Williams against cost 'interference'


Wed, 27 Jun 18:45:11 2012

Williams team founder Sir Frank Williams says he opposes any form of cost cap being implemented in Formula 1 and that his squad will not be 'pleading for more restrictions'.

Amid ongoing discussions over the future of F1 spending control, Williams said he did not want to see teams limited.

"I am against any kind of interference. I don't want any third-party interference with one's business, to have people sneaking around wanting to check this and that. It's just like waiting for the taxman every day," he told the official F1 website.

"Williams is not pleading for more restrictions. But I have said many times that we have to control driver costs."

He feels people should accept that an element of financial inequality is inherent in F1.

"There are 12 teams and each operates in different circumstances," said Williams. "We have several manufacturer teams. One of them is Ferrari, who seem to have a great deal of money and who are in effect subsidised. But that is fine - they are Ferrari. They are the core of Formula 1 and that is how it should be.

"That is fine with me. Take me, there are so many men in the paddock who have more hair than me and it has always pissed me off, but I live with it! You learn to get on with it."

Williams added: "Well, I am not a unique person, but I know for sure that millions of men would almost kill to be in Formula 1. I am exaggerating, but Formula 1 is so attractive that just to be there and be part of it, people would accept far more disadvantages than being at the far end of the grid."


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