Williams: Potential not reached in Monaco

Wed, 30 May 11:59:00 2012

Williams insists it had the potential to feature far more prominently in the Monaco Grand Prix, and was disappointed with both Pastor Maldonado's 'avoidable' FP3 clash with Sergio Perez and its eventual return of just one championship point.

Williams Formula One driver Pastor Maldonado of Venezuela has his car winched away after he crashed it during the third practice session of the Monaco F1 Grand Prix May 26, 2012. - 0

The Grove-based squad headed to the principality on the back of its first Formula 1 victory in eight years, which came courtesy of a faultless drive by Maldonado at Barcelona.

The Venezuelan spoiled his Monaco chances in FP3 however, when he collided with Perez - an incident which let the team down, according to chief operations engineer Mark Gillan, who believes the team was capable of far more.

"The car was good enough for a P4 or P5 qualifying position and our race pace was also good, so it is disappointing not to have come away from this event with a decent haul of points," Gillan said.

"I think that [Maldonado's] incident was avoidable and therefore disappointing - and that the penalty was therefore understandable."

Gillan said Bruno Senna's race had, by the Brazilian's own admission, been spoiled by his qualifying and by being held up by Kimi Raikkonen's Lotus.

"Bruno was very honest after qualifying admitting that he could have done better and he pushed hard through the race but was ultimately frustrated by Kimi who held him up," Gillan said.

"We will continue to work hard with Bruno in the simulator and on the track to help him maximise the new tyres' performance."

Williams is expecting to be strong again at Montreal, where Gillan insists it will need to deliver throughout the weekend.

"The team are looking forward to Montreal as we believe that we should be strong again," he affirmed, "but we need to deliver in both qualifying and the race. Montreal is usually an eventful race, with multiple stops, high brake wear and with the chance of a safety car being very likely."


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  1. didn't know you had any. that is, potential....

    From Daytonabob, on Fri 1 Jun 0:58
  2. 6 comments so far & none with an opinion on the­ subject under discussion. I believe, if this continues,­ the plug will be pulled. Come on boys & girls­ curtail your remarks to the matter in hand. I think­ everyone can agree that Williams, after their­ performance last time, have every right to be­ disappointed with the outcome, from their point of­ view, at Monaco.

    From Derek, on Thu 31 May 14:59
  3. Williams FW14B it would seem you have Valley on the­ brain dont get burnt again.

    From , on Thu 31 May 8:59
  4. If they had kept Rubens they would have reached their­ potential - it's their own fault.

    From J, on Thu 31 May 8:07
  5. People, people.. I wouldn't worry too much about­ the troll. Just thumb him down and move on. If the guy­ is deluded enough to call himself a ' Silicon­ Valley entrepreneur', then there is no helping­ him. Seriously, don't poke the crazies..

    From Williams FW14B, on Wed 30 May 23:45
  6. U-Brit-pwrless-paupers-R-finishd your a sad inbred, gun­ happy, deranged idiot who has not got a clue what it is­ ranting on about

    From tony, on Wed 30 May 16:09
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