Baines not interested in speculation

Wed, 30 May 08:55:33 2012

Everton defender Leighton Baines insists his focus is on Euro 2012 rather than his own future.

Baines has been linked with a summer move to Manchester United after another fine season for the Toffees, but he said he is channeling all his energies into helping England do well in Poland and the Ukraine.

"The United link is flattering," Baines said. "There is no harm in people talking about it because it is a great club. But I'm at a great club as well, a club that I love. The focus now is all on the tournament. There's not much time to let other things seep in."

Baines added: "Would it be hard to turn United down? I'm not letting my focus shift to that while I am in camp. I'm focused on what I'm doing at the moment.

"Would it be hard to leave Everton? Yes, obviously. You know what it means. I've been there for five years myself but also know first-hand what it means to a lot of people so, yes it would be."

Baines admits to feeling frustration at Everton's inability to show their post-Christmas form during the first half of a season despite finishing seventh in the Barclays Premier League.

He said: "There is more frustration than satisfaction because we tend to do this every year. If we could start the league at Christmas, we'd probably be in the Champions League every year. I might have a word with someone and see if we can sort that out.

"That's probably the case if you looked at it over the last three or four years. I would like to think that in at least two or three of those seasons we would have been in there (the Champions League).

"It's strange. I've been there five years and we've done it every year (started slowly). I don't know what it is. We've mixed things up a little bit pre-season and tried different things this year. We'll probably do it again next year.

"I feel just even if we just had a decent start we'd be in a good position but generally our starts have been pretty poor and give us a mountain to climb. Generally we've managed to climb it but we've given ourselves a tough task."


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  1. All Baines had to say considering he loves the­ club,"I am staying at Everton".

    From DAVID, on Sat 2 Jun 16:30
  2. we all know that we need some new blood to strengthen­ the squad another defender and back up in midfield­ (Danny Murphy ) who is a free agent and how about­ Klasnic from Bolton also free agent he has proved he­ can score goals and would be good support for Jelavic­ Come on Moyesy go for it

    From Dave, on Fri 1 Jun 16:47
  3. Kenwright needs to find 12 to 15 million £ `s to make­ some signings which may sway Baines decision if it is­ required. If Steven Pienarr was signed for the £ 5­ million Spurs are said to want that would be a start.­ Then there is a need for a midfielder to replace Arteta­ and any spare cash after that would maybe buy another­ player. Only by doing this will players like Baines be­ persuaded that they can achieve things at EFC other­ than about 7th place and no cups. My biggest worry is­ that Fellaini will go to Chelsea now they have signed­ his Belgian international team mate, he would be far­ harder to replace than Baines. OK we should get £ 25­ million for him, a nice profit, but there is no other­ player like him, wheras it would be possible to find a­ leftback...tho NOT Kieran Richardson please ! Distin­ has shown he can stand in , but i can`t see him bombing­ down the wing like Baines does ! It was the same last­ close season with speculation about Baines,­ Pienarr,Jagialka, Barkley and Rodwell yet only Arteta­ jumped ship. These playes must have been ecouraged by­ the signing and performances of Jelavic and Gibson so­ maybe it wouldn`t be too hard to convince them EFC are­ moving up.

    From Martin, on Thu 31 May 16:13
  4. I hope that Everton can keep their players and find­ some 'pocket money' to acquire an additional­ striker to partner Jelavic and a midfield playmaker.

    From WILLIAM, on Thu 31 May 13:16
  5. In expectation rather than hope (I think :-) I really­ think Bainesy will stay, I think the players realise­ that we are really not that far way at all, there is­ also a real sense of camaraderie with us at the moment­ and with a bit of investment in the summer no reason­ why we can't challenge for the top 4, vital that we­ keep our top players though and get hold of peanuts,­ that is a priority and, As Shaun says, if we can just­ start well... Who knows? To keep competitive though­ in seasons beyond we really need this billionaire in­ soon! Gettin sick of saying this now haha! COYB

    From mogsy1981, on Wed 30 May 12:38
  6. maybe its because if everton could sort out there­ performance before christmas they could end up in the­ top 4 at the end of the season

    From Shaun, on Wed 30 May 11:19
  7. It appears that Baines is not chomping at the bit to≠­ engage in talks with United and he is not the first≠­ player to make it clear that United is not at the top≠­ of his list of priorities. I have to wonder why?

    From BRIAN, on Wed 30 May 10:48
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