Premier League - Managers: Dalglish hails 'special' Suarez

Sun, 29 Apr 05:52:00 2012

Managerial reaction from the day's Premier League action, with Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish delighted at Luis Suarez's magnificent hat-trick.

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Stoke City 1-1 Arsenal

Tony Pulis: "I was more concerned about the Arsenal supporters booing (Ryan) Shawcross so I didn't hear the ones on (Aaron) Ramsey. I go to grounds and get abused. It's not just Arsene. If you speak to Sir Alex (Ferguson), he gets absolutely slaughtered at some grounds. Is it acceptable? The powers that be have got to decide that."

Arsene Wenger: "I don't listen to what people chant. I think one day football will have to tackle that. It's easy to sit in the stand and insult people. It's the easiest sport in the world. You can isolate every single face. When I go out on the pitch at the end of the game, and people are angry or hateful, I would like a little picture to send home for them to show their son or daughter, and then come back next week and see if they will do it again, see if they are proud."

Everton 4-0 Fulham

David Moyes: "Isn't it terrific the difference it has made to the team and the club the goals that have been scored since January? I think [Nikica Jelavic] has been massive for us and the two goals for us today were very good. We've played really well probably since the turn of the year and the arrival of Darron Gibson, (Steven) Pienaar, Landon Donovan (on a short-term loan from the Los Angeles Galaxy) and Jelavic."

Billy McKinlay: "I've not spoken to him (Martin Jol) after the game so I'm not looking forward to that conversation. It is always difficult when the manager is not there because you miss his presence but we prepared as we always do for the games. How much it affected us I don't know but obviously it affected us at some point because he is not here and hopefully he will be back Tuesday (at Liverpool)."

Sunderland 2-2 Bolton

Martin O'Neill: "It would obviously have been great for us to win because at least for this evening, we would actually have gone into eighth position in the league. We are where we are. It was frustrating not to win the game today. I am disappointed, of course, but I said here a couple of weeks ago that we have work to do. That's not a problem."

Owen Coyle: "I am very confident - I always have been because I know what we have as a group and I know how hard we are working behind the scenes to implement bits and pieces we want at our football club. We will decide what happens to Bolton Wanderers. It's in our own hands to go and do that. We know we are on a good run of form."

Swansea 4-4 Wolves

Brendan Rodgers: "There is disappointment at our defensive display. We gave away poor goals, I said to the players that for the majority of the first half we played as a team. For the first 30 minutes and with the structure we had we created plenty of chances and got the goals. We had three but we could have scored more. But we gave away disappointing goals."

Terry Connor: "Looking back now the opening spell was maybe a little hangover from the disappointment of last week. Once the players cleared their heads we were good enough to get a goal back and they grew in confidence and belief and showed our true qualities and possibly could have ended up winners."

West Brom 0-0 Aston Villa

Roy Hodgson: "I'm glad to confirm - for the first time in goodness knows how many years - we've finished above Aston Villa in the table so it's not been a bad day. It would have been a wonderful day if we'd won it, but I mustn't be too greedy and I'll save a victory over Villa for next season. I'm happy enough with a point, I'm happy with another clean sheet - our 10th of the season."

Alex McLeish: "My seat was in the middle and it was a bit of a chore trying to get past Peter Grant so I just let him stay out there and pass the messages on. It just didn't seem appropriate today. I like to stand up normally but I also sat in the dug-out for the Old Trafford game recently. Was I keeping my head down because of the fans? No, don't read anything into it. We felt a bit disappointed."

Wigan 4-0 Newcastle

Roberto Martinez: "I'm extremely pleased because what we've shown today is a real clinical touch that we have lacked in the past. I thought the 4-0 lead was fully deserved at half-time and there is a real satisfaction that we saw it through. It was huge win today and we have two more huge games against Blackburn and Wolves. This result is fantastic for the fans but if we don't achieve our aim of staying in this league then it is going to mean nothing."

Alan Pardew: "We didn't match the intensity of Wigan and in any Premier League game that is going to make you look bad. In the first 30 minutes we just didn't get a grip on them. I don't want to harp on too much about our disappointment because I have to say Wigan were brilliant today. In the first period they were as good as anything I've seen in any of our last seven games."

Norwich City 0-3 Liverpool

Paul Lambert: "Things like that can happen, especially when you are up against that type of opposition, you have to be right on the button or you will get beat. I am always disappointed when we lose, but try not to get too down, or too high when we win. A lot of the lads have put the club where they are, so I cannot be too critical. You just pick yourself up and go again."

Kenny Dalglish: "(Luis Suarez) is a special player. It was a fantastic performance. Everybody knows what's coming ahead on Saturday but the team did their jobs professionally and efficiently. Luis has been like that many times this year and not been rewarded - and it's the same with the team. That third goal is not difficult to score if you've got Luis Suarez's ability - it's more difficult if you are a mere mortal. The clean sheet was also important for us. It gives the defenders and Pepe Reina a bit of a boost."

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  1. I don't particularly like Liverpool that much but­ some of the hatred spouted on these pages suggests that­ some of the people making these vile comments need­ help. Watch out you deranged idiots the man with the­ white coat with the backwards sleeves is coming for­ you. He has a nice quiet room with lots of padding so­ you cant hurt yourselves. Support your own team with­ pride and passion like most decent supporters do. ­ Don't come on here and make total prats of­ yourselves.

    From gary, on Mon 30 Apr 14:34
  2. Oh the jealousy of Liverpool FC is just­ it....shows how frightened you­ lot are of us.. Watch out the reds are about....

    From footymad, on Mon 30 Apr 12:21
  3. @ Paul ... PMSL!!

    From Master Baiter Of Delusional Dippershytes PMSL!, on Mon 30 Apr 6:46
  4. Won again, now QUEEN KENNY is back in favor, you jest­ he will take Liverpool down just as he did at­ Newcastle.

    From , on Mon 30 Apr 6:45
  5. Aston villa fans must feel so let down by the chairmans­ choice to bring alex mccleish to villa park from st­ andrews birmingham, their biggest rivals. That was the­ worst move that a chairman could do. I'm a swansea­ city supporter and would be disgusted if swansea city­ bought in a ex cardiff manager. But i would stand by my­ club though good - bad times. Coz they are and always­ will be my club. Owners come and go , managers come and­ go players come and go but the supporters are the life­ of their club. Loyal fans will never desert their life­ long loved club. True supporters stand by their club­ though good times and bad times. True and loyal swansea­ city supporter. Always and forever

    From Alan, on Sun 29 Apr 23:21
  6. Roy Hodgson been interviewed for England .Arry not ­ taking the job.............. good

    From Claude Ball Esq, on Sun 29 Apr 20:35
  7. 133 I've seen more brains in a half eaten beef­ burger ...

    From dark_Lord_Suarez, on Sun 29 Apr 19:23
  8. Also great performance from Suarez against Norwich as­ always truly a great player.

    From Tony Moorhead, on Sun 29 Apr 18:51
  9. Why are people so negative all the time? I reckon if­ LFC buy great players who want to give 100% on the­ pitch then I think they will be a contender next year.­ We need to clean out the closet of the players not­ dedicated to the team performance and just see £££­ signs, we could do with Llorente he could be the next­ Torres also a player to replace the likes of Alonso we­ lack in strike force and the ability to get the ball to­ someone in a position suitably to score. Bring back­ Aquilani and give the lad a chance as he didn't get­ enough time on the pitch to shine as with Coates he­ needs more play time as I think he will become a great­ player. If people at LFC are worried about age then you­ may as well not be in football look at Owen Rush and­ even Rooney all started young and they where great on­ the pitch, so look to promoting through the ranks even­ if theyre on the bench as sub it gives them a chance to­ shine. I only wish that during the summer they find the­ right players and have a great 2012 - 2013 season.­ Come.on the Reds.

    From Tony Moorhead, on Sun 29 Apr 18:50
  10. All Liverpool haters are cross dressing pedo's!!

    From Anfieldstar, on Sun 29 Apr 18:14
  11. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    aarrgghh...i just hate liverpool and that rat like­ racist manager of one would give a hoot if­ the club was just liquidised!!

    From Justinio, on Sun 29 Apr 18:10
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Don't worry, they're playing @ home next game.­ A lost is almost assured - much like Death and Taxes!­ PMSL!!

    From Master Baiter Of Delusional Dippershytes PMSL!, on Sun 29 Apr 17:16
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    113 Are you sure liverpool is the best team in the­ world ????since when?? where are the statistics???

    From Toddy, on Sun 29 Apr 17:13
  14. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    It takes a 'special' achievement to score 3­ goals, especially not diving to get them. Well done­ Louise Bucktooth!! PMSL

    From Master Baiter Of Delusional Dippershytes PMSL!, on Sun 29 Apr 17:12
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    I still think 8th is pretty decent for a club of their­ stature no? PMSL!

    From Master Baiter Of Delusional Dippershytes PMSL!, on Sun 29 Apr 17:10
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Don't worry .. the inevitable 'we will win it­ next year' chant will be coming soon!! PMSL!!

    From Master Baiter Of Delusional Dippershytes PMSL!, on Sun 29 Apr 17:07
  17. B- yes Liverpool do need a larger stadium that is­ right...and it will happen.Since Ian Ayre was put in­ charge of commercial deals he's managed to get­ Liverpool the biggest sponcership deal in the Premier­ league and next season we start the biggest kit deal in­ the premier league.Will Man Utd get bigger deals in the­ future ? Yes no doubt but surely Liverpool currently­ having the biggest kit deal and kit sponcership deal­ goes to show theyre still a super power in the eyes of­ marketing departments for Warrior and Standard­ Chartered..who, no offense are a little more qualified­ than you when it comes deciding if a company or sports­ team is a good deal to be attached to.

    From Christopher, on Sun 29 Apr 15:42
  18. luck goal

    From cf, on Sun 29 Apr 15:09
  19. B- so going by your arguement of stadium size dictates­ club size Sunderland and villa are currently bigger­ than spurs and Chelsea.....which they're not. The­ reason the Liverpool owners are taking their time with­ the stadium is to have the funding ready so they still­ have money to invest in the team....Have Arsenal won­ anything since the built the Emirates ?? No because at­ first they had to balance the books and now they've­ slipped......of course if you knew anything about­ unbiased views you'd have thought about that.

    From Christopher, on Sun 29 Apr 14:38
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    liverpool = tiny little club.. and their fans­ are inbred

    From CHEF, on Sun 29 Apr 14:28
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