Drivers: Button slams slow Heikki

Sun, 27 May 22:54:00 2012

Driver reaction after the Monaco GP as Jenson Button blames a "slow" Heikki Kovalainen for his travails.

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1. Mark Webber (Red Bull): "It's a tough nut to crack this race, but we did it again. I had both hands on it today and I wasn't going to let go. It's an amazing day for the team, myself and really happy to have won here again. It's Monaco. You never get ahead of yourself here because you get bitten in the a**."

2. Nico Rosberg (Mercedes): “At the beginning it was pretty straightforward. I was hoping for a good start, I had a good start, but Mark had a pretty good start too. That was it then. And then, it was just a matter of tyre management and everything and I must say I was a bit surprised by how strong we were not only in qualifying but also in the race. I think, at the end of day, for the weekend, we probably had the fastest car out there, in qualifying and the race, which is great to see, because we're just making progress all the time, so that's fantastic. Unfortunately, it didn't come together perfectly.”

3. Fernando Alonso (Ferrari): “Well, our target obviously was to try to finish in front of Sebastian, in front of Lewis they were with us in the World Championship. And if you go race by race you concentrate on different drivers. The next one will be Mark, now he's second in the championship. So, it will be interesting also this season with constant development of the car and the constant surprises we are having every race you never know which one will be on pole or take the race win.”

4. Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull): "It would have been nice to have been on the podium today. I think the speed was there, but in the end we had the same strategy as the leaders, just the other way round. It was quite difficult as we were on older tyres, but we had some good laps and we gained roughly around eight seconds, so that was strong. After that I was in traffic and it's difficult to pass in Monaco, as I showed last year and Mark showed this year."

5. Lewis Hamilton (McLaren): "It wasn't the best result. But this is motor racing. I really dislike going backwards. But we still came away with some points and there are many, many more races ahead of us so we just have to keep our heads up and keep pushing. I think the team have definitely got some work to do because we are falling behind race by race. The others are picking up some serious pace. If we're not lucky then it will fall away from us."

6. Felipe Massa (Ferrari): “The race was very good, and the result at the end, I'm not very happy with because you always want more, but it was a good start for now until the end. For sure I'm very confident. I was very confident during the whole weekend and I think the result helps a lot to push a bit harder and to get even better results from now to the end of the year. The championship up to now was not like I expected, but the championship is still very long, so I hope we can completely change what's happened up to now and go in a different direction from now to the end."

7. Paul Di Resta (Force India): "A great result today and I'm very happy to make up so much ground on my starting position. We went aggressive with the strategy and I have to say the team really optimised it. The secret was managing the tyres and trying to find clean air when we could. The car felt really good, much stronger than yesterday, and that allowed me to push when we needed to. Fortunately the rain held off at the end because that could have had a big impact on the end of the race. It's great that we managed to get both cars in the points and we can celebrate tonight."

8. Nico Hulkenberg (Force India): “I’m not really frustrated. I think we should take the positives from it. One tenth to Q3 – OK, it’s nice if you reach Q3, but I’m very happy with our performance today. That was pretty much the maximum today. I think we should be happy and now work out a good race strategy.”

9. Kimi Raikkonen (Lotus): "Ninth was the best we could do today. I didn't start in a great position and I had some difficulties during the race so it's not been the easiest weekend, but at least we got a couple of points. It's better than nothing but not exactly what we wanted.”

10. Bruno Senna (Williams): "I'm happy we got a point from a very tough race. We deserved more and I felt we could be stronger than this, but today it didn't happen and so we did the best we could do. It's good to be in the top 10 but I have bitter-sweet feelings. Now we are fired up for Canada and I'm really looking forward to that race. I have a lot of confidence that we are getting there with the set-up of the car, so I can't wait to get going again."

11. Sergio Perez (Sauber): "We were very quick, but from my grid position it is very difficult to overtake and move forward. After the drive through I managed to make up some positions, but the race was lost yesterday. We expected and hoped for more rain in the race. Nothing much happened and it was quite a normal race at the end. It was a shame, but for the next races we can be up there as we have a very good pace."

12. Jean-Eric Vergne (Toro Rosso): "I ran at a very good pace, which I am happy about and I was as high as seventh. I was lapping quickly and consistently. But with around 14 laps to the end, my tyres were completely gone and I had to come in for the intermediates, but the rain was not strong enough. It's a real shame about the laps I lost in traffic at the start because without that I could have been comfortably in the points today.”

13. Heikki Kovalainen (Caterham): "This type of track was always going to give us the chance to fight, I'd said that before the race, and it was really good fighting with Jenson for as long as I did, keeping him behind me and really pushing. We have more to come from this car throughout the season, so I think we have more races like this to look forward to, and results like today make all the hard work the whole team put in worth it."

14. Timo Glock (Marussia): “A bit of a disappointing end to a race that started so well. We had good speed at the beginning and for the first 10 laps I could stick with Jenson quite well. We had good pace all the way until maybe the last quarter when the front wing end plate broke. We don’t know for sure why; maybe because of the touch with Perez early in the race. We will have to see what caused it. Generally happy with my performance and that of the team, but disappointing to hold on to 10th place for so long and now drop back. That’s racing though and not for long we have to hope. Now we focus on Canada and look forward to some better luck.”

15. Narain Karthikeyan (HRT): "It was a tough race because we were very limited on our tyres. We tried to keep a constant pace, stay out of trouble and finish the race; we knew that if we managed to do that we would be able to finish in a good position. 15th position is a good result and a good way of getting over the disappointment from Barcelona.

16. Jenson Button (McLaren): "Heikki was so slow, but he's very good at placing his car, and if you place your car in the right place, you can't overtake. I think he was looking in his mirrors more than looking forward, but that's his choice and it makes my life very difficult. It is [frustrating] when he doesn't get a penalty for (cutting the chicane off) and it just slows us all down.”

17. Daniel Ricciardo (Toro Rosso): “I tried to pass the McLaren but it was not so easy. Then I clipped a kerb at Turn 15. At the time I did not feel anything, but one lap later the steering felt very loose so I came into the pits as the car was no longer safe to drive. Despite all that, from a driving point of view, I really enjoyed myself until my retirement.”

18. Charles Pic (Marussia): “Not a great race for me, but to be honest not our best weekend all round on my side. We held out for some forecast rain but this did not come, so we were not able to try to take advantage. Our pace was better in the race than the rest of the weekend, but in the end I had to stop early due to an electrical problem. After a strong run in the first five races I am a little disappointed, but we hope for better things in Canada.”

19. Michael Schumacher (Mercedes): “What can I say? It was simply a pity to end the race in this way. In any case, the fuel pressure problem had nothing to do with the incident at the start. But it made it doubly disappointing because I had secretly been hoping for a podium finish today. I will take the boost from the high points of this weekend with me to Canada. The track should suit us and I’m hoping to have a normal, clean race.”

20. Vitaly Petrov (Caterham): "I made a good start and passed a few cars but then a Sauber came right across me and hit me as we were going into turn 1. I could immediately feel a problem with the front wing so we gave it a couple of laps to see how bad the damage was but then had to pit for a new nose on lap 3. From that point I was pushing as hard as I could but then I had a low battery warning light on the dash and from that point my race was pretty much over.”

21. Kamui Kobayashi (Sauber): "I had a great start and was fighting with Sebastian Vettel, so maybe could have been just behind him. First Romain Grosjean went on the inside, but suddently he came back on the outside. I tried to avoid him, but he didn't brake, hit my rear tyres and damaged my suspension. Maybe if I had had two wheels and not four I would have been fine! It was too dangerous to continue to drive."

22. Romain Grosjean (Lotus): "We struggled to get off the line and it looked like Lewis [Hamilton] in front didn't have the best start either. Fernando [Alonso] pulled alongside him so I was then on the outside of both cars, and unfortunately Michael [Schumacher] was on the outside of me as well. There just wasn't enough room and next thing I'm facing all the traffic after just one hundred metres which wasn't a nice feeling. It's a disappointing end to the week after some positive early signs, but that's racing and now we look forward to Canada and a chance to bounce back."

23. Pedro de la Rosa (HRT): "It was a terrible shame; I feel sorry for the team because yesterday we did a good job and today we were starting from an interesting position and I think we could have achieved a good result. Our one-stop strategy with softs first and super-softs second was good, you only have to see what Vettel did, so it was a shame not to have been able to complete more than 300 metres. It wasn’t a mistake by me or the team, but one by another driver, but those things happen in races.”

24. Pastor Maldonado (Williams): "I think the best thing now is that I'm very confident. I'm very confident with the car and very confident with the team, and I've gained this just by working. I've been working so hard to become strong and now we are so close. We are not the best at the moment, we don't have the best car, but we are not that far. We are very close. We need to keep pushing with some particular parts of the car, and our people are pushing to improve. We have all the tools to keep improving."


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  1. To No.47 From Roman, mon 28 may at 14:03. I gave you­ thumbs up on your comment because you are absolutely­ right about the money. But for us F1 fans, we don't­ care about how much money there is to be maid, we like­ to see racing and in the old days, i follow F1 sinds­ 1967, there was an unwritten agreement amongst the­ drivers that they would not hold eachother up wen they­ were not fighting for points. I know my argument is­ thin but we all know that Button's car in normal­ conditions is doubling the Caterham many times per­ race. Heikki is a fantastic driver, he wiped the floor­ with several worldchampions in a cartrace in 2005 in­ Paris, but he can be sometimes driving in a mist he­ created himself. I mentioned the Webber accident from­ two years ago, Heikki was being lapped for the second­ time that race by Webber and still he thought he had­ the right to fight for possition. I'm just saying.

    From Pool, on Wed 30 May 12:46
  2. absolute rubbish. Bring back F1. Anything goes!

    From Carnivore, on Mon 28 May 20:45
  3. Have to agree withcomments about Monaco and the lack of­ a recing circuit, it is a circus for the well heeled. ­ Long since time the collective authorities faced up to­ reality, real fans want real racing. I guess as long as­ money talks, we will be subjected to this annual­ procession.

    From IVOR, on Mon 28 May 20:45
  4. @ 60 Wifeleftyou Any comment to make on JBs­ p`iss-poor performance in the last few races, but­ especially in Monaco, where Jbs `non-effort` can only­ be described as `rank`, stuck for half the race behind­ the Reliant Robin/Catering van...."He held us all­ up!" says JB....No `held us all up` by­ not getting past Dellboy Trotter!

    From Cheeseburger, on Mon 28 May 18:30
  5. @ 43 Helen. Yes, Webber does get­ `overlooked`....mainly (If you look back at last­ season-completely dominated by his team-mate in the­ same car....and the season before-title in one hand and­ threw it away at the business end) because he is­ `over-rated` (Only won 1 race last season because­ Vettel gifted him it!)....lets not forget...and to­ Webbers credit he as much admitted....he only got pole­ by default. Massa`sd problem is he has an inferiority­ complex....but he is cr`ap and slow and the sooner they­ get a real racer to back up Alonso the better.

    From Cheeseburger, on Mon 28 May 18:18
  6. Williams FW14B No stolen Id, feel free to do your­ homework. Why tell lies about fellow posters including­ me. we have the internet you know to check all details,­ As Elmsleigh you was a liar now a bigger one as­ Williams. Toronrote makes you look a idiot every time­ and that is why he gets your goat. I have bothered­ today to check a few things and can prove what a liar­ you really are. You said Toronrote copied a 11 year­ olds poem another lie.Do your sums and read the­ apologies on facebook.

    From , on Mon 28 May 17:08
  7. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Swindells (stolen Black Flag ID ) once again, where in­ my post do I mention Kimi? Seriously WHERE? LOL! You­ have become more desperate trying to keep up with all­ your ID's that you have lost the ability to read­ and think. But once again, I have to remind everyone­ of what you said: "I think Rosberg will get an­ enormous amount of success from the SAUBER this year,­ this is a great combination you mark my words".­ From Wizzo on wed 21 mar 4:23pm. ...See? Time and­ dates. Its called PROOF. You'll tell everyone its­ a fake Wizzo, how would you know? Unless you are HIM. ­ Haha! Feel free to squirm out of that one, I've­ got work to do.. oh and stop going through my bins. :D­ :D :D

    From Williams FW14B, on Mon 28 May 16:38
  8. I must admit that I am getting a bit fed up with­ "the tyre issue." I want to see good racing­ and strategy but I don't want to see fast drivers­ nursing their unpredictable tyres around every track. I­ know it was abandoned as a cost cutting measure but­ please "bring back refuelling!" Please make a­ less temperature sensitive and slightly more reliable­ tyre. And what was Maldonado "The Rammer"­ doing? Way to blow your reputation dude! Classic road­ rage! You can't cut up an F1 car mate. You're­ not in a Fiesta! Plank!

    From Andy, on Mon 28 May 16:03
  9. Williams FW14B seems your jealousy is showing its true­ colours, but that is your choice, I suppose you will­ run away again and change your Id. Glad you was made a­ laughing stock over the poem.Kimi did not drive for­ Lotus in 2008, wrong car wrong colour, that is what­ alcohol does to the brain.

    From , on Mon 28 May 16:02
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    'True story' eh touronroute? Like your Rossi­ photo? Now that was hilarious.. so many people were­ ROFL at the way you had a different light source from­ the rest of the picture...(Wipes tear).. the­ desperation. Classic.

    From Williams FW14B, on Mon 28 May 15:53
  11. The Pirelli tyres are killing this sport! It's not­ about driving on the edge any more, it's all about­ looking after your tyres and tiptoeing around the­ track.

    From Jez, on Mon 28 May 15:36
  12. It's gotta be said, Heikki did a tremendous job for­ Caterham -- I can't believe McLaren blew the pit­ stop and did not get Jenson ahead by a larger margin­ (enough to cover the gap) -- that having been said, he­ was down there from a bad Saturday Q2 and realistically­ could not have hoped for about somewhere between Senna­ and Di Resta as high as 7th, but not what he needs if­ he's to mount a champoinship challenge this year...­ I think he meant that because Heikki was in a­ back-marker level car, it would have been decent to let­ him go past at some point, especially after he had just­ cut the chicane to stay ahead several times -- but­ that's down to the stewards to see, and they often­ don't watch the inner goings on of a battle for­ 14th. . Hamilton lost a place to Alonso and then was­ not kept in the loop by the team at the right time --­ Mc Laren really blew that pit lane strategy and­ communication. Recently they seem to be doing­ everything wrong as a team but the drivers carry on­ despite it. . :)

    From Abbinator, on Mon 28 May 15:24
  13. franksalot47 great truth full post @3. Just had a­ great laugh with two of the engineers that have arrived­ back. They told me a cracker that they found two King­ size prawns in Sweet Chilli in Hampsters cockpit when­ he finished. True story.

    From touronroute, on Mon 28 May 15:13
  14. So Mutton if he was so slow why didn't you­ overtake.

    From , on Mon 28 May 15:03
  15. Scrap Monaco from the F1 calender, it is only held for­ the advantage of the rich to stand on their balcony and­ watch a F1 race. Wake up great grandfather Bernie and­ scrap the Monaco from the F1 calender, it is a track­ for go-carts, cyclists and runners. It was the most­ borrrrrring race I ever watched, Bernie, so find­ another F1 track, what about putting KAYALAMI in South­ Africa back on the calender.

    From Francis, on Mon 28 May 14:08
  16. To No. 40 From Pool, on Mon 28 May 11:39 He should­ behave more sportsmanlike ?? And what about all the­ money he migh just have brought into the team by­ finishing 13 and ahead of the Marrusia and HRT ? That­ is worth a lot more to him an his team then anything­ esle. I do not know the exact figures, but there was­ an article on eurosport that 10 place in the­ constructors (the last place to get the share of­ Bernie's money) gets something like 8-12 million­ pounds. So to be honest - well done Heiki on earning­ his team that money. Lets not forget that neither­ Caterham, Marrusia nor HRT will probably finish­ anywhere close to Heiki's 13 place in Monaco, let­ alone score any points. So this performance has put­ Caterham in a better position for next season. And he­ deserves some credit for this, afterall he is a much­ better driver then the team he is driving for, but yet­ you never hear him moan about the car. Now that is­ sportsmanlike.

    From Roman, on Mon 28 May 14:03
  17. Please mamma's boy (Button), what are you talking­ about? If you were so fast, why haven't you won the­ race. So, shut up!!!!

    From Francis, on Mon 28 May 14:02
  18. This is not a race track just plain streets, time to­ move on to a sensible track that is capable of letting­ the drivers rase instead of a show ground for the rich,­ wake up FIA its time to dump this over rated play boys­ street track.

    From Derek Madge, on Mon 28 May 13:32
  19. stop whinging

    From alfa man, on Mon 28 May 12:56
  20. Like others here I cant see any "slamming" in­ Buttons comments frustration yes but he was hardly­ slamming Heiki. Where do the titles for these articles­ come from? This race does tend to be a procession once­ the start sorts out the line up. Its all about tyre­ management pit stops keeping the head and not making a­ complete hips of things. Webber tends to get overlooked­ and under rated but he had a cracking drive a good­ enough start (instead of some of the horrors hes had)­ and he kept his head towards the end when the whole­ thing could have gone pear shaped with the weather so a­ well deserved win. Its nice to see him on the podium­ and a smile on his face again after the miserable­ season he had last year. Its also nice to see Massa­ having a better race than of late, McLaren not making a­ complete hash of the pit stops and of course Paul Di­ Resta in the points after a dissapointing qualifying.

    From HELEN, on Mon 28 May 12:12
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