Hazard - I'm going to Chelsea

Mon, 28 May 21:03:35 2012

Eden Hazard has finally ended speculation about his future by announcing he has decided to join Chelsea next season.

The 21-year-old Lille playmaker, who had long been linked with a move to the Barclays Premier League, revealed he had chosen the newly-crowned European champions on his official Twitter account.

He wrote: "I'm signing for the champion's league winner."


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  1. it seems strange to me, pep will bring a whole new­ style of football to chelsea , why on earth would they­ want to change style when their present style has­ already ripped peps style to pieces?

    From RICH UNCLE MALCOLM, on Wed 30 May 10:52
  2. lmao this joke of a football/buisness club never learn­ do they, you may be able to buy a few trophies and­ fluke 1 or 2 like the CL but you will never have any­ class like liverpool, man utd, spurs, arsenal, everton,­ toon and even notts forest and that's that.

    From Eddie Hitler, on Tue 29 May 14:07
  3. Chelsea fc with new look for next season Cech ­ Iva-Cahill-luiz-cole Ramires-lampard ­ Marin-mata-hazard - Torres-

    From muhammad yazid, on Tue 29 May 13:55
  4. @6 Alan: Eden Hazard cant be much of a 'french­ twit' if he is Belgian, can he?

    From Mjolnir CFC, on Tue 29 May 13:51
  5. Just maybe this Belgian boyo with the dodgy name of­ 'Hazard' can 'walk-the-walk' as well as­ 'talk-the-talk' as he's allegedly a­ religious person too... we'll see... if not Chelsea­ will get shot of him just like Saloman Kalou and­ Florent Malouda, and Alex, and Joe Cole and Jose­ Bosingwa, not to mention the soon-to-be-sorely-missed­ Didier Drogbal... who were all certanly much better­ than merely average English Premier league players, but­ not of a high enough standard for Abramovich,­ Chelsea's owner, who'll brook nothing under 50­ million U.K. pounds for a club bench-mark, as with­ Fernando Torres or just not of Lionel Messi prolific­ genius level or Pep Guardiola winning management­ standard; which is why Chelsea's owner won't be­ giving the deserving Roberto Di Matteo the­ manager's job after guiding the previous no-hopers­ of the aging team, who're still mostly there, (i.e.­ John Terry, Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole), to both­ domestic F.A. Cup success and European Championship Cup­ glory in just 3 short months... No other Chelsea­ manager has had that sort of silverware proof of having­ won stuff since that Italian geezer did it with the­ team that Jose mourinho built... and nobody has won the­ European Championship for Chelsea bewfore now... not­ even 'The Special One' managed to do that for­ Chelsea... but Roberto Di Matteo has done so...

    From weary of spin, on Tue 29 May 12:12
  6. I need lampard more then any body will think off,our­ match between bfc,he was the person who rool the ball 2­ remires 2 chip the ball inside the goal post,that only­ gave me the hope that i will win that league,4 me it­ came 2 pass,i dont no about urs.i luv lampard.

    From Paskele Mba, on Tue 29 May 11:57
  7. What an arrogant troutsniffer. Maybe he should play a­ few games in the EPL before mouthing off and giving out­ warnings. Can't see EPL defenders taking any of his­ cr4p. On the plus side it looks like van Persie's­ other half has decided he is staying at Arsenal. ­ Result!

    From Gerard, on Tue 29 May 11:36
  8. u re welcomed to chelsea fc we all love u and will also­ show u our support, finally u are a million £ player

    From ??????-???????, on Tue 29 May 11:35
  9. COM 2,wow ,get rid of a whole champions league winning­ team!! A TOUCH RADICAL!!.

    From Andrew, on Tue 29 May 10:10
  10. Signed for Chelsea ,azeden,,,,,.too hazzard a guess he­ will flop,,,,HYPER HYPE!!!!

    From Andrew, on Tue 29 May 10:07
  11. well done going from strength to strength ! ease­ lampards workload let him get the goals we all know he­ can get !

    From Andy, on Tue 29 May 9:52
  12. #2 Clearly a fool

    From Ges, on Tue 29 May 9:47
  13. french twit

    From ALAN, on Tue 29 May 9:23
  14. Great signing for the Blues!!!

    From As, on Tue 29 May 1:07
  15. #2 How can we get rid of the 2 goalkeepers we have if­ Cech gets injured?Think before typing such nonsence how­ can we get rid of 11 players we will be like Man city­ when they bought so many players that it took many time­ to work out.How can you be a chelsea fan and whant­ Lampard and drogba to leave they are legends.

    From As, on Tue 29 May 1:05
  16. #2 chelsea needs lampard my friend,wat r u talking­ about? and u cant offload 11 players at­ once.......where will u get your sub?

    From alfred flowers., on Mon 28 May 23:16
  17. Please Roman Abramovich thanks for hazard but we need­ more players... Players like ,,,,Ross Turnbull­ ,,,Hilário ,,,José Bosingwa ,,,Paulo Ferreira,,,Mickaël­ Essien ,,,Florent Malouda ,,,Salomon Kalou ,,,Daniel­ Sturridge ,,,Didier Drogba ,,,Frank Lampard ,,SHOULD­ LEAVE. Please offload this players..

    From ýnnocent e, on Mon 28 May 22:48
  18. We'll see he has not signed the contract yet!!

    From mark p, on Mon 28 May 22:45
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