Have your say: Have Ferrari gone too far?

Eurosport - Sun, 25 Jul 18:34:00 2010

Ferrari were fined $100,000 for appearing to instruct Felipe Massa to let Fernando Alonso win the German GP. Have they overstepped the mark?

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Team orders were banned in Formula One following controversies which saw the likes of Michael Schumacher gifted victories by team-mates such as Eddie Irvine.

In a sport which places so much importance on individual achievement via the drivers' championship, it was important to maintain an image of fair play.

The £100,00 fine immediately slapped on the team could just be the start - the FIA have the power to impose unlimited sanctions after investigation.

It may be unrealistic to expect teams to just leave their drivers to it when they scrap together for position - witness the damage that the crash between Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull has done to their title bids - but asking them to alter the outcome of the race is a step too far.

Just watching Alonso and Massa on the podium - the Spaniard's beaming features contrasting with the tight appearance of his Brazilian colleague below him - rang false.

So what do you think? Is it certain that team orders took place? Should teams be allowed to swap positions between team-mates? And should Ferrari be punished in some way for what happened?

Leave a comment below and we will publish a selection of your views within the body of this story.

Doni: Ferrari are disgraceful. I'm disgusted, and I'm a Ferrari fan. I think that says it all.

Chris W: I say no team orders. If Alonso wants to win he should overtake Massa, not let the team order Massa to let him past... it is yet another blatant example of rule breaking and it should be dealt with straight away. Strip Massa and Alonso of their race positions and fine Ferrari.

UcOp M: They should be punished. Take off Alonso's points and charge Ferrari £100,000. They know it should have been Massa's win if Alonso could not catch up... they should not alter the race - who is in front should be in front.

Hoggie: Yes, team orders took place, it was obvious by the radio transmission to Felipe Massa, it breaks the rules and Ferrari should be punished for it.

mal: Take the 25 points away from Alonso and ban him for two races; the team should lose all their points and be banned for four races and fined for rule breaking.

Mauro: Massa is another Nelson Piquet Jr, helping Alonso.

John: Ferrari should be fined... they ruined the GP!  Massa was the winner. Alonso was very good, but the team orders ruined the race and Ferrari didn't fool anyone.

SS_A9X: Of course they went too far. Blatant cheating. Poor Massa deserved the win. Ferrari must lose all points won in this race. Alonso should lose his points as he complained to his team, basically telling them that he wanted Massa to let him past.

Martin: FIA should look thoroughly into this, re-listen everything that was said through the team radio and come to a decision. Taking away Alonso's points is going too far, maybe just strip all their constructor points for the race and a fine of around 80 000 pounds would do with a warning that if this happens again they could lose all their constructor points for the rest of the season like McLaren had theirs for the data stealing scandal.

psychowitch: What's all the fuss about? The other teams need to do it in qualifying and in the race, and they didn't. I feel sorry for Massa, but Alonso was well ahead.

JOLYON: Fining Ferrari would be irrelevant. They would still have the points and strengthen their chance of winning the championship. In view of what theFIA did to McLaren over spygate they should certainly take some action.

valerieg5: Does it really matter? ALL teams have been doing this for years - Schumacher and Barrichello for instance.

Richard: Absolutely disgusting, if this is racing I will give up watching. How about illegal betting? Makes you laugh bring it to the courts for fixing a result.

MARK: The rule is in place, so it should be followed. If Alonso was that much faster, then he should have stuck it up the inside at the hairpin. Otherwise, we re-allow team orders and take our chances. But the rule is clear. Alonso was 5.121 secs.ahead of Vettel, so give him a 5 second penalty. The Ferrari 1-2 is preserved and the rule break is punished.


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