Euro 2012 - Power rankings: Germany great entertainers

Thu, 21 Jun 22:20:00 2012

We give you our updated rankings of the 16 teams at the Euro 2012 finals with little change as Germany continued to entertain with a 4-2 win over Greece.

FOOTBALL 2012 Allemagne-Grece (Ozil et Reus) - 0

Germany were already top of our rankings and, much like Eurosport-Yahoo! readers, we feel they are the in-form team in Europe and thus consolidate their position as number one.

Coach Joachim Loew dropped several big names but the likes of Miroslav Klose, Andre Schuerrle and Marco Reus were brilliant as the new-look attacking triumvirate dismantled the Greeks.

Defender Philipp Lahm scored a cracker, as did defensive midfielder Sami Khedira, with the Germans bringing goals from every angle and every position.

Greece, meanwhile, showed a great deal of fight when they went a goal down, dangerous on the counter-attack and able to claw a couple of goals back from the tournament favourites.

For their positivity they stay seventh, ahead of a Czech Republic side who were dreadfully negative in defeat to Portugal.

On Saturday Spain face France, in what could be a potential banana-skin for the defending champions against Laurent Blanc's schizophrenic side.

We give you our updated rankings of the 16 teams at the Euro 2012 finals with little change as Germany continued to entertain. - 2


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  1. I SUGGEST PEOPLE READ COMMENTS MARKED.... "Comment­ hidden due to its low rating"..... They are the­ most interesting and controversial

    From Woodat, on Sat 23 Jun 12:50
  2. reply to Charles Amadi " Idont no" ­ ................NO YOU DON'T.... HE HE HE HE

    From Woodat, on Sat 23 Jun 12:49
  3. reply to taarabt I don't think..... I know. In­ France it's EUFA and I am....... guess what.... AS­ LONG AS YOU UNDERSTOOD THAT BY EUFA I MEANT.....­ EUFA..... ah, well, get lost --- he he he he he he he

    From Woodat, on Sat 23 Jun 12:48
  4. SMJ, have you been watching the Euros? Players going­ down with little or no contact in every game so­ don't accuse the Spanish alone.

    From Stephen D, on Sat 23 Jun 12:10
  5. What a rubbish 'non' story. There are no­ changes in the 'power' rankings so why the­ headline? Yahoo's news just gets worse.

    From David, on Sat 23 Jun 8:06
  6. I dont respect the ranking cos Football is like biscuit­ you dont no were it will crack dont be surprise France­ can sent Spain out today

    From Charles Amadi, on Sat 23 Jun 7:07
  7. Woodat, what p1$$ did you have on ur coffee mate?­ don't give it to the cat just in case it starts­ puking all kind of garbage as you do. Spain has been­ denied for many years too many injusticies and now­ uefa/fifa favours them you go and mess about. That ref­ Web was a disgrace in the World Cup final, Spain could­ have beaten Holland 5-0 as some Dutch players deserved­ straight red cards.

    From Sunny, on Sat 23 Jun 1:03
  8. Love em or hate em, you've got to give the Germans­ credit for being so well organised, they can score from­ every position and really link up brilliantly and much­ as I hate to say it at this point of the tournament­ they are the only team that really impress enough to­ make you think they can win it, that is only if all our­ players go down with food poisioning or something­ similiar. LOL Come on England, after Italy you'll­ be taking on the Germans again and this time your gonna­ beat them. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep the­ faith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From PATRICIA DAY, on Fri 22 Jun 23:36
  9. It has shown that the crops of young players are­ setting the pace in Euro2012 so Spain should be getting­ ready to leave the stage come 2morrow...

    From bamidele, on Fri 22 Jun 23:17
  10. Stop talking rubbish Woodat. Meaningless analysis.

    From Azwan, on Fri 22 Jun 23:13
  11. i think spain have been help by the no contact football­ we have now, the little fellas hardly need a touch to­ go down so the tackling midfielder have become­ extintct so we are left with players to scared to­ tackle roy k and pat v wouldnt last a game now also­ remember this spain midfied were taught a lesson by a­ old zidane and makele

    From SMJ, on Fri 22 Jun 8:51
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    You wanna know the shock of the tournment ? FRANCE­ WILL BEAT weaklings Spanish The spanish are living on­ reputation... a reputation they gained with the ehlp of­ Eufa & FIFA. The spanish lost EVERY game they­ played after 'winning' the WC 2010. Spain Lost­ 1-0 with England Spain Lost 4-1 with Argentina Spain­ Lost 5-0 with Portugal Spain Lost 2-1 with Italy ­ Spain lost 2-1 with Belgium Spain lost all these­ matches within months of 'winning' the WC. I­ also consider the final with Holland in 2010 an­ embarrassing display of referee biased. THE SPANISH­ ARE NOT WHAT PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE. Neither are the­ Germans !! - With Portugal they werelucky. Pepe's­ goal was n the line and the Germans could not follow­ that up with more goals. I will have my eyes on the­ Italians and French. These tournaments have a habit of­ surprising.... or did you really think that Greece won­ Euro 2004 and that North Korea really eliminated Sain,­ Portugal, Russia and Italy ???

    From Woodat, on Thu 21 Jun 23:21
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Spain with Portugal and Germany at the top ? LOLOLOLOL­ That's a laugh when the spanish ONE goal­ 'win' against Portugal in 2010 was clearly­ offside. The spanish are not convincing. They were in­ a very easy team. In this team of death they would not­ have survived Germany or Portugal.

    From Woodat, on Thu 21 Jun 23:11
  14. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    We won against the Czech Rep but did not win easily ! ­ You know something.... I do not find a single team yet­ that's clearly a WINNER. I find the Germans­ lacking, the Portuguese not always on top of things. ­ Eng;and not convincing and the French, LOL definitely­ not that great either. The Itaolins? absolutely not­ convincing wither. The Spanish ? LOL... I have been­ saying it in YOu Tube for TWO yeares. Although they may­ have some good players, the Spanish did not, in my view­ really win Euro 2008 and the WC 2012 but were helped by­ politically controlled FIFA and EUFA. Crazy claim ?­ Maybe but that is what I think. So the whole thing is­ still very much open. No clear winners in my view­ yet.... well... maybe... maybe Portugal gal has the­ edge over the others

    From Woodat, on Thu 21 Jun 23:08
  15. So Spain and France are the weak teams that England­ play and beat? Truth is England had a tough group.­ France are world champs recently, Sweden are always­ strong and tough to beat and then there was the home­ team. But yeah, haters keep deluding yourselfs that­ England winning 2 and drawing one was somehow an easy­ task! fools

    From Tony H, on Wed 20 Jun 14:55
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Portugal to win, england to lose and eat their fish and­ chips.

    From Fernando, on Wed 20 Jun 10:21
  17. Better a lucky team that wins than a good team that­ loses

    From Tom, on Wed 20 Jun 8:58
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Dont get too smug. England win against poor sides,­ which makes up most of the teams they play, as they are­ always seeded but as soon as they meet a good side,­ they go down. Italy must be licking their lips and it­ is the pasta sauce.

    From Rugby, on Wed 20 Jun 8:53
  19. comment 102. Parker out of his depth? he is one of the­ few players that has impressed me as every time an­ england player blocks the ball it seems to be parker­ and he seems happy to put his body on the line where­ other players won't. And you say milner is steady?­ if anything milner has been out of his depth, no pace­ & can't cross the ball which makes him an awful­ choice for playing on the wing, having said that­ i'd still pick him ahead of downing. For me the­ biggest disappointment for england in this tournament­ has been ashley young, i really rate him but he has­ been so poor. losing possession too easily, not holding­ the ball up and just not creating anything for the­ team.

    From alan s, on Wed 20 Jun 6:34
  20. Ronsenglish... when you try to be smart at least try to­ get your facts straight ... you just made yourself look­ a complete idiot by trying to insult others... whoever­ comes up with this table has more chances of getting in­ mensa than you can dream of... hahaha ... EPIC fail...

    From Pedro, on Wed 20 Jun 2:27
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