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Tue, 31 Jul 17:18:00 2012

Track cycling disciplines at the Olympics:


Two riders compete over three laps in a best-of-three series of knockout races. Riders try to avoid showing their cards too early so the opening lap often takes place at a snail's pace as they try to psyche each other out.

On the final lap, riders look to steal a march on their opponent as they blast away for a furious sprint finish.


MEN: Gregory Bauge (France), Jason Kenny (Britain)

WOMEN: Victoria Pendleton (Britain), Anna Meares (Australia), Guo Shuang (China), Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania)


Men over 4km. Women over 3km.

Two four-man or three-woman teams start on opposite sides of the track. The aim is to catch the opposition team or complete the race in the fastest time. Each rider takes it in turns to lead for half or, if they are up to it, a full lap.


MEN: Britain, Australia

WOMEN: Britain, Australia


Men: two teams of three riders compete over three laps.

Women: two teams of two riders compete over two laps.

The two teams start on opposite sides of the track. Each rider leads at the front for a lap before pulling up on to the banking with the final rider crossing for the line.


MEN: Germany, France, Australia

WOMEN: Germany, Australia, China, Britain


Men and women over 2km.

Originated in Japan where it became very popular as a betting sport.

Six riders follow in the slipstream of a pace-setting motorbike, or "derny", which accelerates to a speed of up to 50km/h (40km/h for women) before pulling off the track with two-and-a-half laps to go leaving the riders to battle it out in a sprint to the finish.


MEN: Chris Hoy (Britain)

WOMEN: Anna Meares (Australia), Guo Shuang (China), Clara Sanchez (France), Victoria Pendleton (Britain)


A gruelling test of all-round skills in six different disciplines held over the course of two days: a flying lap, 30-km points race (20 km for women), elimination race, 4km individual pursuit (3km), 15km scratch race (10km) and one kilometre (500m) time trial.

Points added up depending on placing in each event. The rider with the lowest points score wins.


MEN: Elia Viviani (Italy), Glenn O'Shea (Australia), Bryan Coquard (France)

WOMEN: Laura Trott (Britain), Sarah Hammer (United States)


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