Monaco a turning point for Massa

Sun, 27 May 21:03:00 2012

Ferrari and Felipe Massa hoped the treacherous streets of Monaco had marked a turning-point for the under-fire Brazilian.

2012 Ferrari Felipe Massa Monaco GP - 0

With eight points in the bag for sixth place in the principality, Massa finally got his Formula One season into gear. The haul was four times the meagre tally from five previous races.

Just as importantly, he was able to match the leaders' pace and finished the 78 laps just 6.195 seconds behind Red Bull's race winner Mark Webber.

"I think he did a great weekend. It was the weekend he deserved after a lot of big pressures," team principal Stefano Domenicali told reporters.

"I think he did a great qualifying, you always can say he could have been a little bit better in Q3 (the third phase) but we need to look for a wider picture, from a wider angle. He did a great race today.

"He was there in the first six cars which were very close. He was there, so that's for me the best thing and I'm sure that this will be a turning of his season because he needs that," added the Italian.

Massa had drawn a blank in four of the five previous races, with a ninth in Bahrain all he had to show for his efforts behind the wheel.

The Formula One rumour mill has gone into overdrive about his future, with open speculation about who might replace him next season and some suggesting that Monaco might even be his swansong.

Ferrari had piled the pressure on, calling for a change of gear and highlighting on their website the disparity in points between him and championship leading team mate Fernando Alonso, who now has 76 compared to Massa's 10.

"It was a great boost for him because at the end of the day everyone is unhappy when he is performing in a difficult moment," said Domenicali.

"It's something that we need for the constructors championship. I am expecting really a good Felipe up to the end (of the season)."

Massa agreed with his boss.

"I really hope my championship has turned around and that from now on I can always be in the fight for the top places, as was the case here," he said.


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  1. Go Felipe! you can do it!

    From Noel, on Tue 29 May 9:41
  2. LOL ... WAW Massa, you came in sixth!! What an­ incredible performance!! You definately shone this­ weekend!! LMAO!!!

    From Kristof, on Tue 29 May 9:37
  3. massa is not an F1 driver after letting alonso pass him­ that time in germany, senna must have been turning in­ his grave after that.

    From Adam, on Tue 29 May 2:39
  4. very well observed usa.

    From Eden, on Tue 29 May 0:20
  5. His performance is irrelevant in Monaco. On the faster­ tracks that require some overtaking and general speed­ throughout the race he will continue to lack overall­ race pace. Don't forget the drivers tend to lap­ slower in Monaco. It's just about getting round the­ circuit. Jury should still be out on Massa

    From Richard, on Mon 28 May 23:43
  6. In addition to what Max504 and Eden said, looks to me­ Massa's ego will not allow him to position behind­ Alonso without elaborate flourishes (in the few races­ where he has shown any speed lately), as though­ implying to all that he could have been faster than­ Alonso if only he were allowed to by Ferrari, such as­ that all-too-obvious move out of the way, when Alonso­ went by at Hockenheim, or sticking overly close to­ Alonso's tail in the opening laps at Monaco, while­ knowing full well they were in tire management mode and­ that Alonso could head off into the distance anytime he­ chose ... they need to fire Massa right now ...

    From Destitute Albion, on Mon 28 May 23:29
  7. Good result was the fact he was in touch with the­ fastest guys on the track, but paid the price for­ having to pit later than Alonso, and after everyone­ else in front of him. This will be the start of a­ return for Massa, who does have it in him to win races.­ He won't win the championship but he will start­ getting podiums if the car keeps improving, and Ferrari­ may get a shot at the constructors.

    From Christian, on Mon 28 May 22:52
  8. @1 Oh, you mean you though Massa was quicker when­ Alonso was looking after his tyres while stuck behind­ Hamilton? Then Hamilton pitted and Alonso set the­ fastest first and second sectors while Massa did not­ and therefore a gap was created. Alonso then emerged­ from the pits ahead of Hamilton and Massa behind. Maybe­ you didn't notice that.

    From Max504, on Mon 28 May 22:22
  9. Does Massa really think this was a good result? He­ still only has 10 points. His championship is over,

    From phil, on Mon 28 May 22:07
  10. monaco proves nothing! Its over Massa

    From hotdognobun, on Mon 28 May 20:37
  11. at david that was part of the strategy for alonso to­ guide both cars for 27 rounds to preserve tires. if you­ look around you will find enough comentators that will­ verify that, and if you go further into the race when­ massa was behind hamilton, also you will find that­ ferrari was telling massa, over the radio ,him being in­ the position of staying out for several rounds more­ after hamiltons pit stop because of the great job done­ from both ferraris with the tires at the begining. that­ is what reality happend, but even if it would have­ being the way you say, the question is, would you have­ told alonso to get out of the way to let massa true at­ this stage of the championship? alonsos standings and­ preformance so far and now leading in solitary, if you­ where their team principal? ,

    From Eden, on Mon 28 May 20:32
  12. I don't think that this will be a turning point for­ Massa. Monaco is a very different track and the­ problems with the Ferrari were minimized as they put as­ much down force on as possible. I think in Canada, a­ very fast track we will see Massa struggle to control­ the car again whereas Alonso has an uncanny ability to­ fight it round. However I do believe that at the start­ in Monaco Massa was faster yet I didn't hear anyone­ on the radio "Alonso, Felippe is faster than you.­ Do you understand?"

    From david, on Mon 28 May 19:48
  13. About bloody time. He looked faster than Alonso early­ on but with this crappy track theres just no­ overtaking.

    From COLIN B, on Mon 28 May 17:08
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