Webber: I didn't race tactically for Seb

Wed, 30 May 12:36:00 2012

Mark Webber has rubbished suggestions that he was backing up his rivals during the Monaco Grand Prix in order to help team-mate Sebastian Vettel.

2012 Monaco GP Red Bull Webber - 0

The Australian started from pole position and took his first win of the season after resisting race-long pressure from Mercedes's Nico Rosberg, who was chased by Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.

Vettel started the race from 10th position but used a different strategy than his rivals in order to gain places in the race, the German starting on Pirelli's soft compound and running a lot deeper into the race than the men in front.

He pitted on lap 46 and returned to the track in fourth place, ahead of Hamilton's McLaren.

On Wednesday, Webber denied suggestions that he had deliberately run slower in order to slow down the field and allow Vettel to gain ground on his rivals before his pitstop.

"I heard afterwards people had been speculating that I was 'backing up' Nico, Fernando and McLaren's Lewis Hamilton, who was also behind me, to help my team-mate Sebastian Vettel gain places," wrote Webber in his column for the BBC.

"That is absolute rubbish. You just cannot be that fancy around Monaco.

"Ultimately, Seb ran out of tyres and he had to pit because the rest of us started to go quicker, but if they'd kept going he would have been pushing for the win.

"If we had been trying anything on, I could have been even cuter. I cleared Seb by quite a lot. If I'd wanted to slide him in among other people, I could have slowed down and it would have been even better for the team. But it just wasn't part of the plan.

"The problem with trying to do that would be that you're exposing yourself to even more pressure from the guys behind - Nico and Fernando in this case. And then the boys in the pits might mess up Seb's stop and it would all be for nothing.

"You always get bitten on the bum when you get fancy. So you just don't try."


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  1. Well, in fact, Monaco is not even legal by F1 rules :) ­ But there's a lot of money going on.

    From Diego Riera Garcia, on Fri 1 Jun 11:28
  2. Suggestions come from nowhere and the title is a prime­ example.

    From Mick, on Fri 1 Jun 10:08
  3. I fail to see why Webber would want to help Vettel at­ any price when Vettel has never helped Webber at any­ time. In F1 every driver is for himself. Helping the­ team comes second and the drivers need is first.

    From In Just Over 60 Years TimeP, on Fri 1 Jun 1:27
  4. well mark there is one thing we can agree on, been to­ montreal many times including last years soaker,­ it's a great circut. Monaco must stay though and­ probably will, because it can :)

    From EMUELLER, on Thu 31 May 22:56
  5. @ 10 Well, Helen....theres always hope....me, I hope I­ win the lottery on Saturday, chances are I won`t....and­ whining Webber has the same chance of an F1 title!

    From Cheeseburger, on Thu 31 May 18:31
  6. I tend to believe an Ozzie more than any other race -­ and I am a true Angl-Saxon fan.

    From Michael, on Thu 31 May 15:13
  7. sorry Mark your sounding like a politition now!!

    From Michael, on Thu 31 May 15:05
  8. U-Brit-twit-sorry to have to tell you we are not in the­ Euro, we still have Pounds. It is your currency that­ has been demoted to second rate entity.( a bit like­ your countrymen & armed forces) remind me how many­ trillions do you owe.I should also like to remind you­ it was your grasping bankers who started the recession­ in 2007 with their give anybody a mortgage scheme to ­ line their own pockets, with good old mickey mack &­ maura may whatever their stupid names were.

    From Tonka, on Thu 31 May 12:37
  9. the cars of the last 10 years especially todays have­ just outgrown the track.also the tyres have outgrown­ it.this race used to be 2 stop minimum because they­ just couldnt take it,that for good racing (back in the­ day!).today this track seems more of an exibition with­ only pole and second place competeing for any­ spoils.FIA have to change something with regards to­ monaco but not sure wot!come on jenson,pull your finger­ out.

    From Matthew, on Thu 31 May 10:57
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    BS Mark! If you didn't, then you're in trouble­ with your team, its owner and its favoured driver. But­ full credit to you - you did enough to help him up a­ few places satisfying your team while hanging on to the­ win for yourself.

    From H, on Thu 31 May 9:39
  11. Well what a lod of dogs poo that was on Sunday and now­ the highlight is about Mark Webber holding everybody up­ behind him so Vettel could get past Hamilton, just­ about sums up the dump really, just a day out for the­ rich playing with there real life scaletrix set

    From L, on Thu 31 May 8:15
  12. I didn't see it that way, but of course I don't­ go looking for conspiracies. I think that most­ everyone was trying to stretch their initial run to­ avoid making two stops. An how about those super softs­ lasting 30 laps? What some people fail to realize is­ that temperature and racing surface have a big effect­ on tyre wear. In NASCAR, Goodyear brings specific tyre­ compounds for each track because of this. Sometimes­ they get it horribly wrong like at Indy a few years­ ago.

    From Bill K, on Thu 31 May 7:53
  13. Scotty Jay, do better research and you will find­ F1drivers starting from the last and 2nd last position­ ending 2nd and a win. Schumacher has proofed again last­ Sunday what a great driver he is by taking out Grosjean­ in the start. He has NO driver skills or talent. He is­ a 'made' champion.

    From Francis, on Thu 31 May 7:51
  14. @Mark - Couldn't agree more. I think racing at­ Monaco equates to a football match where the goals have­ been removed - a pointless waste of time.

    From Dave S, on Thu 31 May 7:32
  15. You do realize, Francis, Schumi won the Belgian GP in­ the mid-90's from 16th on the grid? Say what you­ want about his sportsmanship, he can really drive a­ car.

    From , on Thu 31 May 4:52
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    I agree with Mark. If there was ever a boring piece TV­ sport broadcasting this was at the top. No passing. No­ top driver willing to commit. Just a procession of­ highly paid people who think the Formula 1 sport owes­ them a living. As for Webber,s talent. He is just an­ average driver. Not in the same class as Alonso and­ Hamilton. Vettel is turning out to be another­ Schumacher. If he dosent gain pole position he cant­ win. He hasnt got the temperament to fight for a place­ from a mid position.

    From Mainwaring, on Thu 31 May 0:28
  17. @ 2 - martin, and @10 -Helen - I agree with you both,­ some people are looking so hard for a conspiracy they­ ignore everything else around them. Mark has been­ really consistent this year, only one really bad result­ so far, but a long way to go. It would be fantastic­ for the sport if he won the WDC, not many out there­ would begrudge him.

    From , on Wed 30 May 22:49
  18. Thank goodness not every American is as asinine as that­ UBrit moron.

    From Put Rose In, on Wed 30 May 22:36
  19. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    yahoo censor just like the US government...

    From Enki, on Wed 30 May 16:27
  20. Yes Martin (post 2) exactly right. There has to be a­ conspiracy theory in there somehere, he cant possibly­ do anything that does not help Seb, he just cant win­ with some folk. (Personally I think Seb was hanging on­ hoping for rain so he could get in for tyres on his one­ stop and get the win as everyone else would need to­ stop for tyres and end up on two stops, but for once he­ was not lucky and rain didnt come in time) Good luck to­ Mark hope he keeps consistant now and wins the thing­ this year that would stun the lot of them.

    From HELEN, on Wed 30 May 16:25
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