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Amazon shoppers say this pillow that's 51% off right now can help prevent neck pain: ‘Perfect for side sleepers’

Have you ever slept at a hotel and hated the extra-soft pillows that go flat by morning? I have. While feathery, fluffy pillows sound nice in theory, I’m just not a fan. I tend to sleep on my back or my side, which calls for a more supportive pillow to keep my spine aligned, like this memory foam pillow from Sidney Sleep.

Right now, the Sidney Sleep Bed Pillow for Side and Back Sleepers is 51% off on Amazon, and it's firm enough to help side sleepers wake up feeling well-rested and avoid neck pain.

The Sidney Sleep pillow ranges from soft to firm on the firmness scale. That’s because it’s adjustable, and it even comes with extra foam to make it firmer and more lofty. Too firm? Simply remove some of the foam to make it softer.

While it feels soft and comfy to sleep on no matter what (as a pillow should), it’s also incredibly supportive. The shape helps it cradle your head, no matter how much you move throughout the night. Additionally, the bamboo cover and foam combination is temperature-regulating and cooling, which is a major plus if you tend to get hot at night.

More than 3,700 Amazon shoppers give this pillow a five-star rating and say it’s “perfect for side sleepers.”

“It takes a few nights to see it, but this pillow is perfect for side sleepers, even stomach sleepers!” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “I use to wake up with neck pain all the time and now it’s pretty much non existent. I didn’t even have to change the stuffing from what it came stuffed with, but it’s nice to have the extra foam in case I change my mind. Side sleepers — get this!”

I have stopped waking up with neck pain entirely,” wrote another reviewer. “I also sleep deeply throughout the night which I wasn’t doing before. I never dream and now I am able to sleep so deeply that I dream. I can’t explain how long it’s been since I’ve felt well rested like this. The shape of the pillow is great for side sleeping and fits perfectly into your neck and shoulder.”

That said, there are a lot of pillow options on Amazon, but if you want to get one that can improve your sleep, this is one deal you can't miss.

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