forever! up Chelsea

    From , on Thu 19 Apr 22:12
  6. Just wish both teams would play and stop rolling on the­ floor.. Barca and Chelsea...

    From Brainbeats, on Thu 19 Apr 21:20
  7. mgdala how dumb can you be, do u really really watch­ football or the name. Mikel's role is to stop messi­ last night and I believe 90% of time he did. However­ Lamps who was suppose to provide attacking support to­ drogba and co was found wanting except the pass that­ led to the goal. Lampard couldnt even defend adriano­ last night. The dude whistle pass him and if not for­ cech it wouls have been a goal. Mate you are a novice­ when it comes to match analysis. You really need to­ back up your claim before u speak. by the way have u­ seen essien of late, he is as slow as my grandpa, the­ only thing he is good for his passing the football. He­ hasnt really worked on his speed since he got back from­ his injury. And his tackling his has good as­ bramble's. I am a blue blood i follow my team to­ the end so dont talk ish if u dont no ish mate. At­ wembley and at bridge mikel deserves a spot but I guess­ scoring a goal and being english matters to eurosport­ than other part of the game.

    From anthony, on Thu 19 Apr 16:48
  8. well done chelsea but its only half time. they will­ need the same dogged determination and yes the same bit­ of luck to go through. as for some people saying barca­ are boring to watch i just can't understand that,­ would watch them before any prem league team. good luck­ next match chelsea and for gods sake drogba try to stay­ on your feet everybody is laughing at you.

    From MANUFA, on Thu 19 Apr 13:43
  9. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Dogba is a f***ing disgrace, if he thinks the 2009­ match was a f***ing disgrace, then he should watch his­ performance last night, that is a f***ing disgrace,­ diving all over the pitch and faking injuries as if he­ watched the dive maria and gaynaldo diving dvd­ collection. Seriously, dogba is bigger than any Barca­ player and still was falling to the ground like a­ little girl. And you losers have the guts to call Barca­ divers, there is no bigger divers than gaynaldo, dive­ maria, dogba. Anyways cheatsea got lucky with their­ anti-football, but come in Camp Nou, they will lose­ big, because parking the bus will not help them there,­ not in Camp Nou where goals fly into the opposing net.­ Visca Barca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Barcelona Dream Team #2, on Thu 19 Apr 13:21
  10. I may be a United fan but was not happy with the way­ Barca went past Milan so I congratulate Chelsea and­ call on them to pack even more passes at Nou Camp.­ These Barca dwarfs have to learn that it is goals not­ possession that wins matches

    From Andrew, on Thu 19 Apr 12:44
  11. I have always said it that modern football is not only­ about ball possesion, but how well you defend and­ counter-attack. Barca may be ball jogglers but Chelsea­ did their homework very well. If you had watched­ Arsenal/Wigan match you know that Arsenal held almost­ 65% possesion throught the match but Wigan had a good­ defence and counter attack team that is why they won.­ So anybody trying to write off Chelsea in return leg­ must be very careful...........CHYKE

    From chike, on Thu 19 Apr 12:14
  12. This is tactics at its best the fear of the Drog will­ cast another spell at camp Nuo! we shall call on speed­ general Torres to use his clip feet to plague Barca!

    From Rosh, on Thu 19 Apr 12:09
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Anthony, you don`t really know how to watch football­ games, Lampard and Mikel, Lampard perfomance was­ excellent. Mikel was like a mishap to that selection.­ His inability and lack of response compelled Barca to­ launch their attack through the midfeild instead of­ their usual Alves strategy. Where is Essien?

    From Mgdada, on Thu 19 Apr 11:55
  14. You gotta to say angels were on chelsea's shoulder­ last night, how barca didnt score baffled me, this will­ play on their mind at the nou and trust me they will be­ anxious and if di matteo want to really win that match­ dont use drogba at least in the 1st half at nou cos the­ ref will find away to send him off or his theatric­ might lose the game for chelsea. Its a bigger pitch­ favouring faster and speedier counter, torres is the­ best fit. No one believes this but he is as strong as­ drogba . if u dont go ask vidic he will tell u. He­ cause havoc to barca all night and he is faster and­ more skillful with the ball than drogba. He can run at­ same speed as ramires who is i believe fastest breaker­ in the game at the moment. Do not use 5 midfielder like­ las night and please kalou is a shyte of a player what­ is di matteo's love with this dude. He was useless­ last night in fact 2 of his errors almost led to goals.­ DIMATEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO­ OOOOOO MATE STOP USING KALOU AND TELL DROG TO QUITE­ ACTING LIKE A SISSY N HOLDING HIS BALLS

    From anthony, on Thu 19 Apr 11:55
  15. yes i thoght Alaba was fantastic for bayern he killed­ ronaldo of the game he was probably man of the match­ for me in that match. He was superfast at breasking and­ he made arbeloa not to even come out at all.And I­ thought last night anyone who truly watched that match­ will say mikel should be there not lampard. Lamps was­ practically giving ball away except that pass to­ ramires. Eurosport enough about favouring english­ players. Mikel was quite underrated at the moment. He­ is playing that makalele role quite effectively. Shut­ modric game up in wembley and man marked messi with­ meireles last night. So explain why they are not there.­ And please feel free to thumbs down if you really dont­ watch football but the name/origin of the player.

    From anthony, on Thu 19 Apr 11:43
  16. it could seem weird but all these discussions about the­ match, the art of defense, the possession of barcelona­ which maybe deserved to win made me think and reminded­ me when i was 14 and i was used to play mario kart on­ nintendo 64 against my brother.. i was really skilled­ and always dominated the race keeping the first­ position but at the last turn in final lap he always­ got the star or the thunder and he made it cutting­ first the finishing line!! I was angry and always­ complain saying him he was not good and not skilled to­ play like me but every time he replied me (and this­ made me much more enraged) with one statement­ "look at the screen.. it says me first and you­ second.. you lost!!". I tried to give me some­ explanations but i arrived at the conclusion that the­ strongest or the most beautiful to see while playing it­ is not who plays better but who arrives first and that­ is who remains in history and in statistics. And in my­ funny history mario kart sayed that my brother won more­ times than me!!

    From Alex, on Thu 19 Apr 11:40
  17. Is it not time Barca commence kicking the round object­ hard, real football is not love affair and so much­ cuddling of the ball designates how boring real romance­ can be.

    From Mgdada, on Thu 19 Apr 11:39
  18. What about david alaba? The guy who silent c. Ronaldo.

    From Tam, on Thu 19 Apr 11:38
  19. I think Chelsea has been the most serious opponent of­ Barca in Europe for years, Blues made 6 matches in row­ without loosing against them, they found the key­ against their style of football, and it can work in Nou­ Camp. C'mon Blues!

    From kroy04, on Thu 19 Apr 11:29
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Was looking forward to total football, ended up being­ total drivel. Drogba being a big cry baby and a team­ sitting in their own half 95% of the game.

    From Robert, on Thu 19 Apr 11:20
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