Bute ready for hostile Froch crowd

Thu, 24 May 08:59:00 2012

Lucian Bute has gone to extreme lengths to get ready for his IBF super-middleweight title fight with Carl Froch in Nottingham on Saturday night.

Britain's Carl

The unbeaten Canadian-based Romanian usually fights in Montreal but has agreed to come to England to take on Froch, even though he is the current champion.

Froch will have 9,000 fans on his side screaming for Bute's blood - and the 32-year-old's camp has tried to replicate the noise he can expect in the ring during their training sessions in the gym.

And they have gone into detail: the high-pitched screaming of Froch's girlfriend Rachel Cordingley, which has annoyed opponents in the past, has also been replicated.

"While training, we recreate the atmosphere of what we expect to hear at the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham," Bute told ESPN.

"I can’t hear the bell and I can’t even hear my coach talking to me. On May 26, I will be ready to face not only Carl Froch but also the hostile atmosphere of Froch’s fans."

Froch laughed at the tactic, saying he "couldn't think of anything worse" than training to his girlfriend's screams.

"It’s comical and strange at the same time," he told the BBC regarding the training tactic.

"It’s quite funny and a bit weird, but whatever his psychologist is telling him, he’s obviously listening.”

Froch is the underdog for the fight but is convinced that the crowd can roar him on to victory.

"The crowd will be silent when he's throwing punches and going mental when I throw punches," he said.

"It will be difficult to cope with because he won't feel like he's getting any reward for his work.

"I want to put it on him, put him under some serious pressure and make him feel the pain early on and get him out of there.

"He'll either go into his shell and want to go home or come out fighting like a wounded animal. Either way, I'm ready for him."

Bute, however, reiterated at the pre-fight press conference that the crowd would not be a factor.

"In the ring, it's going to be just me and him," he said. "Obviously, the crowd will be all pumped up if he hits me, but I've been expecting that ever since I agreed to the fight.

"I've worked hard leading up to this and I'm going to step into the ring feeling such extraordinary confidence."

Follow live text commentary of Carl Froch v Lucian Bute on Eurosport Yahoo! from 22:00 on Saturday night.

Lucian Bute has gone to extreme lengths to get ready for his IBF super-middleweight title fight with Carl Froch in Nottingham. - 2


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    From , on Tue 29 May 0:03
  2. What do you say ????? So many discrimination ­ words...!!!!! Wake up !!!! Romanian are not so­ bad.....Romanian are not t gypsy you know . That­ Romanian gypsy are very closed related with you­ travellers.....Wake up ! Whatever you can do.......you­ do best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Ana Maria, on Sat 26 May 21:45
  3. Haha, Carl is half polish, So why are the english­ people moaning about Bute??! They have so many greate­ athletes which are half foreigners....way to go.

    From None, on Sat 26 May 9:08
  4. no va corecto eso, escribo bien y sale una mierda

    From nicolaie, on Fri 25 May 20:37
  5. Se lo va ha comer Bute,el ingles le va besar los­ zapatos.KO en 3-4 rundas,no sabe que le espera.

    From nicolaie, on Fri 25 May 20:34
  6. Englezu face pe nebunu dar o sa-i pupe sireturile lui­ BUTE,o sa-i ia si femeia,nu o sa mearga ia singura ca e­ mai simpatic,asta sa invete cei respectul,nu ajunge­ nici in runda 3.HAI BUTE CA TE URMARIM DIN SPANIA,FANE­ SA URLAM SINGURI IN CASA. Successsssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From nicolaie, on Fri 25 May 20:29
  7. Some of you are so racists its beyond belief.... ­ Anyways it should be a great fight. GL to both but im­ rooting for Bute in this one

    From Emil, on Fri 25 May 18:44
  8. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Wow!!!,a Romanian who does'nt live in Britain­ selling the Big Issue.Canadian Dollars must be easier­ to send over to his Gypsy Parents

    From considered the anti church, on Fri 25 May 17:34
  9. How is bute going to beat froch when he couldnt even­ beat andrade. Bute was DEFEATED period

    From , on Fri 25 May 16:52
  10. for other stupid with chiken brain , bute is canadian­ citizen, romanian so european citizen so his dont need­ your asylum at all you cab give asylum for somalian or­ irakian people smart guy who dont know nothing about­ law, right and E.U.

    From John Walter, on Fri 25 May 16:05
  11. For Stupid ringo, all romanian are european citizen and­ stay here legally and we are really proud with our­ champ man, and on saturday night we will show you who­ will be the best after your poor boy carlito pekenito­ will get some hard punches from Lucian in his face an­ liver and will be knocked out in the 5-6 round..... so­ mascaltzone then i wanna here your count voice and see­ your sucker face.....

    From John Walter, on Fri 25 May 16:02
  12. I hate Carl Froch... Think he loves himself a little­ too much. Very average fighter at best. Couldn't­ care less who wins al long as they fight better than­ audley!

    From David, on Fri 25 May 15:58
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Come on Carl show him who's boss,froch deserves­ more respect than he gets and is a warrior,will be­ tough but im backing froch to send him packing back to­ canada or romania where ever his from !!!

    From Daniel, on Fri 25 May 15:53
  14. God may be with you Bute, kick him very hard, knock him­ out of the ring, I know you can do it! Noroc si­ victorie!!

    From Florin, on Fri 25 May 15:53
  15. outstandingly clever english people, romanian do not­ need asylum, how about reading a book sometimes?

    From Rosu, on Fri 25 May 15:05
  16. smash his face in carl for the boys you know the drill

    From John Woods, on Fri 25 May 14:39
  17. Kick his arse carl show him some respect man x

    From John Woods, on Fri 25 May 14:33
  18. Lucian,suntem alaturi de tine,good luck!we are proud of­ you!

    From Andrei Daniel, on Fri 25 May 13:35
  19. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    We all know you will win Lucian but please do it by­ KO...I love to see all this arrogant British people­ silent. Anyway, after some time they will find several­ excuses for Froch so don't worry just beet him­ hard. Good luck Bute!!!!!!!!

    From Adrian, on Fri 25 May 13:08
  20. Good luck Lucian Bute ! We are all goona be there for­ you! We are very proud of you !

    From Oancea, on Fri 25 May 12:41
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