Khan-Garcia title bout confirmed

Wed, 23 May 08:28:00 2012

Amir Khan has confirmed he will fight WBC light-welterweight champion Danny Garcia in a title contest on July 14 in Las Vegas.

Amir Khan - 0

Khan stated on his official Twitter page: "Just want to say thank you for all the support and may the best man win on July 14th. Khan Vs Garcia. Mandalay Bay Vegas."

Khan was due to fight Lamont Peterson on May 19 in a rematch for the WBA and IBF titles after the Bolton fighter lost their first collision in December via split decision amid controversial circumstances.

Peterson has appealed against his failed drugs test and Khan is still waiting to find out whether or not he will be given back the belts he lost in the defeat.

Should that happen, or the titles be declared vacant, Khan's fight against Garcia could be a unification contest.

"It's a good fight for me, Danny Garcia is unbeaten so it will be a tough test for me," the 25-year-old Khan told Sky Sports.

"It's a great match-up, the WBC title will be on the line which I'd love to win. We don't know what's going to happen to the other two titles at the moment because the hearing will be in the next couple of weeks and then the governing bodies will make their decision."

Khan said he was still frustrated at being deprived a chance to avenge his December defeat by Peterson, who was awarded a split-decision after Khan was docked two points.

"I'm still angry because I trained so hard for that fight in the Philippines and LA then in the last week it was called off and all my training went down the drain," Khan, who has lost just twice in 28 fights, said.

"I'm still upset because I wanted to win my titles back and settle the score."

Twenty-four-year-old Garcia of Philadelphia is undefeated in 23 fights, winning 14 by knockout, and will defend the WBC title he won in his last fight over Mexican Erik Morales in March.

Morales was stripped of the belt after failing to make weight, before Garcia became champion with a unanimous decision.

Liam Happe - on Twitter @liamhappe / Eurosport / Reuters

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  1. From what I have seen he is a pint sized whinging­ bully, who lost the only real fights he had. Right or­ wrong ?

    From man4allseasons, on Tue 29 May 12:03
  2. why are the comments so here so extreme. you lot either­ love him or hate him!! Get real, he is a good boxer­ with a great punch, decent speed and a pretty terrible­ defence. Peterson, with or without drugs is just too­ powerful for khan. Did you actaully watch the fight?? ­ Khan was in alot of trouble a few times, especially­ from the body work. As a non biased spectator i can­ honestly say that even without the point deductions i­ believe Khan lost that fight. As for the next bout, we­ will see what he is made of, i just hope roach has­ worked on his defence and footwork.

    From Thomas, on Tue 29 May 1:26
  3. Khan is not the only BRIT representing! Keep an eye on­ The Jackal Carl Frampton-Tigers Bay-Belfast. He's­ got everything and is just gaining the experience day­ by day. 1 to watch! G

    From GARY, on Mon 28 May 14:22
  4. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    If Khan took my advice he'd retire from boxing to­ spend more time with his wife- he has a cowardly soul­ and does not belong in a boxing ring.

    From Andrew, on Sat 26 May 20:25
  5. I don't know what it is with him it just looks as­ if he is stiff and unable to use his feet and move­ around like some of these top guys, also he fights to­ square on and gets hit when he should be ether standing­ on there feet or getting the f@ck out of there. Its­ like he still fights like he did when he first turned­ pro. You need to get this right with this guy telling­ ya coz this guys burning and so much better then the­ last dude

    From Anthony, on Thu 24 May 21:31
  6. for gods sake some of the diatribe written on this­ forum beggars belief, at least khan has gone to the us­ and tried to fight the best in the division, i remember­ calzaghe not going to until around the forty fight mark­ to fight hopkins and jones who were way past their­ prime, so lets get behind khan who is a prettty humble­ sort of guy who has tried to embrace british culture­ and british pride and who does a hell of a lot to good­ causes.

    From ROBERT, on Thu 24 May 21:15
  7. i hope khaaaaaaannnnnn doez wel l.peterson i think is­ & was a waste of time. he taken a banned drug what­ does that say about him....

    From Sajjad, on Thu 24 May 18:45
  8. We wish you best of luck Khan

    From nadia, on Thu 24 May 17:34
  9. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    @40@SUFFERIN SUCCOTASH. . . .WITH A NAME LIKE YOURS,­ you shouldn't be inviting Khan to hang one on your­ exposed chin, or you'd be suffering forever more !!­ Amir is not overhyped and never had been. If you want­ to see an overhyped sportsman look up Beckham, a­ mediocre English footballer who has achieved absolutely­ buggerall for his country in terms of trophies, yet­ being treated as if he was Pele or Maradona. Khan­ copped a sucker punch in Round 1 and couldn't­ recover from it, and many fighters have fallen victims­ to such wild swings - just look up the guy's­ rating, out of the radar ?? Peterson didn't win­ that fight fair and square, it was a conspired­ decision. If you're still doubting Amir's­ punching power, line up your male relatives including­ yourself and Khan will dispose of you all at a flick of­ an eyelid.

    From ock-hi, on Thu 24 May 17:05
  10. @Nadeem I'm not racist in the slightest (and I­ doubt most of these lot are either, it's more about­ shock value, they wound't say it to someone in the­ street put it that way) Anyway, I'm negative­ about Khan because I'm sick of hearing about how­ he's King Khan and everything else after the way he­ got sparked out in seconds by an unknown. He's­ never redeemed himself for that. He just moved up a­ division or two and it's all forgotten well no way.­ Bredis Prescott is my champion until Khan proves me­ otherwise. Er... go Bredis, I guess.

    From Peter, on Thu 24 May 15:35

    From Happydayz, on Thu 24 May 13:20
  12. Khan is at or very near the best in the light welter­ division. He doesn't merit criticisms such as­ he's never beaten a puncher - Have you seen the­ Maidana fight? Khan isn't a perfect fighter like­ Mayweather, but his speed makes him incredibly good.

    From Matt, on Thu 24 May 12:27
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    The sore loser wants a rematch. He is as bad as Prince­ Naseem.

    From At the end of the day...., on Thu 24 May 12:08
  14. This is going to be a tough fight for khan, granted he­ done well aganist a steriod pumped black dude. Danny­ Garia is definately a contender, un-defeated in all his­ fights. Khan hope you do well, you are the only good­ british boxer representing, RESPECT BRUV!!!! keep going­ strong.

    From Kumara Sundrum, on Thu 24 May 12:04
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Shame he's a Muslim because he's quite a­ handsome young man.

    From Dipsy, on Thu 24 May 11:09
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    give it up that ship has sailed

    From desdemoner, on Thu 24 May 10:59
  17. Fear unless KHAN bucks up he's gonna LOSE this­ fight as well!!

    From Leo, on Thu 24 May 10:58
  18. Yes, he's avoided everyone with a punch so far (bar­ his two defeats).

    From Leo, on Thu 24 May 10:21
  19. All Boxing now is so money oriented it has spoiled the­ sport.. too many money brabbers and greed bring back­ more ROCKY FILMS

    From BRIAN, on Thu 24 May 7:13
  20. khan is another naz as soon as he fights a fighter­ that can hit back he wil retire as well its just a­ matter of time never mind theres always cricket.

    From Paul, on Thu 24 May 0:21
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