Premier League - Managers: Wenger remains defiant

Sun, 28 Aug 19:18:00 2011

Managerial reaction from the Premier League, with Arsene Wenger adamant he will not quit after a humiliation at Old Trafford.

Top 5 goals

Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal

Sir Alex Ferguson: "It is (a shock) because when you play Arsenal you expect a difficult game. If you look at Arsenal the team is weakened. We have had some great results against them in the past but when you see Arsenal had a weakened team like that, you do expect to score goals because all their quality was in the forward positions. When we hit form like that, someone suffers. Arsenal unfortunately suffered."

Arsene Wenger: "No (I will not quit). Of course it hurts. It's humiliating. But you could see we had not recovered physically from Wednesday. They had class and they punished us. I know that in England when you lose a game signings are always the solution. We had eight players out today. You feel always humiliated when you concede eight goals. It was a terrible day for us. Man United had class but every single shot in the first half went in."

Tottenham 1-5 Manchester City

Harry Redknapp: "Luka (Modric) came to me at 11.30 this morning and said to me, 'I don't feel my head is right'. I said, 'I feel you need to play, Luka. I need you to play. You need to come and play'. I told him we had injuries and I said, 'I need you to come and play. We need you on the pitch, get out and play'. I told him he was our main man."

Roberto Mancini: "We played a really good game against what is a fantastic team. I was always sure Dzeko would score a lot of goals for us, he always scored in Wolfsburg. The only thing I'm disappointed with is that we conceded. I think we need to pay more attention in this situation."

Newcastle United 2-1 Fulham

Alan Pardew: "(Leon Best is) a player who is trying to establish himself as a Premier League player. I never really worry about his confidence. He kind of has that in abundance, which is not a bad thing for a footballer. I have known him for a long, long time and come up against him a couple of times and for me, he has never really had a run where he has said, 'I'm the man'. He will get an opportunity now and he needs to prove it."

Martin Jol: "We are creating chances but they are just not going in for us right now - that is an issue. The difference today was that they took theirs.We have an international break now and I'm asked if it comes at a good time for us. But I don't think it does because I would love to work with the boys. There's much we need to work on, but that's the reality for managers these days. Hopefully they will come back in good shape and we'll continue to work hard and move forward."

West Brom 0-1 Stoke City

Roy Hodgson: "To lose like that is very galling especially having seen the replays. I thought we defended it very, very badly. Foster could have been brave and taken the stud in the chest. But unfortunately he decided to turn away from the stud and, as a result, we conceded a goal. I think the referee could have helped in the situation by giving the free-kick because the player has put his foot high and was leading with his studs."

Tony Pulis: "If we got a decision go our way, then fine. During this season, we will have a lot go against us. It all evens itself up. If we got away with one, it is bad luck for Roy and good luck for us and Stoke. But I thought it was a goal. I don't think Ryan caught the keeper at all. To be honest, I didn't look at the linesman thinking it was going to be a free-kick."


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