Premier League - Premier League Greatest XI: No.10s

Mon, 18 Jul 13:12:00 2011

Our summer series giving you the chance to vote for the greatest team in Premier League history continues with the No.10s.

Premier League - Greatest XI: No.10s

Next season will be the 20th in Premier League history and over the summer we will be compiling the best XI to grace the top-flight since the competition's inception in 1992.

Each week we will provide a shortlist of players and you can vote for your favourite in the Eurosport-Yahoo! online poll or on the Eurosport Facebook page - web users can click on the link on the right to vote.

Each Thursday our panel of experts will make their decision - their votes count for 50 per cent - while the poll votes will also count for 50 per cent as well and in true reality television style, you - the fans - hold the tie-breaker.

Last week, Ryan Giggs was unsurprisingly voted in at left midfield, so now we move on to the forward line.

On Friday we will announce the final result and post the best user comments left on the Eurosport-Yahoo! website, the Eurosport mobile app and the Eurosport Facebook page.


Arsenal's capture of the Dutch forward from Internazionale in 1995 was an epochal signing for the club, and indeed English football. A magician with the ball, Bergkamp's peak came in the 1997-98 season as he helped Arsenal secure the Double with a string of remarkable goals. However, it was his wonderful work as a support striker, first to Ian Wright and then to Thierry Henry, that defined him. With a unique ability to open up a defence and find space where previously there was none, this rare talent was a master of the art of assisting, and was the conduit through which Arsene Wenger established Arsenal's distinctive style of play in what was the club's greatest era.

Appearances: 315

Titles: 1997-98, 2001-02, 2003-04

PFA Player of the Year: 1997-98

Footballer of the Year: 1997-98

PFA Team of the Year: 1997-98

English Football Hall of Fame: Inducted 2007


Before Bergkamp, there was Cantona. A colossus of the early years of the Premier League, the Frenchman, controversially signed from rivals Leeds, commands a prominent place in the modern fabric of Manchester United. Cantona was a wonderful, intuitive player whose genius helped establish United as the foremost force in English football, while his abject refusal to conform to various forms of authority and his enigmatic personality off the pitch ensured he became a mythic hero for United fans. That infamous attack on a Crystal Palace supporter was pure Cantona: instinctive, unapologetic, thrilling and, above all, unforgettable.

Appearances: 156

Titles: 1992-93, 1993-94, 1995-96, 1996-97

PFA Player of the Year: 1993-94

Footballer of the Year: 1995-96

PFA Team of the Year: 1993-94

English Football Hall of Fame: Inducted 2002


From the moment the ball left his right boot and seared past David Seaman on October 19, 2002, it was clear Rooney was destined to make headlines. Arguably the greatest English talent since Paul Gascoigne, the forward is likewise a magnet for press attention although his ability on the pitch remains beyond question. His robust frame, perceptive vision and clever movement make him one of the most dangerous forwards in the modern game and he is building an impressive portfolio of spectacular goals. Rooney has been a key figure in United's recent dominance of the Premier League.

Appearances: 284 (still active)

Titles: 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2010-11

PFA Player of the Year: 2009-10

Footballer of the Year: 2009-10

PFA Young Player of the Year: 2004-05, 2005-06

PFA Team of the Year: 2005-06, 2009-10


Sheringham's Premier League career remarkably extended into his 41st year, but the man known as Edward to Brian Clough was well accustomed to the long passage of time. After all, the forward won nothing in the first 15 years of his career before suddenly collecting three major trophies in the space of ten days as a member of Manchester United's Treble-winning side. Purchased as a replacement for Cantona, his guile and tenacity saw him become an important figure at Old Trafford before he returned to Tottenham for a second spell in 2001. Sheringham was at his best when playing off an out-and-out striker, allowing him to showcase his intelligence.

Appearances: 419

Titles: 1998-99, 1999-2000, 2000-01

PFA Team of the Year: 2000-01

English Football Hall of Fame: Inducted 2009


When Roman Abramovich arrived in English football in 2003 waving fistfuls of roubles, his first and overriding priority was to try and convince Zola to renege on a deal to join Cagliari, such was the influence of the little Sardinian at Stamford Bridge. He failed, but Zola's legacy at Chelsea remains a glorious one. The forward was remarkably named Footballer of the Year in his first season, despite signing from Parma as late as November, and cast a spell over Chelsea fans with his infectious personality and predilection for scoring wonderful goals. Whether curling home a free-kick, dribbling round a slew of players or flicking the ball between his own legs from a corner, Zola was unmissable.

Appearances: 229

Titles: None

Footballer of the Year 1996-97

PFA Team of the Year: None

English Football Hall of Fame: Inducted 2006


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