Ryder Cup - Celtic Manor: Ultimate course guide

Tue, 28 Sep 18:14:00 2010

A hole-by-hole graphical guide to Celtic Manor's Twenty Ten course which will host the 38th edition of the Ryder Cup.

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Hole One: 465 yards, Par 4: A challenging first hole that will test the early nerves. A right-to-left dog-leg. Risk-takers will hug the left side of the fairway off the tee for an easier approach but deep fairway bunkers will prove penal.

Hole One: 465 yards, Par 4

Two: 610 yards, Par 5: The first of the four par-fives demands accuracy off the tee, particularly for the big hitters who will bring the fairway bunkers into play. Birdies on offer for the bold but plenty of danger too, as Paul Lawrie found at the Welsh Open where he took an 11 this year.

Hole Two: 610 yards, Par 5

Three: 189 yards, Par 3. The first short hole promises plenty of drama with a 160-yard carry over a lake and a cavernous bunker guarding the right of the green. Pin positions will be interesting.

Hole Three: 189 yards, Par 3

Four: 461 yards, Par 4. Another testing par-four, especially as it normally plays against the prevailing wind. Fairway protected by two bunkers while the sloping green requires a precision approach.

Hole Four: 461 yards, Par 4

Five: 457 yards, Par 4. All kinds of choices off the tee on this left-to-right dog-leg. A long drive is risky but would set up a friendlier approach while the shorter hitters will have to take on a stream that guards the front of the green.

Hole Five: 457 yards, Par 4

Six: 452 yards, Par 4. The first of the remodelled holes from the old Wentwood Hills course. A left-to-right dog-leg with water in play to the right and bunkers in front of and behind the green. Little margin for error.

Hole Six: 452 yards, Par 4

Seven: 213 yards, Par 3: Looks far from intimidating but a bunker to the left runs the length of the green while another at the back has been dug deeper.

Hole Seven: 213 yards, Par 3

Eight: 439 yards, Par 4: One of the wider fairways on the course but bunkers lurk menacingly at driver length. Wayward approaches will be gobbled up by green-side traps.

Hole Eight: 439 yards, Par 4

Nine: 580 yards, Par 5: Can be played at its full 666 yards but even off the more advanced tee there is plenty to worry about. Three new bunkers have been added and there is water left and right of the fairway.

Hole Nine: 580 yards, Par 5

Ten: 210 yards, Par 3: A treacherous, short hole. A small green is guarded by deep bunkers to the front and tricky hollows at the back. Accuracy will be paramount.

Hole Ten: 210 yards, Par 3

Eleven: 562 yards, Par 5: For those aiming to hit the green in two the landing area for tee shots is dangerously narrow. Water all the way down the left adds to the challenge, as do some deep pot bunkers to the right of the green.

Hole Eleven: 562 yards, Par 5

Twelfth: 458 yards, Par 4: As the players turn back towards the clubhouse they are faced with a treacherous tee shot across the edge of a lake. Another lake must be crossed on the approach to a smallish green.

Hole Twelve: 458 yards, Par 4

Thirteen: 189 yards, Par 3: A 150-yard carry is required to reach the green and any player finding himself in the deep bunkers to the left faces a horrible downhill escape with water lurking the other side of the green.

Hole Thirteen: 189 yards, Par 3

Fourteen: 485 yards, Par 4: Designer Ross McMurray's favourite hole promises to provide plenty of drama. Perfect for matchplay golf. The big hitters will attempt to carry the full length of a yawning lake for a short pitch.

Hole Fourteen: 485 yards, Par 4

Fifteen: 377 yards, Par 4: A boomerang-shaped left-to-right hole. A short cut across woodland makes the green reachable off the tee but bunkers await those taking the risk while playing the hole the long way needs pinpoint accuracy.

Hole Fifteen: 377 yards, Par 4

Sixteen: 508 yards, Par 4: The longest par four on the course. A stunning fairway cut into the Usk Valley is narrow and anything right will be swept into deep trouble. A spectacular downhill approach shot will make good television.

Hole Sixteen: 508 yards, Par 4

Seventeen, 211 yards, par 3: A huge, split-level green provides a big target but a pin placement on the right of the green will be guarded by five bunkers. Club selection will be tricky, especially with the wind blowing.

Hole Seventeen, 211 yards, par 3

Eighteen, 575 yards, Par 5: As befitting the Ryder Cup, the final hole will provide thrilling sporting theatre. A slight right-to-left dog-leg requires accuracy off the tee while players going for a well-defended green in two must take into account a triangular water hazard.

Hole Eighteen, 575 yards, Par 5

Total yards: 7,493; Par: 71

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