Arsenal 1-0 FC Zurich LIVE! Europa League result, match stream, latest reaction and updates today

Arsenal 1-0 FC Zurich LIVE! Europa League result, match stream, latest reaction and updates today

Arsenal vs FC Zurich - LIVE!

Kieran Tierney was the unlikely match-winner as Arsenal beat FC Zurich to progress from their Europa League group in first place and avoid a potentially tricky knockout round play-off tie.

The Gunners needed to match the result of Group A rivals PSV Eindhoven to secure top-spot and Tierney’s fine finish was just enough to see off a spirited Zurich side 1-0. PSV won away to Bodo/Glimt so a victory at the Emirates Stadium was required as Mikel Arteta’s side - showing seven changes from the 5-0 Premier League win over Nottingham Forest on Sunday - failed to fire but did just about enough.

After Manchester United had only been able to seal second place in their group earlier in the evening, the win means Arsenal will avoid the likes of Barcelona, Juventus and Sevilla as they receive a bye into the round of 16.

Arsenal vs Zurich latest news

  • OFFSIDE! Zurich denied by linesman’s flag

  • GOAL! Tierney fires Arsenal in front

  • Group A permutations

Arsenal FC 1 - 0 FC Zürich

Match analysis

23:01 , Matt Verri

With Oleksandr Zinchenko finally back fit, Arsenal’s game against FC Zurich was an ideal time for Kieran Tierney to put in his best performance of the season.

It has not been an easy campaign for the Scot so far, who has had to cope with no longer being one of the first names on Mikel Arteta’s team sheet.

Zinchenko’s arrival from Manchester City has put pay to that, while Takehiro Tomiyasu has also excelled when shifted from right to left-back.

That has meant chances have been limited for Tierney and he has had to rely on the Europa League for opportunities to shine.

He certainly did that against Zurich, scoring the only goal of the game and creating plenty of other chances for his team-mates throughout.

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 (Arsenal FC via Getty Images)
(Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

Arsenal player ratings

22:13 , Matt Verri

Gabriel 7

Had a good game at centre-back and looked composed throughout. He has been shaky at times this season, but his passing was good tonight.

Kieran Tierney 8 | Star player

Arsenal’s best player and this was also probably the Scot’s best performance of the season so far. Took his goal really well and caused problems on the overlap.

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 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

All that matters...

22:00 , Matt Verri

FT: Arsenal 1-0 FC Zurich

21:55 , Matt Verri

Job done!

Bit nervier than Arteta would have liked, but Arsenal do enough to seal top spot in Group A.

Tierney’s first-half strike proves to be the winner.

21:54 , Matt Verri

90+5 mins: Gabriel booked, Zurich will have one last chance to lump something in the box.

Referee dropped the card just as he was about to show it... crowd enjoyed that.

21:51 , Matt Verri

90+3 mins: Cedric whips in a decent cross, Nketiah can’t quite get up enough and flicks the header wide.

Tierney was briefly down after taking a knock, he’s back up and looks fine though. Arsenal with two more minutes to see out, maybe a bit more after that stoppage.

21:48 , Matt Verri

90 mins: Arsenal pinned back in their own box here, hanging on now.

There are... five minutes added on!

21:46 , Matt Verri

88 mins: Worrying blow for Arsenal here, Tomiyasu limps off having only been brought on 15 minutes ago.

Cedric on in his place - have to hope that isn’t anything too serious for Tomiyasu.

21:44 , Matt Verri

86 mins: Balls being whipped into the Arsenal box, not being dealt with particularly well either.

Tierney does well to head this one away, Nketiah then gets his body in front of the defender and wins a soft free-kick. Arsenal will take their sweet time over this.

21:42 , Matt Verri

84 mins: Katic flies in on Nelson, looks like the Arsenal man has beaten him... corner given. Katic very fortunate, he’s already on a yellow card.

Maybe got the slightest touch on the ball but definitely caught Nelson. Anyway, he survives.

21:41 , Matt Verri

83 mins: Nketiah and Kamberi not enjoying each other’s company tonight. They tussle as the ball runs out of play and there’s a bit of a shove for good measure.

Not sure Arsenal are going to miss Zurich very much, hasn’t been a particularly enjoyable evening.

21:39 , Matt Verri

80 mins: Viunnyk lets fly from 20 yards out, great effort too. Ramsdale flings himself at it, very relieved to see it fly wide of the post.

This is going to be a long, long ten minutes for the Gunners at this rate.

PSV beating Bodo/Glimt 2-0, so if Arsenal concede they will finish second in the group.

21:37 , Matt Verri

78 mins: We have another scream of agony from a Zurich player, and it’s our old friend Aliti.

This time he takes offence to Saka’s boot and falls to the ground, letting everyone know about it on his way down.

21:33 , Matt Verri

75 mins: Nelson takes too long to slide the pass through to Nketiah, eventually he does but the striker is clearly offside.

We play on anyway, Nketiah back to Nelson who takes it away from Odegaard as he was lining up a shot.

All entirely pointless, the flag eventually goes up.

21:31 , Matt Verri

73 mins: Two more changes from Arteta, not ones he probably wanted to be making.

Vieira and White the two to make way, Odegaard and Tomiyasu introduced.

21:28 , Matt Verri

70 mins: Nelson skips past his man and is brought down... or not. Referee waves play on. Not sure about that decision.

Tomiyasu getting ready for the Gunners, this is turning into a bit of a nervy conclusion.


21:26 , Matt Verri

Wow. Zurich very nearly equalise!

First shot is well saved by Ramsdale, parried out to Guerrero and he volleys past the goalkeeper at the near post.

Offside flag swiftly raised though.

Simon Collings at the Emirates

21:23 , Matt Verri

Gareth Southgate will be watching this through his fingers. Zurich are, to put it politely, a physical side. Saka needs to be careful.

21:21 , Matt Verri

63 mins: Jesus and Elneny off, Saka and Partey on.

Nketiah will move into a central position, having spent the night out on the left wing.

21:19 , Matt Verri

61 mins: Lokonga forced to run 20 yards back towards his own goal with the ball, desperately waiting to be fouled. Eventually it comes.

There are going to be changes from Arteta - he’s calling for the big guns. Partey and Saka coming on.

21:16 , Matt Verri

58 mins: Nketiah away down the left, ball had just gone out of play though.

Arsenal can’t find that second goal that would surely bring about a number of changes from Arteta.

21:13 , Matt Verri

55 mins: Lokonga with a lovely piece of skill to beat his man in the box, only problem is he’s nowhere near the ball as it rolls to the goalkeeper.

No real sign of Zurich threatening since the restart, but they’re still just about in it.

Simon Collings at the Emirates

21:12 , Matt Verri

Getting a little tasty on the sidelines. Zurich put the ball out for a throw and, in giving it back to them, Lokonga passed it into the corner. Zurich boss fuming and pointing at Arteta.

Pretty decent sign that it was a foul...

21:11 , Matt Verri

21:10 , Matt Verri

52 mins: Tierney skips past his man, gets his shirt completely ripped! Still carried on and put the cross into the box, it’s cleared away.

He’s going to need a new one though, that shirt is a mess now.

21:08 , Matt Verri

49 mins: This has been a really quick start from Arsenal, Katic turned by Jesus and he brings the Brazilian down. Yellow card.

Free-kick swung in from deep, this time Zurich do a better job of clearing it it and Vieira then halts the counter with a foul of his own.

21:05 , Matt Verri

47 mins: Lokonga absolutely clattered with about six seconds of the second-half played. Welcome back.

Free-kick to the Gunners, Nelson and Vieira standing over it. Whipped in, somehow falls for Jesus and he’s denied from a matter of yards!

Had to score really, keeper does brilliantly to turn it over the bar.

Back underway!

21:03 , Matt Verri

Up and running again at the Emirates.

Serious finish!

20:58 , Matt Verri

Simon Collings at the Emirates

20:51 , Matt Verri

A good half from Arsenal, but I suspect Arteta will be gutted this game isn’t dead. Feels like Arsenal could, and maybe should, have had one or two more before the break.

FT: Arsenal 1-0 Zurich

20:48 , Matt Verri

And there is the half-time whistle.

Arsenal lead through Tierney’s brilliant finish, he’s been by far the best player on the pitch.

Zurich offered a threat in the early stages but they’ve been pinned back further and further as the half went on.


20:47 , Matt Verri

45+1 mins: Gabriel penalised for the second time, as he jumps all over the Zurich defender.

Been a fun half overall, Arsenal good value for their lead and could easily be two or three goals up.

20:46 , Matt Verri

45 mins: Arsenal throw-in slightly delayed, as Arteta holds the ball while he moans at the referee. Never satisfied.

The Gunners are gifted yet another corner, as Selnaes swings at the ball and makes no contact after controlling it. Shambles.

Two minutes added on.

Simon Collings at the Emirates

20:42 , Matt Verri

Perhaps partly because it’s Zurich, but Tierney playing best he has this season. Scored and put in two or three good crosses that almost led to goals.

20:41 , Matt Verri

40 mins: Glorious Arsenal move, Tierney leading the charge. He’s been absolutely brilliant tonight.

Charges down the left, plays a one-two with Nketiah and then perfectly picks out Vieira. His shot is again blocked, this time by a Zurich shirt at least.

Elneny tries his luck from all of 35 yards out - makes it about seven of them before it’s blocked.

20:39 , Matt Verri

38 mins: And again, the visitors make a complete mess of things and concede a completely unnecessary corner.

Vieira swings the cross back in, Katic flicks it away for, you’ve guessed it, another Arsenal corner. Gunners really pushing for the second goal here.

Goalkeeper comes and doesn’t get there, Tierney cushions a volley over the bar.

20:37 , Matt Verri

36 mins: Zurich play out from the back until they get bored and boot it behind for a corner.

Nketiah with a powerful header at the near post, great save to keep that out. Jesus then skips past three Zurich defenders, can’t quite pick out Nelson in the middle.

20:35 , Matt Verri

34 mins: Holding thinks he’s won the ball back, kicked through the back of his man though.

The Arsenal man then swings and misses at the ball, Zurich break and Ramsdale has to make a smart save from the deflected shot.

20:32 , Matt Verri

31 mins: Arsenal slicing Zurich open now, lovely flick from Jesus and Nketiah is in.

Looks very much like he’s been dragged back in the box but he plays on, picking out Vieira. His shot is destined for the corner until it’s blocked... by Jesus.

More on the Aliti front - yellow card for a really poor challenge on Vieira.

Simon Collings at the Emirates

20:31 , Matt Verri

Arsenal in control here, but it’s still all a bit slow. Arteta pulls Holding over and motions to him to up the tempo. When Arsenal play at pace Zurich can’t live with them.

20:30 , Matt Verri

30 mins: Lovely Arsenal move, they have plenty of numbers out on the left wing.

Nketiah slides it through to Tierney, his cut back is fired at Nelson and the winger can’t quite divert the effort as it flies over the bar.

20:28 , Matt Verri

28 mins: Ramsdale with a strange pass out towards Gabriel, drills it straight behind for a corner. Not sure that was the plan.

Aliti involved again, gets across his man at the near post but flicks the header over the bar. Arsenal not looking particularly secure at the back.

20:26 , Matt Verri

26 mins: Dear me. Nelson brings the ball down well, holds the defender off and Aliti goes down like Deontay Wilder has thrown at him.

His screams ring out around the Emirates and he gets the decision, at which point he makes a swift and miraculous recovery.

20:24 , Matt Verri

24 mins: That comes to nothing but Arsenal keep the pressure on, they’re completely in control now.

Tierney stands up a cross to the back post, Vieira goes for a very, very ambitious bicycle kick and barely makes any contact.

Jesus looks to set him up for a more routine chance, just overhits the pass.

20:21 , Matt Verri

21 mins: Vieira wins the ball back high up the pitch and Arsenal can break.

Nketiah tries his luck from distance, straight at the goalkeeper but it’s not a particularly convincing save. Jesus gets to the rebound and wins a corner for the hosts.

Simon Collings at the Emirates

20:19 , Matt Verri

I think Aaron Ramsdale enjoyed Tierney scoring that one. He ran all the way to the halfway line to celebrate with Tierney. The pair are close friends off the pitch.

GOAL! Arsenal 1-0 Zurich | Kieran Tierney 17'

20:18 , Matt Verri

Vieira plays it wide to Nelson, finds White on the overlap. Comes back to Vieira, he hammers a shot at goal but it’s blocked.

Arsenal stay on the attack, falls for Tierney and he lashes an effort into the bottom corner. Great finish, and he is pumped to say the least!

20:15 , Matt Verri

14 mins: Jesus making a nuisance of himself as ever, does well to win a corner for the Gunners - their first of the match. First real chance they’ve had to get bodies forward.

Vieira takes it out to Nelson, he makes a complete mess of the shot. Jesus almost makes something of it still, but just runs out of room.

20:12 , Matt Verri

11 mins: Another Zurich corner, as Gabriel blocks the low cross.

Katic wins the initial header, falls for Conde and he blazes the shot over the bar. Wouldn’t have counted anyway, he was miles offside.

Simon Collings at the Emirates

20:10 , Matt Verri

A noticeable change to Arsenal’s build-up. Lokonga is dropping into the left-back position and Tierney is pushing high up the flank.

It is something Arsenal did a lot last season, but they’d stopped this year with Zinchenko and Tomiyasu tucking in from left-back.

20:07 , Matt Verri

7 mins: Zurich getting so much space in wide areas, just lacking the final ball so far. They win a corner this time, Ramsdale not looking too impressed with the defending in front of him.

Big header from White to get it away, before Gabriel completes the job.

20:05 , Matt Verri

5 mins: Ground still covered with smoke from those pre-match flares, quite the display put on from the Zurich fans.

Visitors certainly not just sitting back in the early stages, they’re looking to press up on Arsenal when they can.

20:02 , Matt Verri

2 mins: Zurich with a bright start, they find plenty of room down the left wing.

Low cross into the box is tame though, Gabriel has plenty of time to sort his feet out and clear the danger.


20:01 , Matt Verri

Up and running in north London!

Teams are out!

19:58 , Matt Verri

Players out onto the pitch, absolute chaos in the away end to greet them.

Zurich need a win tonight to keep their hopes of qualifying for the Europa League Conference alive - they’ll then be hoping for a favour from PSV.

Simon Collings at the Emirates

19:55 , Matt Verri

We’ve not even had a ball kicked yet and already the Zurich fans are going mad. Flares set off, singing songs and now they’re all holding their scarves aloft.

United face two extra matches

19:53 , Matt Verri

Manchester United did not find a second goal against Real Sociedad, so they finish as runners-up in the group.

That means they go into the knockout round play-off draw, to face a team dropping down from the Champions League. Barcelona, Juventus and Ajax among the possible opponents.

That’s exactly what Arsenal are trying to avoid tonight.


Not long now...

19:47 , Matt Verri

Kick-off coming up in just over ten minutes at the Emirates.

Reminder that Arsenal just need to match PSV’s result against Bodo/Glimt tonight and they will be confirmed as group winners.

Should be a relatively routine task - we shall see though.

Stage is set!

19:39 , Matt Verri

Elsewhere in Europe

19:34 , Matt Verri

Manchester United are currently 1-0 up against Real Sociedad with five minutes to go - they need to win by a two-goal margin if they’re to finish top of the ground.

Luckily Erik ten Hag has just the thing for it. Harry Maguire has been brought on to play up front.

Yes, you heard.

Follow the final minutes of that match here


What you’ve all been waiting for...

19:26 , Matt Verri

Obviously a very emotional night tonight - it’s the final time we’ll hear the Europa League anthem in 2022.

So you best enjoy it while you can, going to be a few months until it’s blared out again.

The Champions League anthem it is not, it would be fair to see...

Arteta: Players need to focus on Arsenal

19:18 , Matt Verri

Mikel Arteta was asked in his pre-match press conference if he feels a responsibility to protect his players ahead of the World Cup.

Ben Chilwell and Heung-min Son are the latest Premier League starts to have picked up injuries that put their World Cup participation in serious doubt, but Arteta does not want his team thinking about international football yet.

“Every day I feel the responsibility to protect them, to guide them and to get the best out of them, but they are playing for Arsenal at the moment and that’s what they have to focus on,” Arteta said.

“Then when they’re playing for England or their national teams, they need to focus on their national team. This is what we have to do.”

 (Arsenal FC via Getty Images)
(Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

Simon Collings at the Emirates

19:10 , Matt Verri

Arteta reflects on Arsenal timing

19:02 , Matt Verri

Mikel Arteta believes it may have helped his coaching career that he did not directly succeed Arsene Wenger at Arsenal.

Wenger left Arsenal in 2018 after 22 years at the club and he was replaced by Unai Emery. The Spaniard, however, struggled at Emirates Stadium and he was sacked just 18 months into his time at Arsenal.

Arteta was then appointed in December 2019 and he believes not being the man to directly succeed Wenger could have helped.

“I think there are certain eras that you know are going to last forever and we’re always going to be the coach or the person that was trying to succeed and try to take a lot of the things he left and the legacy he left for this football club,” he said.

“Looking back, probably yeah it was helpful [not being the man directly after Wenger]. I don’t know. Hopefully yes, hopefully it was the right call.”

Read the full story on that here


Mixed bag from Arteta

18:54 , Matt Verri

Plenty of changes from Arteta but it’s still a pretty strong Arsenal side.

Jesus captains the side with Gabriel and White also involved, while Nelson starts after his brilliant display off the bench against Forest. Elneny is back from injury to start in midfield.

Zinchenko is on the bench for the Gunners, along with the likes of Saka, Martinelli and Saliba.

Zurich team news

18:49 , Matt Verri

Zurich XI: Brecher, Boranijasevic, Kamberi, Katic, Aliti, Conde, Selnaes, Guerrero, Aiyegun, Okita, Rohner

Subs: Kostadinovic, Omeragic, Krasniqi, Santini, Marchesano, Hornschuh, Vyunnyk, Hodza, Mets, Sauter

Arsenal team news

18:46 , Matt Verri

Arsenal XI: Ramsdale, White, Holding, Gabriel, Tierney, Elneny, Lokonga, Nelson, Vieira, Nketiah, Jesus

Subs: Hein, Partey, Saka, Odegaard, Martinelli, Saliba, Cedric, Tomiyasu, Marquinhos, Zinchenko, Smith, Hillson.

Look away Arsenal fans...

18:40 , Matt Verri

Defeat a week ago to PSV meant that tonight is still an important match for Arsenal.

It was just the second time the Gunners have been beaten all season - PSV were good value for the win too.

Here’s how it happened...

Martinelli: I just need a pen

18:31 , Matt Verri

Gabriel Martinelli has reaffirmed his desire to sign a new contract at Arsenal.

The forward is currently into the final two years of his current deal, although Arsenal have the option to extend it to 2026.

Martinelli has been linked with likes of Chelsea and Real Madrid, however Arsenal are in talks to tie him down to fresh terms.

And asked what the latest was on his contract, Martinelli said: “I am very happy at Arsenal. I’ve said it many times.

“This is my club. I love to be here, I love the city, I love the club. I love everything about Arsenal so I want to stay. I just need to get a pen. I want to score, score in the next game and help my team do well.”

 (Arsenal FC via Getty Images)
(Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

Home comforts...

18:24 , Matt Verri

Arsenal have been perfect on home soil so far this season.

As frustrated as Arteta will be that top spot in Group A isn’t already secured, it would be a huge surprise if the Gunners fell short tonight.

Double boost for Gunners

18:15 , Matt Verri

Arsenal received a major fitness boost as Bukayo Saka and Oleksandr Zinchenko trained on Wednesday afternoon.

Saka suffered bruising to his ankle and foot on Sunday during the Gunners’ 5-0 win over Nottingham Forest and he was forced to come off before the half-hour mark.

That had raised concerns Saka could miss the World Cup, which is due to start later this month in Qatar with England facing Iran on November 21.

The winger did not appear to be in too much discomfort as he left Emirates Stadium on Sunday and he visited the players’ lounge before heading home.

Read the full story on that here

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)


18:07 , Matt Verri

The Gunners should seal their status as group winners with a comfortable victory.

Arteta will be hoping for a fast start from his side, enabling him to make changes in the second-half ahead of Sunday’s clash against Chelsea.

Arsenal to win, 2-0.

Visitors in form... ish

18:00 , Matt Verri

Group A permutations

17:54 , Matt Verri

Arsenal need to match, or better, PSV’s result away to Bodo/Glimt and that will be enough for the Gunners to win Group A and receive a bye into the Europa League last 16.

Victory at home to Zurich tonight would get the job done regardless of what happens in the other match in the group, while Arteta’s side will be confirmed as group winners if PSV fail to beat Bodo/Glimt.

Should Arsenal draw and PSV win, both would finish on 13 points but it would be the Dutch side that top the group, as a result of their superior goal difference in the head-to-head matches.

There is plenty of incentive for both Bodo/Glimt and Zurich to push for a result, with third place in the group and with it a place in the Europa Conference League knockout stages up for grabs. Bodo/Glimt have a one-point advantage over Zurich as it stands.

Arsenal team news

17:46 , Matt Verri

Mikel Arteta will likely ring the changes for Arsenal ahead of a weekend clash against Chelsea.

Reiss Nelson could be in line for a start after his two-goal salvo last time out with Kieran Tierney, Matt Turner and Albert Sambi Lokonga among those also hoping to be rotated into the XI.

Oleksandr Zinchenko and Bukayo Saka have both trained in a big boost for Arteta, although Emile Smith Rowe is unavailable, along with goalkeeper Matt Turner.

Granit Xhaka is suspended and Mohamed Elneny has returned to training, though is unlikely to be risked at such at an eary stage.

Predicted Arsenal XI (4-3-3): Ramsdale; Cedric, Holding, Saliba, Tierney; Vieira, Lokonga, Odegaard; Nelson, Nketiah, Martinelli.

 (Arsenal FC via Getty Images)
(Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

How to watch Arsenal vs Zurich

17:36 , Matt Verri

TV channel: In the UK, the match will be televised live on BT Sport 2 and Ultimate, with coverage beginning at 7.30pm.

Live stream: BT Sport subscribers will also be able to watch the action online via the BT Sport website or app.

Live blog: You can follow all the action right here, with Simon Collings at the ground to provide expert analysis.

Good evening!

17:29 , Matt Verri

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of Arsenal vs FC Zurich!

It’s the final night of the Europa League group stage, and the Gunners are hoping to seal top spot and with it a bye to the last-16.

We’ll have all the latest build-up and team news ahead of kick-off, which comes at 8pm GMT from the Emirates. Stay tuned!

 (Arsenal FC via Getty Images)
(Arsenal FC via Getty Images)