Serie A - Juve coach investigated for match-fixing

Mon, 28 May 07:00:00 2012

Italian police investigating a football match-fixing scandal placed Juventus trainer Antonio Conte under investigation and arrested the captain of Lazio Stefano Mauri and former Genoa midfielder Omar Milanetto, authorities said on Monday.

Juventus' coach Antonio Conte holds his daughter as he stands on the pitch before their Italian Serie A soccer match against Atalanta at the Juventus stadium - 0

Italy defender Domenico Criscito has also withdrawn from the country's Euro 2012 squad after becoming the subject of investigation.

Criscito - who currently plays for Zenit St Petersburg in Russia but has represented Juventus and Genoa in the past - had his room searched at Italy's Coverciano training camp after police arrived at 6.40am on Monday morning.

Italian federation vice-president Demetrio Albertini has now confirmed that the defender will not travel to the finals in Poland and Ukraine as he wants to "clear his position with prosecutors."

A police statement said five people had been arrested in Hungary on suspicion of being part of an illegal international betting ring headed by Singaporean gambling identity Tan Seet Eng, who was arrested in December.

Police in the northern city of Cremona said they had made 19 arrests and were investigating Conte, fresh from his triumph in leading Juventus to the Italian Serie A championship for the first time since the club was relegated in 2006 in an earlier match-fixing scandal.

It said searches were conducted at the homes of a number of players, trainers and administrators of clubs in Serie A, Serie B and the lower division Lega Pro on suspicion of involvement in match-fixing on behalf of international criminal organizations.

Monday's operation was part of "Last Bet", a wider investigation into match-fixing in Italian soccer which has already seen a number of arrests of current and former Italian players.

"In this part of the investigation, indications have emerged of manipulation in matches from the 2010-11 Serie A championship, including games between Lazio and Genoa and Lecce and Lazio," Raffale Grassi, director of SCO, the police service responsible for the investigation told SkyTG24 television.

In June last year, the Interior Ministry set up a special match-fixing task force in response to a number of high profile cases.

Former Atalanta captain and Italy midfielder Cristiano Doni, was banned for three-and-a-half years in August for his part in the 'Calcioscommesse' match-fixing scandal involving Serie B matches last season.

Atalanta, promoted from Serie B, were deducted six points in the top flight this season as a result of the scandal.

Former Lazio and Italy striker Giuseppe Signori was banned for five years and 15 other players were banned for between one and five years for their part in the same scandal.

Serie A : Italian cheater


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  1. Am from Northern Ireland a lifelong Liverpool supporter­ and a follower of Juvey for 32 years. I have no­ surprise that Juventus winning Serie A again has­ brought something like this to the headlines. Italy is­ sadly full of corruption in the powers that be from the­ politicans down. And Juventus is hated by the main­ powers in football there so surprise surprise there is­ some smear scandal thrown at this great club even­ though Conte was not manager at Juvey at this time.­ Perhaps a good idea for the FA would be to ban Italy­ from the Euro's and Would cup competitions for all­ this corruption. Then the super clubs of Italy would­ have to think of another way to destroy Juvey's­ good name. They dont seem to be able to do it on the­ pitch so they use filthy tactics

    From Jim, on Tue 29 May 12:44
  2. As Forza Ferrari says it's all just a conspiracy­ against i gobbi! To suggest "sono ladri i­ gobbi" is ridiculous! ;)

    From Troy, on Tue 29 May 2:40
  3. Given the obscene amount of money now sloshing around­ soccer worldwide, there can be little doubt there is­ match fixing going on in many leagues. The sooner­ football clubs return to being proper clubs and not­ "bottom line driven" businesses, the sooner ­ the beautiful game will be saved. I am a Chelsea­ supporter for 40 years so I know the advantages we­ have gained from the massive funds injection,­ particularly in the last eight years. But this has had­ a knock-on effect whereby other premiership clubs have ­ felt obliged to sell out to big money interest also to­ "stay in the game". That is the dilema big­ money entities have introduced to the business of­ soccer; it will undoubtedly corrode the game­ eventually.

    From Gerry, on Mon 28 May 19:09
  4. Stop accusing until he is found guilty. its more of a­ case of guilty until proven innocent instead of vice­ versa.

    From Dario93, on Mon 28 May 14:43
  5. The timing of this investigation is almost laughable.­ Juventus are not even implicated in this, yet they­ stand the most to lose. At a time when they are rumored­ to be on the verge of signing quality players for the­ CL campaign, this story comes out. Coincidence? I doubt­ it very much. The powers that be are trying to keep­ Juve from getting stronger. This really stinks of­ corruption, and I wouldn't be surprised if other­ top Italian club officials had a hand in the timing of­ this investigation.

    From Juventino68, on Mon 28 May 13:53
  6. Conte is being investigated because ONE of his former­ players at SIena stated that Conte was­ "aware" of match fixing. This player has­ already been found guilty and is just trying to save­ his arse by implicating other people. Countless other­ former Siena players have come out and said that Conte­ HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. This is the typical witch­ hunt against Juve, probably instigated by another­ overzealous Italian prosecutor who also happens to be a­ Milan or Inter fan. Not the first time, and not the­ last time either. And for those of you who are­ implying that Juve cheated their way to an undefeated­ season, all I can say is: Idiots!! I watched every­ single Juve game this year, and most of the dubious­ calls went against them. With the exception of the­ Muntari goal, nothing really went their way, including­ the Matri goal cancelled in that same game. Hopefully­ justice will prevail, and Conte will be on the­ sidelines next season.

    From Juventino68, on Mon 28 May 13:44
  7. Are u guys not English speaking ppl dat u just left­ comment without reasoning on wat they are talking abt. ­ Conte was the manager of Siena b4 coming to Juventus.­ and the investigation is abt Siena and it has nothing­ to do with Juventus Unbeatable this season.. foolish­ ppl. this are some of the reason while our government­ can lie to us and go away freely, bcos many ppl are so­ stupid that they did not even reason before accepting­ what they heard.

    From rodman, on Mon 28 May 13:04
  8. Now why does this not surprise me. I always wondered­ how Juventus could be undefeated In the league and win­ it. Actually undefeated in the whole season until the­ very last cup final V Napoli. They only have like 5­ world class players. The rest mainly old rejects. This­ is why I don't pay any attention to Serie A.

    From , on Mon 28 May 12:32
  9. If only punishing them on a national scale has no­ effect (Juventus has done this before remember), then­ take the punishment to an international level. Ban­ Italy from entering the world cup and european­ championships as a consequence

    From Neil, on Mon 28 May 12:28
  10. You guys have no idea how much the powers in Italy­ despise Juventus. It represents the normal person, the­ blue colar, the guy who does not like the corrupt­ system. Juventus have more supporters outside Torino­ than inside. Conte could not sell a match cause he is­ not on the field, but they had to include him. They­ will find nothing on him, but it is good enough to­ shake him.. Juventus fans are the most fined in Italy­ for anything and everything..

    From Half A Brain, on Mon 28 May 12:23
  11. therr, and do you ever expect anyone knock on his door­ about it?

    From Fred Hotaj, on Mon 28 May 12:13
  12. In England , teams do not make match-fixing. Only­ alex ferguson always had good deal with Referees and­ FA.

    From tharr, on Mon 28 May 12:05
  13. "At least they investigate match fixing in­­ Italy" : You're quite right, it's­ definitely about time it was exposed in the SPL too. If­ there's another 'major' european league­ that's definitely run via total all out corruption­ - not to mention dodgy sectarian infuences from those­ in power - it's the SPL, just look at the state of­ it ! The same teams winning year in year out, stinks to­ high heaven !

    From t w, on Mon 28 May 11:33
  14. @ Jimmy : Me pal, they weren't murdered, they were­ the victims of a shocking stadium - and NO HEALTH AND­ SATETY whatsoever - that was not fit for a league game­ let alone a major European cup final. UEFA and the­ Belgian FA should have faced charges to, but it was­ easier to just simply blame the hooligans and ban­ England.

    From t w, on Mon 28 May 11:25
  15. "Remember England got almost as severe a­ punishment just­ for one case of hooliganism !" ­ What sort of idiot equates a match fixing scandal to­ scores of people being killed?

    From Rita Chakarbarti, on Mon 28 May 10:54
  16. At least they investigate match fixing in­ Italy......................

    From Rita Chakarbarti, on Mon 28 May 10:53
  17. Juventus relegated again ... oops!

    From , on Mon 28 May 10:51
  18. why not investigate inter for once ?

    From Magnus Thor, on Mon 28 May 10:51
  19. If you think this only happens in Italy your all­ deluded. Infact I think it happens Worldwide. The only­ reason Italy is brought up because it was caught red­ handed. There is so much corruption in football and its­ all to do with getting rich as the game gets more­ greedy. Its not about "Love for the sport­ anymore" its all about the money sadly. With­ "easy" opportunities like this I can see why­ people take the easy option.

    From Gareth, on Mon 28 May 10:49
  20. loads and loads of rubbish. all can't learn from­ 2006 experience. If it happens in Africa, it will be­ attributed to POVERTY. Are Italians too under POVERTY?

    From seriki, on Mon 28 May 10:25
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